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modBUS communication protocol and programming.

2015-03-24 05:57    By:fch4058701@163.com      View:582      Download:0

modBUS communication protocol and programming to explain good modBUS communication protocol and programming information. modBUS communication protocol and programming to explain good modBUS communication protocol and programming information. modBUS communication protocol and programming to explai...


modBUS communication C source code

4 hours ago    By:spwongks      View:320      Download:4

This is the C source code of modBUS communication. ...

modbus C

G711a+h264 package for mp4

2015-03-24 21:07    By:skdkjzz      View:258      Download:10

1, g711a extracted audio files converted to PCM 2, from PCM to AAC 3, AAC, H264 to mp4 4, the use of the c language 5, code efficiency better 6, there is no memory leak Tested on i386 Linux well, and can be easily ported to arm platform...

Linux programming C

mp4 file analysis tool

2015-01-28 22:42    By:poor553      View:44      Download:0

Get mp4 file media information, including the file name, length of the audio and video format, video resolution, video coding, audio coding formats using recursive parsing the mp4 box, use: mymp4Info.exe   inputFile.mp4; main file mymp4Info.cpp....

Multimedia Visual C++

Package h264 and AAC for mp4 files

14 hours ago    By:machh      View:195      Download:6

This is encapsulating the mixed AAC h264 video data and audio data to generate mp4 file in the source code.  Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

Image Processing C++

H264 bare data stream encapsulated into mp4 format

2015-03-16 22:58    By:cxtywhx      View:163      Download:3

H264 stream directly encapsulated into mp4 file, mp4 file, all the data is encapsulated in the box, which is  composed of several sub-box, each box can also contain further sub box, and each box has a length and type....

Image Processing C++

Books written in c # to send SMS through a GSM moden

8 hours ago    By:vegahermosilla      View:107      Download:0

Books written in c # to send SMS through a GSM moden, allows connection of a GSM modem to your PC and interacts with this AT command through. Provides a complete package of classes that enables sending and receiving SMS messages....

Communication C#

modbus TCP Clien

2015-03-21 03:51    By:qq95788      View:68      Download:0

======================================================================== MICROSOFT FOUNDATION CLASS LIBRARY : modbusClient ======================================================================== AppWizard has created this modbusClient application for you. This application not only demons...

Communication C++

Chinese version of the modBUS Protocol

2015-03-02 14:59    By:饮水思源      View:65      Download:0

Programmable controllers can communicate with modbus, or communicates with other devices on the network, modicon modbus support network and modbus+ industrial networks. Network information access from within the  controller Reset port adapters as well as modicon implementation...

Java Development Java

modbus application in STC12C5A

2015-03-24 05:58    By:edta      View:86      Download:4

Detailed instructions: modbus RTU communication protocol on the STC12C5A series of single-chip microcomputer realization, including realization of serial port communication and implements 1,2,3,4,5,6,15,16 function code for specific procedures when programming, consider the configurability and porta...

Driver Development C

Instrument modbus

2015-03-24 05:58    By:pksophiya      View:51      Download:0

From a data acquisition gateway relevant code on the data collection instruments used in modbus protocol...

Driver Development C++

modbus TCPIP protocol client-Server-side source code

8 hours ago    By:niedragon      View:330      Download:6

This is the modbus TCPIP protocol client-Server-side source code, c ++ programming. Welcome to  download and try....

Embeded C++

STM32 modBUS

4 hours ago    By:小杀一大把      View:216      Download:2

The STM32 modBUS program tested can be used, add timer interrupt serial data transmission. 3.5 character time to collect data that is not considered to be a frame is sent over....

Embeded C

modBUS communication written in VB source code

2015-03-24 05:58    By:cqfeiyu      View:131      Download:3

modBUS communication written in VB source code, Features: Public Sub tran_modbus_order(ByVal byt_slv_id As Byte, ByVal byt_func As Byte, ByVal addr As Long, byt_data() As Byte) Function CRC16(data() As Byte) As String Public Function readcoils(ByVal slv_id As Byte...

Windows VB

modBUS TCP C++ source code

15 hours ago    By:yyachao      View:136      Download:1

modBUS TCP C++ source code, is very powerful....

Communication C++

mp4mux supports H264 and AAC

2015-03-23 22:28    By:seabeach      View:66      Download:5

264 video and AAC audio formats encapsulate material into mp4 format, go out of the material here is content to mobile TV broadcast or on-demand system...

video C++

modSCAN for modBUS

2015-03-11 02:16    By:johnny7680      View:68      Download:1

The modScan application operates as a modBUS master modbus_protocol device in either RTU or ASCII transmission modes....

Communication C++
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