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mpeg psychoacoustic model I for MATLAB - Version 1.2.8

This is an implementation of the mpeg psychoacoustic model 1, layer I, for MATLAB. It has been tested on MATLAB 5.2 running on Windows NT. All you have to do is to copy the “.m” files into a directory and call the “Test_mpeg” routine from MATLAB. Feel free to modify this routine in order...

FFmpeg Play Stream on Screen

#include #include #include #include #include #ifdef __MINGW32__ #undef main /* Prevents SDL from overriding main() */ #endif #include #define SDL_AUDIO_BUFFER_SIZE 1024...

mpeg-PS package

Format of a mpeg-PS package, packaging rules, in accordance with ISO_IEC_13818-1. Packages available after General player, such as VLC, storm audio-visual and other regular player. Code that has been tested is available. 2 Engineering is one of the package is unpacked....

Ffmpeg2.0.2 source code

This is all open source project ffmpeg 2.0.2 source code, can be of interest to look at Do have a look at...

Ffmpeg to decode video

Identified in ffmpeg, function in most of the current information is out of date, so these data will replace the old function new function. The intent of the code is to read a file named 1.FLV, and frames to ppm file format decoding. Function is up to date (December 19, 2013, the 32-bit versio...


An Android version by using ffmpeg and SDL audio and video player...

Make pictures into video using FFmpeg

The FFmpeg library file has been compiled.  You can modify commends in textView to control the operation of videos, make pictures into video, transcode videos etc. It has many functions!  Every feature that used for videos is included....

Ffempeg implement the player code, the almost complete using FFmpeg to play a video of all the API

FFmpeg The huge, can refer to books and not many, many Learn FFmpeg people often feel overwhelming. The player's code is very simple, only about 100 lines or so. But obsessing about using FFmpeg to play a video of all of the API, and use SDL display the decoded video. Very suitable for novices to le...

Ffmpeg2.4 source code package

Be able to handle audio and video, including codec, audio and video processing, add watermarks and other operations, functionally external code libraries can be extended, convenient and versatile operations, you can also operate convection, convection files for processing....

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