msp430f5529 experimental board project 3 source code

2015-04-02 04:00    By:shuoGG      View:9172      Download:1

msp430f5529 official experiment one of the experimental code Development Board, display, capacitive touch screen, SD card operation and so on comprehensive experiment of your project's code, code that encapsulates a lot of functions that can be controlled directly on board resources, operation simpl...

msp430 C

Beginner simple procedures for msp430

2015-04-14 06:21    By:楠哥哥03      View:102      Download:0

New msp430 classmates, this is some simple procedures, I sorted out, we can try to debug it. Wish I could help you....

msp430 C

DS1337 msp430 microcontroller program

2015-04-05 09:05    By:changth2006      View:84      Download:0

Through simulation I2C IO bus, control the DS1337, includes the following features: (1)DS1337_RTC_Init,DS1337 initialization, initializing I2C IO (2) thePrint_RTC_Time, read the RTC information, uses very little resources S_Printf function to print to a serial port. "November 15, 2013,...

MSP430 C

lcd with msp430f5529

2015-03-29 11:16    By:BEN      View:101      Download:1

Interfacing lcd-with-msp430 On-Board Peripherals 8 Nos. LEDs 8 Nos. Digital Input(Slide Switch) 4x4 Matrix Keypad 2X16 Character LCD with back Light 4 Nos. 7-Segment Display 2 Nos. Analog Input (Potentiometer) Temperature Sensor Stepper Motor Interface 2 Nos. of SPDT Relay RTC...

Embeded C

msp430G2553 key program

2015-04-17 04:17    By:wxy      View:98      Download:0

Teach you to use the msp430 Development Board key function, suitable for beginners. Through the button to switch the LED light and die. The development environment is CCS5....

Embeded C

Easyui write the administrative permission system

2015-04-14 01:27    By:bandly      View:129      Download:3

Rights management system, including users, roles, and user groups Databases, MySQL Develop framework for SSH Front Desk Framework Easyui Using Maven and other gadgets....

Web Framework Java

Teacher roll-call system developed using Easyui plug-in

2015-03-24 02:13    By:jnny      View:73      Download:1

This is the teacher roll-call system, combined with the Easyui js plugin realizes data persistence with Hibernate and Struts2 logic control, spring IOC,AOP weak coupling....

Java Development Java

EasyFPGA030 example code

2015-04-12 10:42    By:yfw      View:57      Download:0

This source code is the EasyFPGA030 example code. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

verilog Verilog

LED flashes on msp430

2015-04-16 02:26    By:Wong Kito Jugo      View:30      Download:0

This code flashes two LEDs alternately on msp430 LaunchPad with chip msp430g2553 using timer interrupt method to wake up from power saving....

Embeded C


2015-04-15 04:08    By:JASON KING      View:686      Download:0

This project is a simple example on how to collect temp and humidity with the sensor DHT11 ,and we also transmit the temp and humidity to PC with WSN  with msp430G2553 MCU. You can modifier my program to realize that display the temp and humidity on 12684LCD.The project was built...

Embeded C

msp430 temperature detection

2015-03-04 04:15      View:38      Download:0

msp430-based temperature measurement, temperature measurement using the DS18B20. Matching ad10 schematic, PCB, very suitable for the msp430 beginners....

Algorithm C

msp430F149 minimum system board functional test procedure

2015-03-20 03:17    By:oneboy      View:802      Download:0

msp430F149 minimum system board functional test procedures, port test program that is used to drive an LED on the Board, suitable for beginners to experiment with, and can be directly used for the project /* Hardware requirements: msp430F149 minimum system board */ /* Experimental purposes: 1...

Embeded C

msp430g2553 generate sine wave source code

2015-04-17 04:17    By:woodfor      View:123      Download:0

This is a program about msp430g2553, and his somewhat complicated timers, beginners can refer to this post, there are routines and explain. The timer generates a sine wave with msp430g2553, I hope to help you, thank you!...

Other C

Digital clock of msp430

2015-03-03 08:19    By:麦田晨风      View:35      Download:0

Collector's Edition of the c code for msp430 digital clock...

CSharp C

msp430 driver

2015-03-05 23:05    By:qingfengnuli      View:34      Download:0

msp430f149 1602c screen-driven Contains the AD conversion, PWM, timer, as well as Nokia 5,110 driver code...

Embeded C

msp430g2553 + ENC28j60 webserver

2015-04-15 03:56    By:szitko      View:89      Download:1

msp430g2553 + ENC28j60 driver and webserver.                                                                         &nb...


msp430f149 the AD574 code

2015-01-05 08:43    By:Ivan      View:20      Download:0

Use the msp430f149 12-bit high precision 12-bit ADC AD574 measuring voltage, using the first eight parallel mode after four, and finally with 12864 LCD (with font) shows the voltage magnitude. With AD574 interface circuit and the various details and 51 procedures for reference, 430 program for man.c...

单片机 C

msp430 lcd12864 source code

2015-04-16 02:59    By:a7903      View:124      Download:1

This code writes in an electronic competition. Can be applied to other types of chips. Specific msp430 f149 lcd12864 modified source code can be displayed on a lcd12864 character. Line and so on....

Embeded C

msp430 source code

2015-04-07 10:26    By:wang4535198      View:34      Download:0

Motor control-side respectively to P1.7,P2.0,P2.1,P2.2, speed-termination, P2.3,P2.4, through P2.3,P2.4 output PWM wave msp430f149, achieving control of the motor....

Embeded C

msp430-signal synthesis program

2015-04-05 12:25    By:whm597      View:17      Download:0

Signal synthesis program based on msp430F20X1. c language programming. achieving the two input signals (pulse signal for sensor all the way, another way for switching signal) of the synthesized output....

Algorithm C

Serial LCD and msp430

2015-02-09 05:05    By:as5564      View:35      Download:2

Using msp430 to Interface Serial LCD...

Embeded C

msp430 based temperature alarm

2015-04-11 06:10    By:GUGE      View:23      Download:1

Code is the basis for msp430f149 Development Board, DS18B20,lcd1602, buzzer and press a combination of systems. This system has been implemented on the local temperature measurements, can be used for refrigerators, measuring the temperature of your Cabinet, and will issue a warning when the temperat...

Embeded C

msp430 study Board key code

2014-12-17 03:08    By:jackyfan      View:233      Download:0

This source is 利达尔 learning board LSD-TESTFG461X-20XX-U key functions to achieve the source code, have more learning modules in the learning board, can be achieved for all msp430 MCU internal resourcesOperation, while learning board the I / O pin is connected to it, can be connected through th...

Arm C

Easyui&jqvalidate popups and data validation

2014-12-09 05:27    By:sj570552570      View:34      Download:0

Easyui&jqvalidate popups and data validation...

Java Development Java


2015-04-03 04:00    By:hamdy      View:30      Download:0

spi using msp430f6736 kit in this file we use the module of spi that in msp430f67xx using c code. spi using msp430f6736 kit in this file we use the module of spi that in msp430f67xx using c code. spi using msp430f6736 kit in this file we use the module of spi that in msp430f67xx using c...

Embeded C

TI msp430 oxygen program

2015-01-08 22:24    By:梦的国度      View:28      Download:0

TI msp430 oxygen program, program a PCB map, msp430fg437 on a chip, able to run direct burning, TI msp430 oxygen program, program a PCB map, msp430fg437 on a chip, able to run direct burning...

Embeded C

msp430 serial communication

2015-03-12 07:31    By:ryu_leo      View:51      Download:0

msp430 serial communication source, for serial 1 communications port receives data back to the PC side. Serial port initialization can refer to....

Arm C

msp430G2553 pins touch the capacitor function

2015-01-12 02:10    By:Larry-Chen      View:65      Download:1

This programme uses the msp430G2553 their own pins touch the capacitor functions, the test passes, can be used directly, touch the P2, P1.6 IO port-level changes can be observed, you can use together with msp430 Launch Pad, you can very easily observed effect...

Embeded C

Runtime-msp430 transplantation ucos II

2015-03-11 21:18    By:haohaowen      View:22      Download:0

Ucos II ported to msp430F149 on the success of this program, the debugging passes. For testing purposes, prepared two tasks, namely delay 10 ticks P1.O reverse P1.1 delay 20 ticks backward, turns on the msp430 test was successful....

Embeded C


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