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Hero engine longingate source code

2014-12-13 01:26    By:clande      View:29      Download:2

longingate the hero engine source code. Delphi language development, is needed to install the control. Delphi 7 chat using sockets server components. Based on delphi7, using the IdTCPServer control...

Windows Delphi

long Ariphmetic

2014-08-04 09:37    By:st.bad      View:7      Download:0

This is a project about long numbers and realization calculate with long numbers. This is a use algorithm with long ariphmetical and calculate it. Also, if you want realization your project with long numbers and calculate with it, then use it library with long ariphmetics. Okay....

Algorithm C#

Finding the greatest number among countless input

2015-01-28 01:04    By:vijay      View:15      Download:0

Here i have written the program to find the largest number among countless input.I have written it simply and it is easier to understand.There is no difficulties in my program.But the logic is too important....

Embeded C

The Function get the MainBoard Serial number

2015-11-03 07:19    By:leed2789      View:497      Download:0

#include <iostream> using namespace std; union aregister { int theint; unsigned bits[32]; }; union tonibbles { int integer; short parts[2]; }; void GetSerial() { int part1,part2,part3; aregister issupported; int buffer; __asm { mov eax, 01h CPU...

Console C++

A flash guessing number game

2014-12-08 09:50    By:orangeorange      View:15      Download:0

It is the source code of the action script 3.0, fulfilling the function of guessing number in the flash. It generates a random number between 1 and 100 at first. Then it shows the player whether the number they guessed is bigger or less than the fixed number every time they input a number....

Windows ActionScript

number Game

2015-10-03 03:58    By:sobhan      View:7      Download:0

hi every buddy, this is a simple game that I played with it when I was a child. This number game programmed in GUI mode in MATLAB (R2012a). You should arrange numbers with move in 4 direction. I hope you enjoy....

Matlab Matlab Web number Extractor

2015-03-23 04:47    By:shehryarmemon      View:30      Download:0

Easy to use Web Data Extractor In Vb.Net.That Can Easily Grab Cell number From Will Be Useful for those who are interested in making Web Data Extractor.Used Some Third Part Libraries But They Are Open Source.Program Has To Extract Links From Web Page Then It Can Start Extracting number...

Windows VB

Application of long integer arithmetic to solve the problem of large numbers

2014-12-07 10:39    By:Terry      View:13      Download:0

This code has a remarkable time superiority, can greatly increase the readability of the code. Meanwhile, there are efficient code!...

Algorithm C++


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