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longest Common Subsequence (Dynamic Programming)

#include <stdio.h>   #include <string.h>   const int M = 100;      //記錄序列X和Y的LCS的長度   int c[M][M];   //二維陣列b記錄搜索方向,1-對角線方向;2-向上;3-向左;4-向上或向左   int b[M][M];   //lcs 記...

Random number Student Table

This code prints out a randomly generated Student Grades Table.Inputs are:number of Students:number of Exams:number of Assgs:number of Quizzes:And Assessment weights for exams,assgs and quizzes.Output is a table which students Id's are unique and randomly generated. and all Assessment marks are also...

long Ariphmetic

This is a project about long numbers and realization calculate with long numbers. This is a use algorithm with long ariphmetical and calculate it. Also, if you want realization your project with long numbers and calculate with it, then use it library with long ariphmetics. Okay....

number management system

Management system for a valid number, and this number is not valid numbers into the effective control And has smart filter, bulk add valid and invalid numbers Function of automatic marking after the validity of import pool....

Hero engine longingate source code

longingate the hero engine source code. Delphi language development, is needed to install the control. Delphi 7 chat using sockets server components. Based on delphi7, using the IdTCPServer control...

number Game

hi every buddy, this is a simple game that I played with it when I was a child. This number game programmed in GUI mode in MATLAB (R2012a). You should arrange numbers with move in 4 direction. I hope you enjoy....

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