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Surf mix flow matlab and c++ programming

2015-11-02 04:32    By:hkasn      View:51      Download:2

According to sift flow advantages of using alternative sift SIFT algorithm surf, achieve the surf flow. Dimension less than SIFT, faster. Mixed programming using matlab and c++, CPP files need to recompile the MEX files, using matlab MEX compilation finished....

Algorithm Matlab

newton raphson load flow program

2015-11-18 03:05    By:ahmed      View:42      Download:0

the attached file shows the load flow program for IEEE 33 bus radial distribution system  using newton raphson method by know the bus data and load data for any system. you can calculate the voltage and the power loss for the used system ...

Matlab Matlab

WSN power program (matlab)

5 hours ago    By:an_qinli      View:164      Download:6

About WSN, matlab process energy consumption of packet forwarding using graph theory, WSN, use map on the energy consumption in packet forwarding matlab procedure, WSN, use map on the energy consumption in packet forwarding matlab procedure, WSN, use map on the energy consumption in packet forwardin...

Matlab Matlab

newton-raphson ALGORITHM

2015-11-24 11:01    By:saeed      View:76      Download:0

  newton-raphson ALGORITHM 2.3                      To find a solution to f(x) = 0 given an    initial approximation p0:       INPUT:   initial approximation p0...

Matlab Matlab

Output of Bus Using power flow Solution

2015-11-27 20:26    By:kaitzur      View:47      Download:0

This program prints the power flow solution in a tabulated form on the screen. After running a full iteration on power flow solution using Lineflow.m and a heuristic approach, Busout.m methodologically has the output...

Matlab Matlab

powertool power system Kit

2015-11-23 06:16    By:swordlove      View:44      Download:1

Analysis of electric power system based on matlab language Kit, analysis of power system load flow and stability, ideal for students getting started with analysis and calculation of power system...

Matlab Matlab

The matlab numerical computation analysis of program source code

2015-11-27 22:44    By:njwhat      View:357      Download:4

"matlab numerical case analysis" source code, "matlab numerical case analysis" to numerical analysis theory the main line to matlab in numerical analysis as the main content, based on the principles described algorithms and numerical analysis on the basic idea, focuses on explain...

Matlab Matlab

Transmission network traffic flow simulation model based on cellular automata matlab source code

2015-11-25 14:24    By:痞子周      View:1908      Download:31

Developed by the University of California, a complete set of cell transmission model based on macroscopic traffic flow simulation model, written in matlab, all code is public, and is equipped with manual, CTM traffic flow simulation for learning should be considerable. Not only can be used for traff...

Matlab Matlab

PSNR calculation of an image using matlab

2015-11-25 17:49    By:Habib      View:219      Download:5

It can be used to calculate the PSNR of an original image and distorted or segmented or encrypted color image or Gray Image using matlab. A step by guideline also provided in the source code....

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