RADARlib3 for novelda

2015-04-12 02:49    By:johnjsb      View:78      Download:2

Matlab example code from novelda for there chipset %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Novelda RADARlib3 Matlab Example Script % % This script demonstrates how to interface RADARlib3 from Matlab using the % RADARlib3Wrapper .NET library. ...

Matlab Matlab

RADAR signals analysis and processing using matlab

2015-04-12 02:47    By:lixiaoyu702      View:365      Download:2

RADAR signals analysis and processing using matlab. this is the matlab codes for the book of RADAR signals analysis and processing using matlab...

Matlab Matlab

OFDM modulation v72

2015-04-15 10:30    By:proxy      View:88      Download:3

In a basic communication system, the data are modulated onto a single carrier frequency. Theavailable bandwith is then totally occupied by each symbol. This kind of system can lead tointer-symbol-interference (ISI) in case of frequency selective channel.The basic idea of OFDM isto divide the availab...

Matlab Matlab

CnnonBall game

2014-12-06 17:42    By:harsh      View:19      Download:0

Cannon Ball Java Game which has  cannon and can shoot targets its a 2d java project and which will help in learning GUI development...

Java Development Java

Canon camera development kits

2015-04-17 22:48    By:vcfaq      View:72      Download:2

Canon camera development kit SDK, including the development of source code. Including the driver installer  and two C ++ example program. The need for camera secondary development can refer to download....

Multimedia C++

non linear system modelling

2015-04-10 09:58    By:sreeja      View:18      Download:0

This project presents modeling and simulation study of several control strategies for an inverted pendulum system. The invertedpendulum represents a challenging control problem. An inverted pendulum is a pendulum which has itsmass above its pivot point. It is often implemented wi...

Matlab Matlab

svd+linearmodel for recommendor system

2015-03-09 07:28    By:mark916214053      View:44      Download:1

SVD+linearmodel for recommendor system to achieve an SVD model recommender systems, plus linearmodel plus feature, linear combination of objective function for SVD with LR...

推荐系统 C#

Mail anonymer

2013-11-24 02:38    By:llmanticorel      View:10      Download:0

Email anonymous source code project by Shadow  you can send email anonymer fot all people....

GUI Delphi

--Mind evolutionary algorithm for optimizing BP neural network non-linear function fitting

2015-03-23 20:02    By:njwhat      View:40      Download:0

In previous works on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the discussion on the essence of mind evolutionary algorithm and neural networks, algorithms and features, and its application to fault diagnosis of transformers, and have achieved good results. Artificial neural networks use distributed para...

Matlab Matlab

multicarrier modulation and MIMO

2015-04-10 15:47    By:dinocdm      View:38      Download:0

 The combination between multicarrier modulation and MIMO in one system combines the advantages of these two technologies in broadband wireless communications. The performances of STBC OFDM UWB systems that use two transmit and one or two receive antennas with Discrete Wavelets Transfor...

SQL Server Delphi

The Shortest Circuit of a non-Oriented Graph

2014-12-21 02:57    By:chenshiming      View:32      Download:0

package Extend_Floyd; import java.io.*; import java.util.Scanner; public class Extend_Floyd { /** * @param args */ Static final int INF INF=666666666;//attention can overflow, careful! static final int MAXN=100+10; static int nnum,mnum,cnt,minn; static int path[],fa[][],cur[...

Java Development Java

Kalman filtering method of RADAR data

2015-01-21 13:29    By:megnrennwpu      View:12      Download:0

This filter estimation procedures for RADAR target data, the data produced by a moving target simulation, using extended Kalman filter EKF, non-augmented Kalman filtering, enhanced Kalman filter and Kalman smoother to smooth, shows three different Kalman and excellent performance....

Matlab Matlab

FFT-based non-binary LDPC decoding

2015-04-15 04:41    By:lcoliny      View:39      Download:0

This program is non-binary LDPC code simulation programs. For AWGN channel, modulation is the BPSK.-This program is used to simulation nonbinary LDPC codes over AWGN channel and BPSK modulation. The decoding algorithm is in the probability domain and with the fast Hadamard transform in the check nod...

Communication C++

Image based on Leonardo da Vinci DM6437 nonlinear transform

2015-04-08 23:53    By:zyj666zyj      View:15      Download:0

Connect the computer and DSP emulator for all lab equipment is powered on, open the CCS3.3 and connect card. Plug the video cable connection Board input, connect the monitor inputs on the other side, turn to AV mode the display. Open the project NolinearLogTransform.pjt, compile, download and run. T...

dsp C

RADAR Equation

2015-03-14 11:04    By:golabigolabi1      View:23      Download:0

The function “RADAR_eq.m” implements Eq. (1.61). The outputs are either SNR in dB or range in Km where a different input setting is used for each case....

Algorithm Matlab

non-local means method

2015-04-12 05:25    By:15244681109@163.com      View:19      Download:0

non-local means using MATLAB algorithm, used in the version with local search optimization, improved to a certain extent the efficiency of algorithms...

Algorithm Matlab

Describing function of saturation nonlinearity

2014-11-19 18:49    By:Siddiqui      View:10      Download:0

Describing function of saturation nonlinearity Background on Describing Function Analysis Describing function analysis is a widely known technique to study frequency response of nonlinear systems. It is an extension of linear frequency response analysis. In linear systems, transfer funct...

control systems Matlab

Accumulation of RADAR emulator

2015-03-27 02:46    By:jh35      View:49      Download:0

MATLAB simulation program for fast-moving target, emulation of a linear frequency modulated RADAR signal and pulse compression technology used, processed, compared the effect of coherent integration and non-coherent integration offers a KEYSTONE transformation program can be used to adjust walking d...

Matlab Matlab

Orthogonal frequency Division modulation

2015-03-08 19:53    By:Nindya      View:35      Download:0

Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) is a method of encoding digital data on multiple carrier frequencies. OFDM has developed into a popular scheme for wideband digital communication, whether wireless or over copper wires, used in applications such as digital television and audio broadc...

Matlab Matlab

RADAR simulation code in matlab

2015-04-16 13:35    By:hehaha      View:44      Download:0

Describe the RADAR cross section and polarization, the matched filter and RADAR ambiguity function and recent advances in RADAR wave propagation and for the PRN codes, multipath and refraction and high resolution, the clutter of MIT-related content....

Matlab Matlab

An Integrated linear Programming Receiver for LDPC Coded MIMO-OFDM Signals

2015-04-13 10:33    By:raja      View:111      Download:2

This work investigates the joint detection and decoding of MIMO-OFDM signals. Traditional receivers either utilize disjoint serial detector and decoder or require turbo message passing between the two functional blocks of detection and decoding. We present a novel approac...

Communication Matlab

Delta modulation

2015-01-03 19:14    By:shi      View:20      Download:0

Delta modulation (DM or Δ-modulation)is an analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog signal conversion technique used for transmission of voice information where quality is not of primary importance. DM is the simplest form of differential pulse-code modulation (DPCM) where t...

Matlab Matlab

Time-frequency analysis Toolbox

2015-03-27 23:20    By:xiaohutu186      View:35      Download:1

This is the development of time-frequency analysis based on MATLAB Toolbox containing ready-made function, can be called directly. And improvement methods of time-frequency analysis method including the Wiener distribution (smooth distribution of Wiener, pseudo-smooth Wiener distribution), th...

Matlab Matlab

Realization of the RBF network--the return of nonlinear regression

2015-04-17 01:56    By:njwhat      View:36      Download:0

In 1985, Powell multivariate interpolation method of radial basis function (RadicalBasis Function). In 1988 Moody and Darken a neural network structure is proposed, namely RBF Neural network, which belongs to the feedforward neural network type, it can be arbitrary-precision approximation of arbitra...

Matlab Matlab

non-stationary time-frequency Toolbox. version 2.0

2014-12-15 21:09    By:xiaohutu186      View:37      Download:1

This is based on non-steady signal matlab toolbox developed to collect the various treatment methods  currently popular non-steady signal, the current program many of the latest signal processing methods  are generally required to run this package is based, for example: non-ste...

Matlab Others

Single frequency carrier signal generation and analysis

2015-01-22 18:03    By:蒙面小黑虫      View:38      Download:0

Single frequency carrier signal generation and analysis. Include coherent pulse train, non-coherent pulse train, noise-free conditions and under Gaussian noise signal and spectral analysis. Define function signal and noise, can provide reference for basic programming. Flexible application defined fu...

Matlab Matlab

nonlinear Regression

2015-01-27 19:38    By:ysnctr      View:41      Download:1

C code that will perform nonlinear regression for the data given in the file namedexp.zip which contains 61 x; y values of the equation y = a0(1 - exp(a1x)) with x = 1....

Console C

RADAR equation there is power in receiver and power in transmitter

2015-03-07 04:05    By:norma      View:14      Download:1

RADAR (acronym for RAdio Detection And Ranging) is an object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain. The RADAR dish...

Matlab Matlab

The optimization of frequency using genetic algorithms

2015-03-11 11:33    By:yj641207633      View:28      Download:0

In engineering applications, the optimization objective function is not necessarily a derivative to exist; a lot of complicated functions, its hard to write out the expression. Genetic algorithm (Genetic Algorithm) is based on the theory of natural selection and genetic, biological evolution for ref...

Matlab Matlab


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