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nonlinear Regression

2015-08-27 03:15    By:ysnctr      View:45      Download:1

C code that will perform nonlinear regression for the data given in the file which contains 61 x; y values of the equation y = a0(1 - exp(a1x)) with x = 1....

Console C

Finding the Solution matrix of a set of any number of linear equations in any number of variables.

2014-11-24 19:29    By:ajay_sh      View:72      Download:0

Here is a program : Given n number of linear equations in m variables, this program finds the solution matrix which is then interpreted to state the solutions(if possible) of the equations or tell if there are infinite solutions....

Linux programming C

Homotopy method for solving nonlinear equations

2015-06-08 12:03    By:poppy      View:33      Download:1

This is a homotopy algorithm used to solve nonlinear equations MATLAB source code, you can embed any nonlinear equations in order to solve nonlinear equations, reducing many tedious steps for users...

Algorithm Matlab

Solving equations with three unknowns

2014-12-17 22:38    By:wangleiwang5      View:27      Download:0

A simple three unknowns equations Solver,  used to solve theree unknowns nonlinear equations, source code can be modified to suit your needs...

Matlab Matlab

Realization of the RBF network--the return of nonlinear regression

2015-10-24 23:43    By:njwhat      View:42      Download:0

In 1985, Powell multivariate interpolation method of radial basis function (RadicalBasis Function). In 1988 Moody and Darken a neural network structure is proposed, namely RBF Neural network, which belongs to the feedforward neural network type, it can be arbitrary-precision approximation of arbitra...

Matlab Matlab

Genetic algorithm for solving multiple linear equations

2015-09-24 04:32    By:李明圣楷      View:25      Download:0

Genetic algorithm for solving nonlinear Multivariable equations, initialized by a population, the fitness function, select operator and crossover operator, mutation process termination condition is the loop algebra, solving accurate convergence well you can solve many other problems, such as optimiz...

CSharp C++

Describing function of saturation nonlinearity

2014-11-19 18:49    By:Siddiqui      View:10      Download:0

Describing function of saturation nonlinearity Background on Describing Function Analysis Describing function analysis is a widely known technique to study frequency response of nonlinear systems. It is an extension of linear frequency response analysis. In linear systems, transfer funct...

control systems Matlab

Current transformer saturation compensation based on a partial nonlinear model

2014-11-23 11:24    By:allpro      View:11      Download:0

This paper proposes a partial nonlinear model to accurately represent the nonlinear saturation characteristic of a current transformer (CT). Based on the model, the saturated section of the secondary current as well as the unsaturated section can be used in a regression process to estimate...

Matlab Matlab

Solution of Gaussian equation

2015-11-27 07:53    By:daqinyifei      View:19      Download:0

In mathematics, the Gauss elimination method (or the translation: Gauss elimination method) is an algorithm in linear algebra that can be used for System of linear equations, obtained the rank of a matrix, and find the inverse matrix of Invertible matrices. When a matrix is used in Gauss elimination...

Matlab Matlab

Fortran solving matrix linear equations, there are examples that can be run directly

2015-11-18 03:57    By:guoguo      View:358      Download:2

Fortran solving matrix linear equations, there are examples that can be run directly  / 'PS: This software can calculate both linear equations Ax = b, you can calculate the matrix equation AX = B')    Purpose: elimination method for solving the matrix equation  !&nbs...

Algorithm Fortran


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