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ns2 Program for simulating Broadcasting

17 hours ago    By:thalishsajeed      View:1576      Download:11

This program is for simulating broadcasting in ns2. Broadcasting is A transmission to all interface cards on the network....

NS2 Tcl/Tk

The ns2 Network Simulator code

2015-03-27 18:58    By:nueron      View:390      Download:0

For beginners who ns2, entry code that belongs to the ns2 simulation experiment, practice, familiar to the TCL programming language....

ns2模拟实验代码 Tcl/Tk


2015-03-29 02:01    By:siva      View:400      Download:7

SIMULATION OF DISTANCE VECTOR ROUTING USING ns2 SIMULATOR In this project it describes the simulation of distance vector routing using ns2 simulator  I have attched the snapshop of all output also Follow the steps by installing linux followed by ns2 simulator...

Communication Others

Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (GPSR) ns2 code

2015-03-30 17:58    By:abhi4ns      View:163      Download:1

it contains GPSR protocol codes in ns2. In wireless networks comprised of numerous mobile stations, the routing problem of finding paths from a traffic source to a traffic destination through a series of intermediate forwarding nodes is particularly challenging. When nodes move, the to...

manets Tcl/Tk

Introduction to ns2

2015-03-13 02:50    By:prasanna      View:49      Download:0

ns2 is an open-source event-driven simulator designed specifically for research in computer communication networks. Since its inception in 1989, ns2 has continuously gained tremendous interest from industry, academia, and government. Having been under constant investigation and enhanc...

Other Tcl/Tk

ns2 program for code division multiple access

2015-03-18 06:50    By:deepakjk      View:23      Download:0

Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies.CDMA is an example of multiple access, which is where several transmitters can send information simultaneously over a single communication channel. This allo...

Matlab Matlab

ns2 code for imlementation of simple wireless network

2015-03-29 02:13    By:Basant      View:268      Download:2

ns2 implementation of simple wireless network. This code contains a description of energy model implementation of wireless network in ns2....


Tracegraph for ns2

2015-03-27 13:21    By:ANAND      View:96      Download:0

Tracegraph is a third party software helps in plotting the graphs for ns2 and other networking simulation softwares. But the sad point is the software is not maintained by anyone and the happiest point is the software works fine still and it is free.  You may download the tracegraph...

Linux programming C++


2015-03-24 12:36    By:kav      View:72      Download:0

Ns began as a variant of the REAL network simulator in 1989 and has evolved substantially over the past few years. In 1995 ns development was supported by DARPA through the VINT project at LBL, Xerox PARC, UCB, and USC/ISI. Currently ns development is support through DARPA with&n...

GUI Python

LEACH protocols in ns2

2015-03-30 22:21    By:Bethel      View:339      Download:6

In network simulator ns2 , leach protocol is used to cluster the nodes. The coding is attached with this program ...

Other Tcl/Tk

packet drop in ns2

2015-03-30 22:44    By:bala      View:104      Download:0

Hi friends, here i gave a code of awk language which is used to find out the drops,traced details in ns2 simulation...

Algorithm C++

ns2 simulation of sybil attack in vanet

2015-03-28 04:41    By:diya      View:238      Download:4

ns2 code for simulation  of sybil attack in manet.VANET supports the services associated with drivers’ safety such as the informationtransmission between vehicles, the rear-end collision between vehicles, and the warning about dangerous situations in real time. In the Figure 2 [10, 11],...

Data Tcl/Tk

Multi-channel Multi-interface Simulation in ns2 (2.29)

2015-03-20 07:05    By:jossy      View:61      Download:3

I have prepared one ns2 version that has already included this module. Download the file from here. Decompress it and go into ns-allinone-2.29/ns-2.29 directory. Run the ./configure; make clean; make depend; make to install.)...

Communication C++

802 ns2 tcl file

2015-03-15 04:00    By:yuvasekar      View:92      Download:1

1-persistent  1-persistent CSMA is an aggressive transmission algorithm. When the sender (station) is ready to transmit data, it senses the transmission medium for idle or busy. If idle, then it transmits immediately. If busy, then it senses the transmission medium continuously u...

Linux programming Tcl/Tk

ns2 entry teaching

2015-03-20 02:15    By:bababava1      View:39      Download:0

ns2 entry teaching ns2 entry ns2 entry teaching ns2 entry ns2 ns2 entry getting started getting started teaching ns2 entry ns2 teaching teaching ns2 entry ns2 entry teaching ns2 entry ns2 ns2 entry getting started getting started teaching ns2 entry ns2 teaching teaching ns2 entry ns2 entry teaching...

Linux programming C++

source code for aodv in ns2

12 hours ago    By:krishan kant      View:170      Download:3

here i am enclosing a source code for PG student for their projects using ns2 this code is tested by me, program is fully executable in ns2 software with version 2.35 by using Linux plate form. it have 50 nodes those are transmitting data from source node to sink node or PAN co-ordinator is a transm...

Linux programming Tcl/Tk

DYMO implementation for Linux and ns2

2015-03-27 13:43    By:yxdz      View:61      Download:0

DYMO implementation for Linux and ns2,including  dymoum_ns-2.27_v0.1.patch dymoum_ns-2.28_v0.1.patch dymoum_ns-2.29_v0.2.patch dymoum_ns-2.29_v0.3.patch...

Linux programming Others

slaw(mobility pattern) for ns2

2015-03-13 10:38    By:zhia      View:27      Download:0

this code produce .mob file for ns2 slaw is a pattern mobility for mobile node...

Linux programming Matlab

Routing Simulation in ns2

2015-03-27 13:50    By:guilintx1      View:97      Download:1

The script is aim to simulation a simple network. objectives: First, Be introduced to some of the commands that can be passed to nam. Get a basic understanding of the network parameters that can be modified. To help you to learn 'How to simulator routing in ns2'...

Shell Script Tcl/Tk

Implementing XY location logging of nodes in ns2 aodv

2015-03-30 18:02    By:rajendraB007      View:49      Download:0

Some times in some projects in ns2 it is needed to implement nodes location logging such that their actual position based some algorithms can be executed. When localization techniques and location aware protocol mechanisms are required to implement this procedure is can be followed. We have to invok...

Linux programming C++
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