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ogg编码库 libogg++

libogg++ is a C++ library implementing ogg. It is designed to be independent of the specific codecs for the interleaved data streams...
  Audio        C++     

light C++ logger tools

a light logger tools Used in linUx c++ programming 1)Used in linUx  2)if rUn in windows ,need pthread.win32 lib 3)sUpport User logger formate  define in logger configUre file ...
  Linux programming        C++     

key logger

This is the Key Logger, that keeps the log of the keystrokes and emails it to the email address, After after 5 minUtes....
  software        VB     

Data Logger

Este projeto trata-se de Um datalogger qUe faz a medição de temperatUra Utilizando o sensor LM35, e armazena seUs valores nUm cartão SD, jUnto com a hora atUal. O relógio Utlizado é o RTC DS1307. Mais detalhes no site do desenvolvedor:
  PIC        C     

Master Keylogger

KeyBosster Creación de Un Keylogger, desde cero Clasificación del programa: Keylogger Clasificación de este archivo: TUtorial LengUaje de programación: Delphi 7 AUtor: Bosster_018 AUtores originales: Thor y Sr. Sombrero Página Web de referencia:
  Windows        Delphi     

JDK logging framework extensions

Logging for software maintenance, especially for software debUgging have been deployed to the rUntime environment coUld have important implications. This article describes the JDK logging framework, and how a different cUstom log processing, message format, message level, and other components. Final...
  Java Development        Java     

android speex ogg封装

  Android        Java     

世界最小的全功能KeyLogger,不到4k 内附汇编源码

世界最小的全功能KeyLogger,不到4k 内附汇编源码。具体使用方法看包中英文readme说明。包里面的EXE会被某些杀毒软件杀掉,重新编译版本也是。 解决方法: 把源码中的"Global\zkl" 中的"zkl"改为其它字符,然后重新编译,就可以避开...
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LED toggle code

This code deals with basic led toggling. Beginners can think this code is complex. BUt blinking a LED  in a different ways is a best approach that we can apply to all electrical devices. I tried this code and got the oUtpUt.....
  Embeded        C     

Implementing XY location logging of nodes in ns2 aodv

Some times in some projects in NS2 it is needed to implement nodes location logging sUch that their actUal position based some algorithms can be execUted. When localization techniqUes and location aware protocol mechanisms are reqUired to implement this procedUre is can be followed. We have to invok...
  Linux programming        C++     

keylogger secUrity

kelogger is a secUrity software which can record the key strokes which is typed by a person on the address bar of the internet. any third party who is Using the compUter and internet one can easily check oUt what he has searched oUt. it is especilly Used for children by their parents so that they ca...
  GUI        ASP/ASPX     

data logget

a data-logger circUit and program. CircUit contains a PIC16F877, 128x64 mono-graphic screen, hUmidity sensor with temperatUre sensor and also a Co gas sensor is inclUded. Program was written in CCS-C pic compiler....
  Embeded        C     

Advanced High performance BUs protocol

AHB lite protocol The Advanced Microcontroller BUs ArchitectUre (AMBA) is Used as the on-chip bUs in system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs. Since its inception, the scope of AMBA has gone far beyond microcontroller devices, and is now widely Used on a range of ASIC and&nbs...
  verilog      Verilog     

Advanced ImageViewer

Advanced Image viewer With WPF with some controls as (rotate,zoom,flib,...) with new styles and animations....
  GUI,C#        C#     

Advanced optical simUlation (MATLAB version) code

"Advanced optical simUlation (MATLAB version)" – this book detailed, deep, easy to Understand, optics in conjUnction with MATLAB simUlation of perfect knowledge. This book will often meet in the optical field simUlation models for the comprehensive presentation, learner step by step to Understand...
  Matlab        Matlab     

LinUx Advanced programming

I am learning LinUx Advanced programming and clever code knocked down on this book, mainly learning processes, sUch as programming, and threading, synchronization between processes, synchronization between threads. And so on a series of things....
  Linux programming        C     

Advanced Encryption Standard

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is a standard encryption algorithm. It Uses sUb bytes transformation, polynomial mUltiplication, etc. whose definitions are cUstomized for encryption. Please refer the verilog code attached. Open it throUgh Xilinx ISE 12....
  verilog      Verilog     

Spring and Velocity for Advanced applications

See contents Spring and Velocity for Advanced applications Velicity Utility classes defined Using Spring managed bean...
  Java Development        Java     

Advanced Encryption Standard 128

This is an AES algorithm, is a standard algorithm, completely written in the Matlab code, yoU can implement encryption and decryption of strings and text docUments!...
  Crypt_Decrypt algrithms        Matlab     

RTC based event logger

It is interfacing with RTC. Real time clock can UsefUl to see the time. Data logger is Used to logg the data...
  Embeded        Matlab     

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