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html5 mobile Web source

html5 mobile Web site, phone features, one-click Sharing features, enterprises, business site, static html code, it is entirely possible to learn or develop, master code after the test, I can touch the ease of use, and give you a more intense mobile phone experience....

2013-10-30 23:31

onlineQuiz source code in

The online Quiz System for candidate is a very popular project in which you can examine any candidate by just giving him/her a Quiz to Solve.Quiz System saves our time and money for checking the papers....

2013-12-12 05:08
by gana

html5 Texas 21 point Poker source

This application is a pure html5 coding a game, Poker Texas 21 points, very interesting little game, welcome to advise and help. Thank you...

html5-CSS-404 page animation

html5 animation using 404 robots to achieve, when you enter the 404 pages, there will be a robot dance, very cute. This robot dance moves is to use html5 and CSS3 animation properties to achieve, take a look....

online shopping project

This is the online shopping project. This project using in aspx. It is one of the mini project of MCA student. This project have home page same like online shopping websites. It is the user friendly. easy to shopping using this project. This project more easy to under standing. its also have login ,...

2014-08-13 09:41

html5 audio player

html5Json music player, effect is very good. This Jquery plugin is a second html5 music players, unlike the playlist data into Json data , Player speakker develop and come! A great deal of work, see kernel code, he watched the last two days, Internet users take advantage of Oh ......

html5 game fruit Ninja

Written in a pure html5 games, fruit Ninja using JavaScript, and attachments in the source code, want to learn html5 shoes can look good code, is recommended....

html+CSS mailbox management system

By html + css for advanced mail management system, the system including login realized, new mailboxes,  contacts, junk phase, write a new message, etc....

html & CSS project

This is a html & CSS based web codeing. I want  to make a valuable web coding for developers, who want to make a web page in html. please help me more for leanings & development. ...

2014-11-03 07:08

html+CSS sample

This html+CSS the most basic applications using most browsers support CSS based, simple to use, the best way to learn CSS, hope can be downloaded there was support for this document...

2014-11-10 09:49
by qxc
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