opencv background subtraction

2015-03-18 04:50    By:whw_1991      View:91      Download:0

Use opencv functions in the background difference, build background subtraction, can be very good for moving target detection....

Image Processing C++

Target extraction based on background subtraction opencv

2015-04-12 05:19    By:JRTech      View:64      Download:0

background modeling based on difference extraction of moving object in the video, based on the vs2010+opencv1.0, do add-in to extract a rectangular callout and text...

Algorithm C

Camera calibration based on opencv

2015-04-17 03:31    By:xfcy90      View:1060      Download:19

This is the source code of camera calibration based on opencv, it use computer camera to do chessboard calibration.Camera calibration instructions: the process of using opencv for camera calibration can be found in help documentation of opencv. It is very useful. I am here to explain some key points...

opencv C++

Using opencv Gets the maximum area in binary image contours and rounded up

4 hours ago    By:小鸟的士林      View:316      Download:5

Vs2010+opencv2.4.4 implementation of two value images to find the maximal contour, to reduce the noise has a great effect, to find the maximum region using rectangle ring up....

opencv C++

opencv Video-based moving object detection

2015-04-13 08:34    By:saicode      View:340      Download:11

Video-based moving object detection, background subtraction method is chosen, it is simple, but the effect is good, especially for pedestrian detection, but the effect of large vehicles detection is poor,  needs to be improved later....

Image Processing C++


2015-04-14 07:05    By:stallion_191      View:235      Download:8

This project is very interesting.  You can move your mouse without even touching it. Description :  It allows you to move the mouse through webcam. You just have to place some red colored object in front of your camera, it will detect that object&n...

video Visual C++

Hand Tracking And Recognition with opencv

2015-04-15 04:52    By:Gunner      View:387      Download:11

Computer Vision is in many ways the ultimate sensor, and has endless potential applications to robotics. The hand tracking is based on color recognition. The program is therefore initialized by sampling color from the hand.The hand is then extracted from the background by using a threshold usin...

Image Processing Visual C++

opencv1.0 installation package

2015-01-20 09:20    By:123      View:43      Download:0

opencv1.0 primary installation software opencv was established in 1999 by Intel, and now supported by Willow Garage. opencv is a based on the (open source) release cross-platform computer vision library that can run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS operating systems. It's lightweight and efficient-...

Image Processing C++

opencv object detection

2015-04-09 18:51    By:halidafa      View:235      Download:4

Detection using opencv 2.4.9 using backgroundSubtractorMOG2, and then mark it with red outline using findContours and drawContours and use QtCreator as an IDE...

Image Processing C++

High complexity background subtraction using mixture of guassian

2015-03-23 12:08    By:saurabhbadenkal      View:69      Download:3

The mean u of each Gaussian function, can be thought of as an educated guess of the pixel value in the next frame—we assume here that pixels are usually background. The weight and standard deviations of each component are measures of our confidence in that guess (higher weight &...

Matlab Matlab

Android source opencv motion detection

8 hours ago    By:whq3418      View:204      Download:0

This procedure must first camera calibration, access to reference, and distortion coefficient matrices, and bird's eye view of transformation according to the method of learning opencv. Including executable programs and source code...

Image Processing C++

How to use opencv read show a picture

2015-04-02 09:24    By:tomato217      View:62      Download:1

opencv (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision, developed by Intel, and now supported by Willow Garage and Itseez. It is free for use under the open source BSD license. The library is cross-platform. It focuses mainly on r...

Image Processing C++

License plate location based on VC6.0+opencv1.0

2015-04-17 05:24    By:小鱼儿      View:295      Download:8

The program development environment: VC6.0 opencv1.0 Steps: click on the program's main interface license plate recognition button Pop-up program interface. In the program interface: open picture image binarization, vehicle license plate location and characters  segmentation, cha...

Image Processing C++

opencv algorithm detailed practical application

2015-04-03 22:20    By:langhaibo      View:138      Download:3

The main content of the compressed file is about using opencv algorithms detailed in practical application help, very helpful for learning opencv....

Image Processing Visual C++

opencv manual and examples

2015-03-17 03:03    By:zhukong      View:149      Download:1

My file, contains the opencv's version and the version of the specification, as well as some common examples, there is very good value, while providing opencv in the some common lookup functions, plus there are walkthroughs of code, demonstrating to quick start has a high value. So is worth learning...

Image Processing PDF

opencv primary curriculum

2015-04-08 07:46    By:nkdan      View:71      Download:0

opencv primary curriculum Iraq by the United States Department of Computer Science Institute of Connaught written Gady Adam gives opencv introduction to commonly used functions, compile command, naming conventions and routines, suitable for beginners to use opencv to do image processing and video pr...

Image Processing C++

EHMM face recognition as an example, opencv, MFC

2015-04-15 04:52    By:1294389401      View:191      Download:5

Examples of face recognition program based EHMM. Executable, error-free. Environment: VC ++ 6.0, opencv1.0. Incidental ORL, FERET face image database of face images, the test results are correct rate is close to 100%. Graduation Design reply to....

Algorithm C++

opencv feature matching

2015-04-06 21:28    By:lsq0911      View:175      Download:2

opencv based on image feature matching algorithm, this algorithm can be used for image feature detection, motion tracking, etc....

Image Processing C++

opencv face detect

2015-04-09 18:49    By:chomo      View:204      Download:1

Enter a picture, determine whether or not the face, if it is out of range. Environment: vs2013 + opencv3.0...

Image Processing C

backgroundWorker Class Sample for Beginners

2015-02-16 09:16    By:mhasansharifi      View:60      Download:0

Introduction This article presents a novice .NET developer to develop a multithreading application without being burdened by the complexity that comes with threading. background A basic Windows application runs on a single thread usually referred to as UI thread. This UI thread is...

Windows C#

Fast background subtraction algorithm for Adaptive multi-

2015-01-13 10:37    By:skyfish      View:22      Download:0

Prospects based on opencv-detection algorithm, on the traditional calculation methods using fast background subtraction algorithm for multimode, improved operation efficiency....

Graph C++

Human identification based on background subtraction

2015-03-19 12:11    By:htzhang      View:26      Download:0

background subtraction method is also called a background subtraction, background subtraction method is the difference to get moving with the background image of the current frame target range, the method can more frame difference method better identification and extraction of moving targets, is cur...

Matlab Matlab

Video Recording using opencv

2015-04-07 06:27    By:stallion_191      View:78      Download:1

opencv (libraries mainly used for image and video processing) and visual studio is used in this project. You can use any version of opencv ( although 2.4.1 and above are recommended) Description :  This code here records video through you webcam ( Either built-in or USB ) And that vid...

video Visual C++

MOG background subtraction

2015-04-11 06:46    By:hajilari      View:47      Download:3

This is very useful matlab code for Mixture Of Gaussians background subtraction for  target tracking applications....

Communication Matlab

Poll counting based on opencv

2015-04-09 00:59    By:zhouqichishi      View:123      Download:4

A head that can be applied to the station and the shopping mall, Testing procedures, can detect head Access number. Program based on MFC peak count, the results were pretty good, Welcome to download, trial. Thank you all for your support!...

Algorithm C++

Palm segmented program opencv

2015-04-12 18:04    By:tomjava      View:89      Download:1

Skin color segmentation using opencv, can map out a complete hand, and can measure the Palm Center can also be used for erosion and dilation to noise. Examples of rare learning opencv...

Image Processing C++

opencv fingerprint identification

2015-04-14 07:44    By:qkj1227      View:172      Download:4

opencv do a fingerprint identification, processing the input fingerprint images, JPG format -finger recognising in c ++ with opencv...

Algorithm C++


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