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opencv Video-based moving object detection

2015-09-14 04:35    By:saicode      View:380      Download:11

Video-based moving object detection, background subtraction method is chosen, it is simple, but the effect is good, especially for pedestrian detection, but the effect of large vehicles detection is poor,  needs to be improved later....

Image Processing C++

opencv object detection

2015-09-11 07:44    By:halidafa      View:260      Download:5

Detection using opencv 2.4.9 using BackgroundSubtractorMOG2, and then mark it with red outline using findContours and drawContours and use QtCreator as an IDE...

Image Processing C++

Optical Flow opencv Implementation

2015-08-30 22:33    By:GOSPINMYPET      View:125      Download:3

A implementation of optical flow algorithm with opencv and visual studio 2010 using c++. Provided with sample cctv video. Implementation runs real time to track moving vehicle with arrow sign which show movement direction.  ...

Tracking C++

Camera calibration based on opencv

2015-10-08 02:49    By:xfcy90      View:1212      Download:20

This is the source code of camera calibration based on opencv, it use computer camera to do chessboard calibration.Camera calibration instructions: the process of using opencv for camera calibration can be found in help documentation of opencv. It is very useful. I am here to explain some key points...

opencv C++

Using opencv Gets the maximum area in binary image contours and rounded up

2015-10-08 22:59    By:小鸟的士林      View:374      Download:5

Vs2010+opencv2.4.4 implementation of two value images to find the maximal contour, to reduce the noise has a great effect, to find the maximum region using rectangle ring up....

opencv C++

object tracking

2015-06-24 09:20    By:kingstar224      View:51      Download:0

Demonstration on how to perform object tracking from live video streams on the desktop and Android devices. object tracking is the process of tracking objects inside of video streams, often selected by the user or an automated algorithm. BoofCV ( is an open source Java based comput...

Java Development Java

Vehicle license plate recognition based on opencv

2015-10-03 14:39    By:hanxiaoflying      View:788      Download:19

Overall Functions: Automatic vehicle tracking, detecting and photographing, locating and recognitiontracking and photographing functions can hardly be regarded as fulfilled Fulfilled Function: object tracking in a video: circle the object manually first; an USB cameraFor a vehicle license plate...

Image Processing C++


2015-09-28 09:45    By:stallion_191      View:251      Download:8

This project is very interesting.  You can move your mouse without even touching it. Description :  It allows you to move the mouse through webcam. You just have to place some red colored object in front of your camera, it will detect that object&n...

video Visual C++

Halcon and opencv image format conversion

2015-09-16 23:33    By:Gogoinglk      View:126      Download:4

C++ code: opencv Mat,iplImage Halcon Hobeject image format image formats conversion code. Includes: IplImage go Hobject,Mat go Hobject,Hobject go Mat,Hobject go IplImage. Halcon and for learning opencv image use, I hope to be helpful....

Algorithm C++


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