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optimal binary search trees

C[i,j] represents a point i+1,i+2 point j, select any one point as the root (j-i) find the cost of a solution of optimal solutions Recursive processes:  evaluates all j-i=1 c (I, j)  followed by calculating j-i=2,3,...,n c (i,j).  c (0,n) = cost of o...

thresholding an image

This is an basic operations for beginners of Computer Vision and Image Proccessing. In that source code some image operations made. These are;thresholding erosiondilation...

optimal State estimation (code)

The optimal State estimation of source-books, covering almost all common filtering algorithms, such as Kalman filtering, extended Kalman filtering and Unscented Kalman filter and particle filtering and so on.  ...

optimal threshold selection

Otsu method of binary threshold selection based on local Adaptive threshold selection procedures. Provide two encoding methods....

optimal binary searching

A very fast optimal binary data retrieval of source code, use c statements prepared for large-scale data retrieval to find quite useful...

imagethresholding for image processing

this,is,a,code,that,helps,in,thresholding,your,image.Images at this point have improved contrast but there is too much irrelevantbackground information and clutter that needs to be removed. We can identify most ofthis background information by pixel values different from those of the nodules.Image t...

optimal Control for Single-Phase UPS Inverters Based On Linear Quadratic Regulator Approach

An optimal control strategy based on the linearquadratic regulator approach is proposed for single-phaseuninterruptible power supplies in continuous time. Theobjective of the controller is to achieve a fast transientresponse, good voltage regulation, and low total harmonicdistortion of the output vo...

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