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userCF collaborative filtering

2015-11-09 02:42    By:ll891214      View:42      Download:1

Coordination of user-based filtering recommendation algorithm userCF of visual c ++ implementation code, MovieLens data set....

Algorithm C++

TI DSP BIOS user manual and driver development

2015-11-16 10:07    By:maplelhf      View:44      Download:0

TI DSP BIOS user manual and driver development, BIOS manual TI the Crown, perfect programming tools for embedded system based on DSP...

Embeded C

Loading and unloading ChilduserControl instances at Runtime

2014-11-19 17:41    By:rohit17088      View:18      Download:0

I'm in the process of making a SHELL application that uses Microsoft Ribbon and a single Dock panel user Control UI Panel. This UI Panel is just a empty shell that gets filled in on run time. In short at run time we're going to load a user Control from a Ribbon Button. Then...

codes C#

pacman search python

2015-11-21 08:45    By:想回家回家      View:105      Download:3

Artificial intelligence jobs ... Games Pacman ... search algorithm, done in Python ... DFS, a depth-first search, BFS, breadth-first search, Uniform cost, 启发式算法。。。。。。。。。。。 1.Implement the dept...

Windows Python

Project and user-based collaborative filtering

2015-10-30 05:20    By:zizi900702      View:177      Download:4

Project and user-based collaborative filtering. Data saved in the GA.MAT file, where GA is the struct structure, that is GA.train for the training set, GA.test Test set, I use the MovieLens data sets, download this data set in the website, the data has been set Contains the set and train set, this...

个性化推荐 Matlab

Utility to search text files that are duplicated

2015-10-05 12:33    By:elaija7      View:19      Download:0

When you run the program before the user opens the main window that contains a field for entering the required directory to find duplicate text files.  There is also a button that when clicked, you can select the directory from the directory tree.  Then the user can choose the option which...

File Formats C#


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