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Luo Yunbin the Win32 assembler programming of CD attached to book source code

assembler written Hash test, shared source, supports both SHA1 and MD5 support pulling, support for Clipboard copying and matching, the section automatically calculates time consuming (Use less precise timer), the speed can still, probably so....

Prime usaco1.5 Prime palindromes code files can definitely use, worthy of

The number 151 is a prime palindrome because it is both a prime number and a palindrome (it is the same number when read forward as backward). Write a program that finds all prime palindromes in the range of two supplied numbers a and b (5 <= a < b <= 100,000,000); both a and b are consi...

code door asm program

program in assembly language for Code door using pic16f84a ,that is only the begginning of the development of this asm program but i have a big plans for it....

Multipass assembler

This is the source code for multi pass assembler. The multipass assembler generates the source program into assembly program. This program is very useful for understanding the system software concept. In this program I have used functions instruction. The code will be executed you will ty...

palindrome Checker

This is a very simple program, that checks, if a word is a palindrome or not. (A palindrome is a word you can say forwards and backwards, and it is spelled the same, like "Never odd or even"  - write it backwards and you get "neve ro ddo reven", or "never odd or even" ;) It also changes i...

Two Pass assembler

This is a simple two pass assembler in c++ using classes and files.It includes two input files, before executing users can change the input file name as per their requirement (either of twoo included files).An optab is also included in this project, user are free to update the optab as per their own...

Check programe palindrome or not

C program for palindrome or palindrome in c programming: palindrome program in c language, c code to  check if a string is a palindrome or not and for palindrome number. This program works as follows :- at first  we copy the entered string into a new string, and then we reverse...

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