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binarization method Nibleka

The idea of the method is the variation in brightness threshold binarization B from point to point based on the local standard deviation. The threshold luminance point (x, y) is calculated as follows: B (x, y) = m (x, y) + ks (x, y), where μ (x, y) - the mean and s (x, y) - the standard dev...

MATLAB image binarization

binarization was image segmentation methods. In binarization image greater than a certain critical grayscale values of the pixel grayscale to grayscale, great value, the pixel gray value is set to less than the minimum of gray, in order to achieve binary. According to the different threshold,...

Arbol binario

Aplicacion que crea un arbor binario haciendo uso de nodos y apuntadores, se entra el arbol en inorden y este es mostrado el arbol en posorden...


lex -l Lexfile.l yacc -d Parser.y g++ lex.yy.c ./a.out <input.txt >output.txt Assembly Compile: nasm -f elf input.asm ld -o ouput input.o ./output...

Matrix type pascal Console Code

A simple pascal Code simulating a Matrix style numbers cascade...

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