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multipath fading channel

this program can simulate multipath fading channel with doppler effect, exam is the main program that first it modulate the data and in it we use some function like 'delay.m' and 'multipath.m' and siglfade to implement multipath fading channel. siglfade simulate a simple rayleigh channel with effect...

path loss Models for Radio Network Planning and Optimization

§High degree of variability (in time, space etc.) §Large signal attenuation §Non-stationary, unpredictable and random –Unlike wired channels it is highly dependent on the environment, time space etc. §Modelling is done in a statistical fashion §The loca...

Rayleigh fading

Rayleigh fading channel is a kind of radio signal Statistical modeling of the propagation environment. This model assumes that after the signal over a wireless channel, its signal is random, "fading", and obey the Rayleigh distribution of its envelope....

shortest path

Shortest path algorithms. Priority queue implementations. Faster. I wouldn't have posted such as stdafx. Posted only core code. Yourself a clean compile on the line. I tested myself, 60,000 points. 20duowantiao, calculate the single-source shortest path took dozens of points to other points of m, wh...


Dijkstra algorithm from v0 to the remaining points of the network shortest path v P[v] and its length weighted D[v], development language for the c language....

path planning of RRT MATLAB source code

In a 2D environment, random start point and end point, as well as obstacles, and then use the fast stochastic tree search (RRT) algorithm to achieve this encoding are a classic example of the original on the basis of, in the context of matlab2009a version, I modified, and raise your comments, ensure...

Generating single-path Rayleigh fading channel using Jakes model

Reyliggh.m file Jakes model procedure for producing single-path Rayleigh fading channel. Inside, contains detailed code explanations, through the runs I can get results. By calling the function channel power curve Un.m files...

path planning for mobile robot

For a given source vertex (node) in the graph, the algorithm finds the path with lowest cost (i.e. the shortest path) between that vertex and every other vertex. It can also be used for finding costs of shortest paths from a single vertex to a single destination vertex by stopping the algo...

Multipath channel source code

Multipath source. In OFDM Systems is useful...

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