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Rayleigh fading

2014-12-19 08:37    By:suiyixingzhe      View:47      Download:0

Rayleigh fading channel is a kind of radio signal Statistical modeling of the propagation environment. This model assumes that after the signal over a wireless channel, its signal is random, "fading", and obey the Rayleigh distribution of its envelope....

Communication Matlab


2014-12-20 15:59    By:安宁宁宁      View:50      Download:0

Dijkstra algorithm from v0 to the remaining points of the network shortest path v P[v] and its length weighted D[v], development language for the c language....

Algorithm C

Generating single-path Rayleigh fading channel using Jakes model

2014-12-18 23:08    By:kedong2014      View:35      Download:0

Reyliggh.m file Jakes model procedure for producing single-path Rayleigh fading channel. Inside, contains detailed code explanations, through the runs I can get results. By calling the function channel power curve Un.m files...

Matlab Matlab

path loss Models for Radio Network Planning and Optimization

2014-12-12 15:42    By:mauhik      View:27      Download:0

§High degree of variability (in time, space etc.) §Large signal attenuation §Non-stationary, unpredictable and random –Unlike wired channels it is highly dependent on the environment, time space etc. §Modelling is done in a statistical fashion §The loca...

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shortest path

2014-12-20 05:15    By:gisyangli      View:83      Download:0

Shortest path algorithms. Priority queue implementations. Faster. I wouldn't have posted such as stdafx. Posted only core code. Yourself a clean compile on the line. I tested myself, 60,000 points. 20duowantiao, calculate the single-source shortest path took dozens of points to other points of m, wh...

Algorithm C++

multipath fading channel

2014-12-20 15:24    By:zahragh      View:29      Download:0

this program can simulate multipath fading channel with doppler effect, exam is the main program that first it modulate the data and in it we use some function like 'delay.m' and 'multipath.m' and siglfade to implement multipath fading channel. siglfade simulate a simple rayleigh channel with effect...

Matlab Matlab


2014-12-12 03:20    By:kalai      View:24      Download:0

The simulation and analysing the performance of QPSK modulation in rayleigh fading environment. The code is explained clearly and it can be understood with the help of comment lines...

Matlab Matlab

Three dimensional path planning algorithm based on Ant Colony algorithm

2014-12-21 02:58    By:njwhat      View:51      Download:0

Three dimensional robot path planning algorithm of intelligent control in the field of hot issues, refers to the robot automatically in a three dimensional map charting a path from the starting-point to the target point to meet the optimum. Relative to the path planning algorithm for two-dimensional...

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Sun path & Radiation Qalqilia city

2014-11-18 21:18    By:ahmadalrjoub      View:7      Download:0

  This Project has been created to simulate sun path diagram and calculate the total radiation per square meter at Qalqilia city North West bank (32.2 latitude). As a result of calculation I conclude that  Qalqilia city is best place for solar investment both photovoltaic an...

Matlab Matlab

Script for computing the BER for BPSK modulation in a Rayleigh fading channel with and without transmit beamforming

2014-12-19 23:03    By:shankar      View:79      Download:0

 a closed-loop transmit diversity scheme, where the transmitter has the knowledge of the channel. As there is a feedback path required from the receiver, to communicate the channel seen by the receiver to the transmitter, the scheme is called closed-loop transmit diversity scheme. Recall t...

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Generation of Nakagami fading Coefficient for a channel

2014-12-18 05:26    By:ashish01      View:56      Download:0

This program explains the Nakagami fading Coefficient generation for a channel. A closed form expression for Nakagami fading Coefficient has been derived and can be applied for fading channel in Cognitive radio networks. The same approach can be applied for Rayleigh and Rician fading channel coeffic...

Matlab Matlab

depsk and bpsk over rayleigh fading channel

2014-12-03 01:29    By:everchallenger      View:13      Download:1

depsk and bpsk over rayleigh fading channel. BER plot is provided. ...

Matlab Matlab

Modeling Rayleigh fading channel based on modified Jakes channel model

2014-12-18 17:15    By:ramz      View:47      Download:0

This Matlab Code models a Rayleigh fading channel using a modified Jakes channel model.  A modified Jakes' model chooses slightly different spacings for the scatterers and scales their waveforms using Walsh–Hadamard sequences to ensure zero cross-correlation. Setting...

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