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pattern recognition Toolbox, can be used for face recognition

2015-01-30 10:01    By:haoren313      View:45      Download:0

pattern recognition research focuses on two areas, one is the study of living organisms (including humans) is how to perceive an object, belongs to the field of cognitive science, the second is under the given task, with computer pattern recognition theory and methods. Former physiologists, psycholo...

Algorithm Matlab

pattern recognition algorithms used for pattern classification

2015-03-17 08:25    By:tianqichuan@bucea.edu.cn      View:51      Download:0

pattern recognition algorithms used for pattern classification...

Matlab Matlab

The genetic algorithms for pattern recognition source matlab code with dataset

2015-03-30 10:57    By:iman      View:250      Download:1

The genetic algorithms for pattern recognition source matlab code with dataset. In this code, we use genetic algorithms for classification and pattern recognition....

Matlab Matlab

VC++ pattern recognition algorithm of digital image technology details

2015-03-27 06:19    By:langhaibo      View:38      Download:1

VC++ pattern recognition algorithm of digital image technology details, for those who want to learn image recognition is very helpful....

Image Processing C++

Triangle covering biomimetic pattern recognition code

2015-03-02 00:51    By:rcnie      View:9      Download:0

With triangle neurons, towards biomimetic pattern recognition algorithm of spatial coverage and to achieve classification of test samples, program samples can be achieved after acquiring external image....

Image Processing Matlab

pattern recognition

2015-03-09 16:22    By:Haily      View:10      Download:0

pattern recognition in the most basic of Bayesian estimation, nonparametric estimation used in the program, which does not know the overall distribution, only from a given sample (the sample taken from the overall) to estimate the overall distribution (overall inference) methods and theories, we cal...

Matlab Matlab

project Ecommerce exemplo do site em sistema de Login completo

2015-03-28 00:37    By:abraao199      View:4833      Download:2

project Ecommerce exemplo do site em sistema de Login completo ...

Web Browser PHP

Identification of the circle in the picture, fuzzy pattern recognition

2014-12-15 20:30    By:huxianglin2000      View:24      Download:0

Identification of the circle in the picture, fuzzy pattern recognition AppWizard has created this airImg application for you. This application not only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classes but is also a starting point for writing your application. This file c...

Graph C++

License plate recognition program based on fuzzy pattern recognition

2015-03-30 04:47    By:liuxuwang1      View:116      Download:0

Vehicle license plate recognition based on fuzzy recognition program, developed with MATLAB, proven effective, can be with own algorithm contrast test, or you can validate...

Image Processing Matlab


2015-03-26 14:36    By:perpheart      View:45      Download:0

================================================== ==============================     MICROSOFT Foundation Class Library: Facerecognition project Overview================================================== =============================Application Wizard has created this Facerecognition...

Image Processing C++

pattern recognition

2015-03-17 08:28    By:水雾飞琼      View:10      Download:0

Very useful code, principal component analysis PCA, the self reference, very comprehensive. Interested students can take a look at, I hope there is help....

Matlab Matlab

PCA Based Face recognition System Using ORL Database

2015-03-29 08:30    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:254      Download:3

This package implements a well-known PCA-based face recognition method, which is called 'Eigenface'. The program is easy to use. Furthermore, a sample project file 'projectPCA.m' is added that demonstrate how to use, ORL training and test database is also included to show Performance comparison for...

Matlab Matlab

traffic patterns_rotary

2015-01-16 17:25    By:omidkey      View:19      Download:0

trafficpatterns- a simple model of vehicular traffic on four roads all leading to an intersection controlled by a traffic light. It turns green for each of the four paths with specified durations. Tweak the traffic light durations to study how much traffic builds up on the different paths....

Matlab Matlab


2015-03-28 00:38    By:Gray      View:53      Download:1

this is a code about the projection and backprojection. Maybe it is useful for someone who have just studied the image reconstruction. There is no help for the one who is good at it....

Matlab Matlab

OpenGL MUST project 1[Polyline Editor] use linked list of C++

2015-01-28 06:25    By:myteat      View:110      Download:0

#include <D:HomeworkOpenGLproject1GLUT 3.7glut.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include "point.h" /*draw line from the line array*/ void drawPointLine() { Node * temp; for (int i=0;i<Arraysize;i++) { temp=polylineArray[i]; glBeg...

OpenGL C++

Bionic pattern recognition, target tracking

2013-11-26 10:35    By:tingtinghai      View:7      Download:0

BioMimetic pattern recognition to training goal, goal tracking in video sequences function [sausage, num] = hypersausage_construct(P) % Solution in accordance with samples in the order given super sausage neurons [~, W]=size (p);%W is the number of training examples sausage = []; for i = 2...

Algorithm Matlab

Fuzzy diagnosis, identify the number of beans in the picture, pattern recognition algorithms

2014-11-24 08:02    By:rosehacker_715      View:17      Download:0

pattern recognition systems, with all the code, a picture of the bean can be calculated, the amount of soybeans, and comes with a lot of image analysis algorithms....

Image Processing Delphi
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