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radar signals analysis and processing USING MATLAB

6 hours ago    By:lixiaoyu702      View:325      Download:1

radar signals analysis and processing USING MATLAB. this is the MATLAB codes for the book of radar signals analysis and processing USING MATLAB...

Matlab Matlab


2014-12-15 10:45    By:大世界      View:57      Download:1

A* ( A-Star) Method is a static solving shortest path of road network Effective method: Formula is expressed as: f(n)=g(n)+h(n), 其中 f(n) Is a node n From the starting point to the target point of the evaluation function, G (n) is the State...

Algorithm Matlab

Weighted image fusion ALGORITHM MATLAB source code

2014-12-18 10:36    By:a2368699078      View:164      Download:1

加权图像融合算法的MATLAB源代码,包括IHS,pca Fusion,主要运用在GSM中卫星图像处理,里面有例子图片,可以清晰的看见处理效果。...

Image Processing Matlab

LTE 3GPP channel modeling USING MATLAB

2014-12-18 17:15    By:wwbb      View:136      Download:0

LTE 3GPP channel modeling USING MATLAB. Generates the correlated tap coefficients of the MIMO tapped delay line % model to be used during one iteration of the main loop. The function % performs a double interpolation, first in the fading vector domain, % to collect the fading samples corres...

Communication Matlab

SLAM USING MATLAB for mobile robot

2014-12-18 05:39    By:redfires      View:126      Download:5

Professor Salvi provides third party MATLAB SLAM toolbox: MATLAB Toolbox of Kalman Filtering: applied to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Vehicle moving in 1D, 2D and 3D...

Image Processing Matlab

pca and pca ALGORITHM

2014-12-11 15:54    By:b545237988      View:34      Download:1

pca and pca ALGORITHM...

Matlab Matlab

Calculating the shortest path USING MATLAB programming and site location

2014-12-18 11:27    By:njwhat      View:114      Download:0

Computing shortest paths USING MATLAB programming and site location 1, the shortest path problem in the shortest path between two specified points. For example, given a railway network that connects several towns, between two specified towns in this network, find a shortest railway line. 2, site-a s...

Matlab Matlab

pca+SVM face recognition systems USING MATLAB

1 hours ago    By:嘻哈啦啦啦啦      View:119      Download:3

MATLAB pca+SVM face recognition systems, dimensionality reduction USING pca, classification USING SVM, recognition rate is good. Codes were debugged and passed....

Matlab Matlab

USING MATLAB to realize finding shortest paths

2014-12-17 05:31    By:njwhat      View:92      Download:1

Shortest path problem ALGORITHM the basic ideas and fundamental step in the method for solving the shortest path between nodes on the network map in currently recognized at home and abroad well Floyd ALGORITHM and Dijkstra's ALGORITHM. Both of these ALGORITHMs, the network to be abstracted to a defi...

Matlab Matlab

A clustering ALGORITHM for MATLAB

2014-12-12 11:44    By:mlx611      View:64      Download:1

Clustering ALGORITHMs in MATLAB developed by a, Briefly looked at this article in the journal, the clustering ALGORITHM called breadth-neighbor search ALGORITHM. There are several definitions: 1. Data matrix。 This is a m row 2 column matrix, line number m= number unspecified elements,...

Matlab Word

Speech Emotion Identification USING MATLAB

15 hours ago    By:wolflala23      View:91      Download:0

USING machine learning ALGORITHMs, speech emotion recognition through MATLAB, good results and recommend it to everyone....

Matlab Matlab

Fuzzy k-means ALGORITHM and MATLAB realization

2014-12-18 08:42    By:njwhat      View:72      Download:0

Fuzzy k-means ALGORITHM derived from the k-means ALGORITHM. In the course of k-means ALGORITHM for clustering, the result may not be the expected result, but the boundaries of the category is clear, of cluster centers under the current modified sample. Fuzzy k-means ALGORITHM for clustering in the p...

Matlab Matlab

Handgesture Robotic movements USING MATLAB

2014-12-17 07:59    By:jijo      View:53      Download:1

Hai friends i am jijo jacob,                                  Currently i am working as Embedded Developer and i know 8051,PIC,ARM,PCB Designing,Xilinx,MATLAB etc if any have any doubts means you can ask to me. ...

Matlab C


21 hours ago    By:zahra      View:122      Download:0

This is an implementation of genetic ALGORITHM in MATLAB. Welcome to download. Thank you for support....

Algorithm Matlab

Elecronic Circuit component finder USING MATLAB

17 hours ago    By:kano      View:96      Download:1

This code find the circuit component like a resistor capacitor inductor. USING MATLAB code you can find this. Initial steps 1) Apply any component based hand made image. 2)Apply the my MATLAB code. 3)Your component will be extracted and how much component are available...

Matlab Matlab

1D static finite element analysis USING MATLAB

2014-12-03 20:55    By:wx72420      View:44      Download:0

This MATLAB program is for 1D static analysis. It is very useful for FEM beginners who wish to learn FEM USING MATLAB....

Matlab Matlab

PSNR calculation of an image USING MATLAB

2014-12-18 05:47    By:Habib      View:155      Download:3

It can be used to calculate the PSNR of an original image and distorted or segmented or encrypted color image or Gray Image USING MATLAB. A step by guideline also provided in the source code....

Matlab Matlab

Graph ALGORITHMs and MATLAB realization

2014-12-17 19:23    By:allen      View:37      Download:0

This is the graph-theoretic ALGORITHM and MATLAB implementation portion of the code in the book, in greater detail, lazy students can take a look, and this book treats all graph theory ALGORITHM realization is good, but there are some small problems....

Matlab Matlab

Two rapid implementation of pca ALGORITHM

2014-12-10 04:05    By:redstars      View:40      Download:0

Principal component analyses (Principal Component Analysis,pca) is a statistical methods for mastering the principal contradiction, it can resolve the main influencing factors from the multiple things, revealing the essence of things, simplifying complex issues. Computing principal components design...

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