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neural network matlab

5 hours ago    By:ma0526      View:181      Download:2

firstly, run mexme_NN.m to compile c program. then run test_NN.m, and you can test the neural network code. ...

Matlab Matlab

pca bAsed Face Recognition System Using ORL Database

10 hours ago    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:202      Download:1

This package implements a well-known pca-bAsed face recognition method, which is called 'Eigenface'. The program is easy to use. Furthermore, a sample Project file 'Projectpca.m' is added that demonstrate how to use, ORL training and test database is also included to show Performance comparison for...

Matlab Matlab

Genetic algorithm bAsed neural network training source

2014-12-08 02:59    By:echooff      View:21      Download:0

6 variable input using genetic algorithms, 50, a hidden layer, 3 output variables constitute the neural network model for training, that contains the source data and source code, you can directly modify the application....

Algorithm Matlab

networks questions

2014-12-18 01:13    By:Dennis      View:67      Download:0

Computer network HW , who can help me to finish? please contact my QQ number 907553033 thanks...

Network questions C

Hopfield neural network

2014-12-20 21:21    By:Hamid reza Zaefarani      View:54      Download:0

A Hopfield network is a form of recurrent artificial neural network invented by John Hopfield. Hopfield nets serve as content-addressable memory systems with binary threshold nodes. They are guaranteed to converge to a local minimum, but co...

Matlab Matlab

neural-network-bAsed Contouring Control for Robotic Manipulators in Operational Space

15 hours ago    By:rashi      View:137      Download:0

neural-network-bAsed Contouring Control for Robotic Manipulators in Operational Space This brief presents a contouring control scheme for robotic manipulators. The geometric properties of the desired contour are incorporated in the controller design phase, and the resulting&nb...

Matlab PDF

----GRNN network prediction bAsed on generalized regression neural networks for freight volume forecast

3 hours ago    By:njwhat      View:57      Download:0

Generalized regression neural networks   (Generalized Regression neural network, referred to as GRNN)   is a United States scholar Donald f. Specht proposed in 1991, it is one of the radial basis function network. GRNN has is strong of nonlinear mapping capacity and flexible network struct...

Matlab Matlab

pca people Face identified Shi

2014-12-20 02:43    By:ch78928      View:21      Download:0

% A sample script, which shows the usage of functions, included in % pca-bAsed face recognition system (Eigenface method) % % See also: CREATEDATABASE, EIGENFACECORE, RECOGNITION % Original version by Amir Hossein Omidvarnia, October 2007 clear all clc close all %You can custo...

Matlab Matlab

A Particle Swarm Optimized Fuzzy neural network For Bankruptcy Prediction

2014-12-19 07:17    By:allpro      View:1336      Download:1

Since the excellent performances of treating non- obtained from PSO-FNN are much higher than the ones linear data with self-learning capability, the neural networks obtained from NNs. To make this clearer, an illustrative (NNs) are wildly use in financial prediction problem. But the NNs examp...

Matlab Matlab

pca image fusion

2014-12-18 21:40    By:b545237988      View:43      Download:1

pca-bAsed remote sensing image fusion Matlab program, a perfect run in Matlab 2011b...

Matlab Matlab

pc algorithm to construct gene regulatory network

2014-12-16 03:54    By:lingforever20      View:28      Download:1

inferring GRNs from gene expression data considering the non-linear dependence and topological structure of GRNs by employing path consistency algorithm (pca) bAsed on conditional mutual information (CMI)gene regulatory networks from Inferring gene expression data by path consistency algorithm bAsed...

Matlab Matlab

Hopfield neural network

2014-12-21 04:56    By:hahaha30      View:41      Download:1

A Hopfield network is a form of recurrent artificial neural network invented by John Hopfield. Hopfield nets serve as content-addressable memory systems with binary threshold nodes. They are guaranteed to converge to a local minimum, but convergence to a false pattern (wrong local minimum) rather th...

CSharp C#

Introduction to neural network in java

2014-12-19 19:19    By:Luc      View:31      Download:0

Introduction to neural network in java. Several samples to show how to simulate neural networks and resolve classic problems with this approach....

Java Development Java

Multi-layer neural network DEMO (c #)

3 hours ago    By:ddr89      View:27      Download:2

A DEMO of multilayer neural networks. This multi-layer neural network learning through training can be accurately calculated AND and OR operations after (note the exact is closest to the correct solution of meaning. Do you know)...

Algorithm C#

JpcaP-JAVA Data link layer control

2014-12-17 23:05    By:herui125      View:72      Download:0

The whole structure of JpcaP with wincap/libpcap is generally very similar, such as the networkInterface  class corresponding to the WINCAP typedef struct_ADAPTER ADAPTER getDeviceList (pcap_findalldevs)  corresponding to () etc..JpcaP actually is not a real to realize to contr...

Java Development Java

Kernel pca and Pre-Image Reconstruction

2014-12-16 20:43    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:55      Download:1

Principal component analysis (pca) is a popular tool for linear dimensionality reduction and feature extraction. Kernel pca is the nonlinear form of pca, which is promising in exposing the more complicated correlation between original high-dimensional features. In this paper, we first talk about the...

Matlab Matlab

+Sharppcap ruijie heartbeats relay c # software

2014-12-12 19:04    By:yichengming527      View:14      Download:0

This is sharppcap developed ruijie heartbeat relay software, automatic take over sharp McNair function can remain online!...

工具 C#
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