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PHP & mysql login script

2015-09-27 13:52    By:wesax      View:114      Download:0

A simple PHPmysql login script to protect your web page content from spam and bot registrations so that only registered users can view the content of your site......

Shell Script PHP

PHP ,mysql,.net,python,java,oracle

2015-10-06 12:59    By:satish      View:23      Download:0

dfd sdfdfdf lease do your best to describe your project in details. Better content will gain much more points for  lease do your best to describe your project in details. Better content will gain much more points for lease do your best to describe your project in details. Better conte...

Web Framework PHP

PHP admin template

2015-11-21 13:40    By:lxj8749      View:476      Download:8

PHP admin template, use ThinkPHP development, very easy to use...

php PHP

PHP build broken line graph

2015-10-06 18:24    By:hbhorse      View:160      Download:1

This is used Broken line graph PHP generated source code. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you all for your support! Hope can help!...


PHPhola con todos

2014-11-19 06:07    By:cheche      View:10      Download:0

conexion de una base de datos utilizando PHP y mysql Hay tres tipos: – Asociaciones: relaciones estructurales. – Generalizaciones: herencias. – Dependencias: relaciones de uso, especifican que un cambio en la especificación de un elemento puede afectar a...

mysql PHP

PHP version of online shopping Mall

2015-11-09 00:42    By:smartleon      View:363      Download:16

PHP version of the Mall, merchandise management, shopping carts, billing functionality is already available, and fairly complete PHP shopping mall, it is a good reference. For PHP beginners great reference value....

Web Framework PHP

PHPMyAdmin v4.1.0 rc3

2015-11-16 05:33    By:swin      View:30      Download:0

PHPMyAdmin is a PHP-based architecture in a Web-Base manner on the Web host's mysql database management tool. PHPMyAdmin can manage a whole mysql Server (requires root), you can manage a single database. In order to achieve the latter, you will need a reasonable set mysql user, he could only allow r...

DataBase PHP

PHP . pxoxy5 server

11 hours ago    By:UBIX      View:113      Download:0

Source Code Version 0.5b2 - January 20th 2007Latest Version: 2002-2007 Abdullah ArifContact_____________________________________________________________________Email: and Bug Reports____...



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