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conductance vs current chart drawn toolbox using hspice simulation in matlab

2014-12-11 05:54    By:askiih      View:239      Download:0

Matlab coding is include in the attachment to communicates with HspiceToolBox.  The simulation data will be read by the codes automaticaly to draw all kinds of gm/ID curves. By interpolation functions. A look up table is established to find the Vgs in cert...

Linux programming Matlab

muti players distribution programming

2015-03-02 02:58    By:zzhan08      View:94      Download:0

muti players distribution programming...

c++distribution programming C++

pic 24f example

2015-02-07 16:57    By:javibueno      View:50      Download:0

This  year  2014  match  with  the  184th  Birthday  of  the  invention  of  code  Morse.  The  code  Morse  it  be  much  Important  on  the  last  So  on  it  it&n...

Pic C

Stamps Act spice netlist conversion as MNA equation

2015-03-04 20:18    By:sunnybaby      View:64      Download:0

Matlab code, spice netlist into MNA equation Can handle one level of child circuit...

spice Matlab


2013-09-27 08:36    By:PROLOVE      View:6      Download:0

East Washington Phoenix Oriental charm on the three Kingdoms era is invoice-style East Oriental style and...

Linux programming C

pic16F877 Controllable Digital Clock Code

2015-03-16 06:35    By:chandan      View:163      Download:0

The above figure was taken after setting time to 07:58:54, timer0 is used as the base for digital clock generation. Timer0 is used here to generate 1msec interrupts. After every 1msec a global variable named msCounter increments. When msCounter reaches a value of 1000 then anothe...

Embeded C

pic sd picture bmp

2015-03-21 14:42    By:sayhianouar      View:38      Download:0

This project uses Microchip's pic18F2550 and Nokia 3310 LCD to read and display images from BMP files on the SD/MMC cards. Although the display itself is monochrome, it still supports 24-bpp (bits per pixel), 8-bpp, 4-bpp, and 1-bpp (monochrome) Bitmap files (*.BMP) with size of 84x48 pixe...

Algorithm C

pic 16F628+L6219 stepper control in microstep mode

2015-03-29 23:14    By:tseh_valery      View:97      Download:0

My project in MPLAb of stepper control based on pic 16F628 microcontroller and steper driver L6219. Can work in microstepping mode. ...

software ASM

pic18 official serial procedures

2015-01-13 15:10    By:yangrui8811      View:66      Download:0

This file contains the following sections: 1. Code Example Description 2. Folder Contents 3. Suggested Development Resources 4. Reconfiguring the project for a different pic18F device 5. Revision History...

Embeded C

LED RGB dimmer control pic16F737

2015-03-07 21:54    By:chlxs      View:123      Download:0

Tri-phosphor RGB control pic16F737 monolithic, three PWM signal output. Into the RF remote control. Remote control main functions are: A button: short-time, static color choices, each time you press the switch a color; long pressed for 3 seconds, lamp off. B button: brightness +. C button...


pic external interrupt control

2015-03-23 14:04    By:ffbo      View:35      Download:0

This phone is used along the working face, and console adapters, along a section of newspaper Police, telephone conversations, atresia, and other functions. Model 1: switch knobs, they can stop FAS crusher, conveyor, the former Ministry of transport, Rear cargo planes, to lock the front or rear ca...

Assembly Language ASM

pic driving a bipolar stepper motor

2015-02-23 04:11    By:agmyatsan      View:58      Download:0

It is a sample for driving a bipolar stepper motor in pic programming. I use pic Basic Pro programming language....

Embeded Others

using UART using pic16f877a

2015-03-07 21:55    By:PALANI      View:81      Download:0

pic16F/18F Primer Board The pic16F/18F Primer board is specifically designed to help students to master the required skills in the area of embedded systems. The kit is designed in such way that all the possible features of the microcontroller will be easily used by the st...

Other Others

pic18 external interrupt

2014-12-17 17:10    By:sami_asad      View:18      Download:0

pic18 external interrupt interfacing and programming. Welcome to download and use. Thank you for your support....

Embeded C

programming GSM900 with pic

2015-03-21 15:06    By:Gandalf      View:132      Download:1

Project to code the pic18F25K22 microcontroller..This code sends a message from the GSM900 to any mobile number in the world    ...

Embeded C

100 cases of c language source code is based on single-chip microcomputer pic

2015-03-29 04:32    By:shark0109      View:290      Download:2

100 cases of c language source code is based on single-chip microcomputer pic MCU c language source code of 100 cases based on pic MCU c language source code of 100 cases based on pic single-chip microcomputer based on 100 cases of c language source code pic...

Arm C

pic 16f84 digital clock

2015-03-12 19:04    By:nsnain11      View:62      Download:0

Project Specifications pic:pic16F84A Processor Frequency:4MHz Range:0 to 24 Hours Timer Set:Up - Down Switch Display: Hour:00-23 Minuts:00-59 Power: External 6V D.C. Clock count every second controled by hardware. Adjustable time with...

Embeded ASM

PLC ladder diagram go AVR pic Microcontroller program

2015-03-28 03:31    By:suifeng010203      View:101      Download:2

> CONTACT, NORMALLY OPEN Xname Rname Yname ----] [----     ----] [----    ----] [---- If the signal going into the instruction is false, then the output signal is false. If the signal going into the instruction is true, then the output signal is true if...

Embeded C++
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