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WINDOWS sdK audio processing

2015-03-06 03:26    By:freebody      View:51      Download:1

-This sample application uses the Core audio APIs to capture audio data from an input device specified by the user and writes it to a uniquely named .wav file in the current directory. This sample demonstrates event-driven bufferin...

Audio C++

sdL motorcycle programs

2015-02-16 09:54    By:landcrosser      View:20      Download:0

A great sdL game programming, fuza, but very meaningful A great sdL game programming, fuza, but very meaningful A great sdL game programming, fuza, but very meaningful v...

sdl C++

media player

2015-03-21 07:55    By:b6l7emma      View:62      Download:0

Sourse code for making a media player (windows). Use MFC to make the UI. If you want to make a media player basically,so look at this file . I hope I can help you. ...

media player C

player using ffmpeg+sdL

2015-03-19 22:25    By:www      View:74      Download:0

Written by ffmpeg+sdL player, for anyone trying to understand the libav library based on Win32, trying to understand the sdL library to develop certainly helps...

Image Processing C++

sdL Mixer Sample

2015-03-06 02:24    By:asdfghjkl      View:15      Download:0

An alternative example written using the sdL Mixer, no load functions that come with direct memory data copied to buf, results were good. Can learn from people who want to manipulate memory directly refer to, it should be useful...

Windows C++

android PCM player

2015-02-27 01:59    By:shinemain      View:42      Download:0

android playback performance PCM audio data , collected for testing audio PCM data is correct !...

Android Java

sd pic image

2015-03-21 14:54    By:sayhianouar      View:27      Download:1

This project uses Microchip's pic18f2550 and  and display images from BMP files on the sd/MMC cards. Although the display itself is monochrome, it still supports 24-bpp (bits per pixel), 8-bpp, 4-bpp, and 1-bpp (monochrome) Bitmap files (*.BMP) with size of 84x48 pixels. It uses the...

Algorithm C


2015-03-26 14:17    By:tiandihui      View:49      Download:0

Ckplayer is based on Flash development, and integrates the functions of HTML5 video, compatible format is rich but it also has its limits. One: Flash supports H.264 format only. So for the traditional video formats are not supported, such as (WMV,AVI,rmvb). II: live HTML5 support, but do...

Web Framework JavaScript

muti players distribution programming

2015-03-02 02:58    By:zzhan08      View:94      Download:0

muti players distribution programming...

c++distribution programming C++

Marvell 88e6095F/88e6097F DsdT3.4

2015-03-16 23:36    By:hife      View:51      Download:0

Marvell 88e6095F/88e6097F chip, such as the sdK DsdT3.4 source code, also contains specific examples of programs, and so on....

Switch C

sd care boot

2014-12-19 05:29    By:gw0725      View:41      Download:0

Use sd cate update and boot package on arm system also ubl, boot...

Embeded C

Ssdsim flash memory Ssd simulator

2015-03-21 23:03    By:joeyshen      View:40      Download:1

Ssdsim is an event-driven, modularly structured, and multi-tiered flash memory Ssd simulator, which is capable of simulating most Ssd hardware platforms, mainstream FTL schemes, allocation schemes, buffer management algorithms, and request scheduling algorithms. Ssdsim is written in C, and it h...

simulator C

STM32F103 sdCard FATFS

6 hours ago    By:rainbow      View:316      Download:4

The example code for STM32F103RC interface with sd Card, based on FATFS library. You can see the software connection of MCU with sd Card via SPI interface. With FATFS, you can make folfer, write and read file on sd Card very easy......

Embeded C

olimex sdcard examples

2014-12-31 08:45    By:zajgd      View:20      Download:0

olimex arm board is stm32f-e407. sdcard examples is included. very usefull file. have fun with this file. sdcard very simple functions...

Embeded C

Read/write routines sd card stm32f103zet6 single chip, built-in FAT32 file system

2015-03-17 14:47    By:854619267      View:1781      Download:3

Read/write routines sd card stm32f103zet6 single chip, including the FAT32 file system, tested workable...

Embeded C

STM32sd card operation

2015-03-27 03:21    By:wxiaoli002      View:78      Download:0

Simple read and write operations of the sd card, can help the user complete the reading and writing test of sd, understand how sd card works...

Driver Development C

CVR100 the second generation ID card reader sdK routines

20 hours ago    By:Dirk      View:88      Download:1

CTS CVR100-A/U second generation ID card reader sdK routines, provide a complete identity reads, minor alternations can be used for project development....

Driver Development C#

MsdOS 2.0 source code

2015-03-02 18:54    By:etan      View:34      Download:0

MsdOS 2.0 Operating System (Kernel and basic utilities) Source Code. Which is now public (non-professional purposed) avalibale source code of MsdOS 2.0 with official permision by MICROSOFT company....

OS Develop ASM
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