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sdL motorcycle programs

A great sdL game programming, fuza, but very meaningful A great sdL game programming, fuza, but very meaningful A great sdL game programming, fuza, but very meaningful v...

WINDOWS sdK audio processing

-This sample application uses the Core audio APIs to capture audio data from an input device specified by the user and writes it to a uniquely named .wav file in the current directory. This sample demonstrates event-driven bufferin...

UsdLFD subroutine for 3d progressive damage of composites

This UsdFLD subroutine is coded for progressive damage of composite structures based on Hashin criterion. Multiple materials can be applied within it for the need of complex constitution of composite lay-ups....


Ckplayer is based on Flash development, and integrates the functions of HTML5 video, compatible format is rich but it also has its limits. One: Flash supports H.264 format only. So for the traditional video formats are not supported, such as (WMV,AVI,rmvb). II: live HTML5 support, but do...

MsdOS 2.0 source code

MsdOS 2.0 Operating System (Kernel and basic utilities) Source Code. Which is now public (non-professional purposed) avalibale source code of MsdOS 2.0 with official permision by MICROSOFT company....

sd pic image

This project uses Microchip's pic18f2550 and  and display images from BMP files on the sd/MMC cards. Although the display itself is monochrome, it still supports 24-bpp (bits per pixel), 8-bpp, 4-bpp, and 1-bpp (monochrome) Bitmap files (*.BMP) with size of 84x48 pixels. It uses the...

sdL Mixer Sample

An alternative example written using the sdL Mixer, no load functions that come with direct memory data copied to buf, results were good. Can learn from people who want to manipulate memory directly refer to, it should be useful...

jsdraw2DX Alpha 1_0_6

Jsdraw2D is the first product of jsFiction company, they plan to create a variety of revolutionary JavaScript libraries and applications to help JavaScript developers, Web developers, Web owners extend the connotation and features of JavaScript. Jsdraw2D include basic shapes (for example, pol...

sd care boot

Use sd cate update and boot package on arm system also ubl, boot...

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