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wave function

12 hours ago    By:mokedeng      View:70      Download:0

wave function :centfrq_function.m diorfilt_function.m ect....

Matlab Matlab

Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX 2nd Edition Chapter 1 data packet program bug fix

2 hours ago    By:supersaiyan      View:1148      Download:0

Gaming genius Jim Adams of the Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX (2nd Edition), chapter I of the  amended version of data, Fixed a small error, and the ability to apply a variety of character sets....

Windows C++

PHP admin template

2 hours ago    By:lxj8749      View:215      Download:2

PHP admin template, use ThinkPHP development, very easy to use...

php PHP

PHP build broken line graph

3 hours ago    By:hbhorse      View:121      Download:1

This is used Broken line graph PHP generated source code. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you all for your support! Hope can help!...


Programming Role Playing shell Games with DirectX 2nd Edition Chapter revisions

2 hours ago    By:supersaiyan      View:97      Download:0

Gaming genius Jim Adams of the Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX (2nd Edition), chapter I of the framework  program (shell) the amended version of to apply a variety of character sets....

Windows C++

PHP version of online shopping Mall

2 hours ago    By:smartleon      View:131      Download:2

PHP version of the Mall, merchandise management, shopping carts, billing functionality is already available, and fairly complete PHP shopping mall, it is a good reference. For PHP beginners great reference value....

Web Framework PHP

PHPMyAdmin v4.1.0 rc3

4 hours ago    By:swin      View:26      Download:0

PHPMyAdmin is a PHP-based architecture in a Web-Base manner on the Web host's MySQL database management tool. PHPMyAdmin can manage a whole MySQL Server (requires root), you can manage a single database. In order to achieve the latter, you will need a reasonable set MySQL user, he could only allow r...

DataBase PHP

PHP-residence0.61 Hotel Web site system pre-installed Web pages

10 hours ago    By:jennywong      View:8855      Download:0

PHP-residence Hotel Web site system pre-installed Web pages, news articles, images, online booking hotel rooms, the recruitment module, presupposes a hotel site columns, content, templates with a variety of exquisite style. ... Typing will be able to maintain the website; modular architecture may at...

Web Framework PHP

PHP human resources system

3 hours ago    By:cherish      View:56      Download:0

ThinkPHP installation place human_res--data in the system of human resources management database configuration under the data folder of the database user password set up...

Windows HTML/CSS

PHP . pxoxy5 server

4 hours ago    By:UBIX      View:91      Download:0

Source Code Version 0.5b2 - January 20th 2007Latest Version: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/poxy/Copyright 2002-2007 Abdullah ArifContact_____________________________________________________________________Email: PHProxy.support@gmail.comWebsite: http://whitefyre.com/Support and Bug Reports____...


WilPHP Forum

35 minutes ago    By:six168      View:554      Download:0

A simple forum source code, upload access your domain name online, after you install, set the database path and the password for the administrator account, which can be completed;...

Web Framework PHP

PHP booking train tickets

4 hours ago    By:derek0      View:27      Download:2

PHP + MYSQL online ordering tickets (according to the type of difference trips seat models), check the basic functions ticket information, manage members, manage orders, etc....

DataBase PHP

PHPOK enterprises website system 4.1.0818

4 hours ago    By:ben913      View:36      Download:0

PHPOK enterprises website system is a set of classic corporate website building system is good at showing Web site. PHPOK enterprises website 4.1.0818 update log: Back window operating modes Add orders to notify the administrator functions Add static page generation functions Optimized JS, redu...

建站 PHP

PHP employee management system

4 hours ago    By:艾二贤      View:206      Download:0

Usually we say the Association consists of the following three ways: A one-to-one Association: ONE_TO_ONE, including a HAS_ONE and BELONGS_TO One to many associations: ONE_TO_MANY, including the HAS_MANY and BELONGS_TO Many-to-many Association: MANY_TO_MANY Association must have a reference tabl...

Web Framework PHP

PHP development framework

4 hours ago    By:my_ej2002      View:27      Download:0

CakePHP is to provide ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC and other well-known design patterns, rapid-development framework. Goal is to provide PHP developers to rapidly develop robust Web. Key features: Based on MVC architecture View support Ajax Bui...

Web Framework PHP

PHP Admin Project Center

4 hours ago    By:poras      View:58      Download:0

Final Year Projects - Project Code Report Download latest collection of final year projects for computer science students ( ASP. ... business management can download final year projects reports , ideas, source code in asp.net .... For Kitchen Fabric · The Effects...

Web Framework PHP


4 hours ago    By:zhx626      View:48      Download:0


Linux programming PHP

PHP car service

10 hours ago    By:rarsinel      View:10      Download:0

This project is a web management car service with database. Include , html , PHP and sql.It has add , delete , view feature.It records date , hour ....

Web Framework PHP

PHP development environment

4 hours ago    By:liguifa      View:43      Download:0

PHP development environment, PHP development environment to build a simple, one-click install PHP, mysql, qpqche, PHPmyadmin, without the need to change, you can use...

Windows PHP
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