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S3c2410 SPI driver demo

2015-06-29 05:11    By:vvv      View:31      Download:0

Driver, implementing the SPI and MicroWire bus on a parallel  port. Used to interface to a lot of chips, like ADCs, DACs and so on. Chips are available from Motorola, National  Semiconductor, Maxim, Harris and others....

Embeded C

STM8S103 integrated application code

2015-10-05 01:54    By:tongzhuo      View:179      Download:3

ST's 8-bit microcontroller, STM8S103 integrated applications. Register based operation. Using the IAR compiler platform implementations. Covering timer, PWM, the independent press, digital displays and other integrated applications. Key reference:

STM8单片机应用编程 C

100 Image processingsource codes

2015-10-06 04:11    By:xueyuanling      View:28      Download:1

Upload a compressed package that is  100 image processing based on MATLAB language write source code, including image rotation, image operation image gray-level transformation, hoped has to you helps, please download...

Image Processing Matlab

AY-LDC1000 C51 testing code using only COde

2015-08-30 17:02    By:starain伤      View:53      Download:2

Ai Yan information AY-LDC1000 C51 monolithic integrated circuit testing code, output 16-bit code value via UART communication, baud rate 9600....

C51 C

CVR100 the second generation ID card reader SDK routines

2015-10-09 08:09    By:Dirk      View:107      Download:2

CTS CVR100-A/U second generation ID card reader SDK routines, provide a complete identity reads, minor alternations can be used for project development....

Driver Development C#

103 sub station source code

2015-09-06 04:41    By:loverxb      View:54      Download:3

103 station source code, written in c language, based on VC6.0, fully functional! We want to help...

Embeded C

STM32F103 GPIO Usage Example Source Code

2015-10-05 19:50    By:yyunju      View:258      Download:2

Source Example Code for STM32F103 GPIO Usage.The code contains a complete application example in MDK environment, which can be run directly in the Waveshare STM32F103 development board. ...

Embeded C

stm32f103 + DM9051 uIP driver

2015-09-25 09:51    By:SpenserTsai      View:69      Download:0

stm32f103 connected with DM9051 by SPI interface. Supporting uIP tcp/ip stack and Web Server. DM9051 is a 10/100 SPI to Fast Ethernet controller. ...

Driver Development C

stm32f10 iap

2015-09-19 11:58    By:pdabug      View:42      Download:1

Base on offical AN2557,applicating in acutal running project. stm32 IAP support Ymodem protocol serial download by serial command...

Embeded C


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