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Optimal power flow algorithm of newton-raphson

2015-02-23 14:28    By:biyouti0126      View:63      Download:1

newton iterative method (the newton's method), also known as the newton-raphson method (the newton-raphson method), which was introduced by newton in the 17th century in the Reals and complex field approximation method for solving equations. Most equations formula of root does not exist, so the exac...

电力系统分析 C

Radial Distribution System load flow analysis using matlab

2015-01-26 19:07    By:Ermi      View:50      Download:0

This MATLAB code uses for load flow analysis of a radial distribution system. It contains a 33 bus radial distribution system as a to show as an example....

Matlab Matlab

newton raphson method

2015-01-29 19:32    By:IVIohammad      View:21      Download:0

In numerical analysis, newton's method (also known as the newtonraphson method), named after Isaac newton and Joseph raphson, is a method for finding successively better approximations to the roots (or zeroes) of a real-valued function. The newtonraphson method in one vari...

Matlab Matlab

newton iterative method for solving nonlinear systems of equations

2015-03-13 14:55    By:tweenkin      View:97      Download:2

Write programs using newton iterative method for solving nonlinear systems of equations below: for example, x 1 = 0 . 7 sin(x1) + 0 . 2 cos(x2) ; x 2 = 0 . 7 cos(x1) - 0. 2 sin(x2) ;...

Algorithm C

newton-raphson ALGORITHM

2015-03-21 00:20    By:saeed      View:74      Download:0

  newton-raphson ALGORITHM 2.3                      To find a solution to f(x) = 0 given an    initial approximation p0:       INPUT:   initial approximation p0...

Matlab Matlab

newton raphson load flow program

2015-03-30 21:52    By:ahmed      View:28      Download:0

the attached file shows the load flow program for IEEE 33 bus radial distribution system  using newton raphson method by know the bus data and load data for any system. you can calculate the voltage and the power loss for the used system ...

Matlab Matlab

Surf mix flow MATLAB and c++ programming

2015-01-30 08:37    By:hkasn      View:32      Download:0

According to sift flow advantages of using alternative sift SIFT algorithm surf, achieve the surf flow. Dimension less than SIFT, faster. Mixed programming using MATLAB and c++, CPP files need to recompile the MEX files, using MATLAB MEX compilation finished....

Algorithm Matlab

swfupload large file uploads

2015-01-21 03:30    By:xjzdr      View:41      Download:0

swfupload large file uploads, progress bar, run properly in ie6 / 7/8, the next vs2010 debug properly. Based swfupload2.2 be. swfupload, swfupload, swfupload, swfupload, swfupload...

Windows C#

Uploadify automatically upload labels

2015-01-14 20:14    By:anfy1982      View:17      Download:0

This is a completely custom labels, mainly used for the upload button on the page, a front-end using jQuery plugin Ability to automatically upload uploadify upload successfully perform custom functions, use the tag in the OnUploadSuccess property to trigger a custom function. I hope to help you....

Java Development Java

STM32 BOOTload remote upgrade guide section

2015-03-27 03:39    By:微笑不倒翁      View:218      Download:5

1. the data received through the GSM firmware, done in the Bootload write Flash and jump, this is the Bootload part. 2. based on the STM32F103VCT6 platform. 3. compile tool is IAR 5.6 version....

Communication C

newton-raphson ALGORITHM;

2015-01-19 13:39    By:saeed      View:19      Download:0

Numerical calculations Algorithms: newton-raphson ALGORITHM  in Math written by Pascal To find a solution to f(x) = 0 given an   initial approximation p0:   INPUT:   initial approximation p0; tolerance TOL;         ...

Algorithm Pascal

Optical flow method

2015-03-25 21:31    By:wxlucky      View:130      Download:8

This is the contrast test of the optical flow method, which relates to the comparison of the classical optical flow method and the improved optical flow method. This test is based on the published paper in CVPR 2010. You can also run the demo program estimate_flow_demo.m and follow it to t...

Matlab Matlab

load flow ANALYSIS

2015-03-25 20:42    By:vijay      View:11      Download:0

load flow ANALYSIS...

Matlab Matlab

Classloader-related code

2014-12-12 04:09    By:java_interest      View:30      Download:0

JVM when the class is loaded, via Classloader loadClass () method to load class, loadClass (String name) method: using parents entrust mode: When the JVM starts, the class loader in the boot JRE/RT.jar: bootstrap classloader, which loads the core Java API, and ExtClassloader, and then start the ex...

Java Development Java

flow-tools a set of programs for processing and managing Netflow

2014-12-17 06:42    By:stkid      View:23      Download:0

flow-tools is a set of programs for processing and managing Netflow exports from Cisco and Juniper routers.  The software was originally written by Mark Fullmer while working at Ohio State University.  Steve Romig and the OSU network security group have added documentation, functionality...

Communication C

using total variation method (TV) image restoration

2015-03-16 14:42    By:b545237988      View:54      Download:1

using total variation method (TV) image restoration matlab source code. Including repair and multi-scale thermal diffusion party...

Matlab Matlab

Workflow myflow

2015-03-30 08:13    By:xtgss007      View:112      Download:1

The workflow engine, written with phael, in IE10 but there are compatibility issues...

Web Framework JavaScript


2015-03-23 23:12    By:BOSCH      View:165      Download:2

Not original, but the original address is not found, paid tribute to the author! SEGMENTS RAM_DEF = READ_WRITE 0x3C00 TO 0x3EFF; RAM_CODE = READ_ONLY 0x2000 TO 0x3BFF; ROM = READ_ONLY 0xE000 TO 0xFEFF; ... /* relocated memory */ BOOTloadER_MEM = READ_ONLY 0xC000 TO 0xDBFF RELOCATE_TO 0x200...

freescale C

tcsc load flow analysis

2015-01-24 05:44    By:ganta3189      View:24      Download:0

load flow analysis by using newton rapshon method by using facts controller tcsc (thyristor controlled series controller) for a standrad IEEE 30 bus system...

Matlab Matlab
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