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printer testing control component sourcecodes

This is a printer testing control component with sourcecodes...

fingerprint c++

C++ source code for fingerprint recognition, it is worth reference!...

Minimum resources of the printf function

Minimum resources of the printf function, supports%s,%d,%x printing, resources are small, very suitable for single-chip microcomputer application, already on the MSP430 microcontroller debugging through. Main function:void S_printf (char*FMT, ...), others:HexToStr, IntToStr,Dark_Fill_String i...

printer status management based on WINAPI

This is a print management example, using WINAPI combined with the print class in c #, can do with printer status management, provides a method for the printed receipt, you can get the print queue information, access to printer status and cancel printing, printer management reference....

printf using code

This document is designed to help you understand the use of printf functions, good for beginners to learn, printf used to be called when the putchar function...

printing in VC++6

hi in this study you can find how make a tex ediror and sending information to printer....

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