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CSerialport class

2015-03-28 03:46    By:不用狠招      View:92      Download:3

Very easy to use CSerialport class, you can search on the Internet that he uses to facilitate use, words enough, continue to get...

Embeded C++

HDRExporter C# v1.0

2014-12-10 05:19    By:Zebelced2      View:34      Download:0

HDRExporter C# v1.0 Export .hdr extension files , working Knight OnLine 19XX Version Uif Decompress and see all files . Thanks KingOfKnight.Net :))))))...

CSharp C#

GetExtendedAttributes and InitializeReportForID work from Win 2000

2015-03-01 18:51    By:dthaidng      View:132      Download:0

1.0.34 introduces several Windows version dependent methods. GetExtendedAttributes and InitializeReportForID work from Win 2000 on whereas GetInputReport and SetOutputReport work from Wiin XP on. The component still works in Win 9x, but the new methods simply fail. To make that possible HID....

Disk Tools Delphi

DDS_Dual_ports Verilog implementation

2015-03-22 08:23    By:zhu_ic      View:57      Download:1

DDS_Dual_ports Verilog implementation, you need to download experiment, according to their own needs to be modified in order to achieve the purpose of its...

verilog Verilog

TComport componente para delphi

2015-03-28 11:53    By:SANDRO      View:481      Download:0

Componente para comunicacao serial assincrono para delphi 7 - xe utilizando winapi, com thread, pego da pagina sourceforge.net, e colocado aqui para obter pontos....

Delphi Development Delphi

Based on the active mode (port) FTP client-side code

2015-01-07 22:46    By:bogold      View:14      Download:0

Active mode, FTP client from any non-special port (N> 1023) to the FTP server connected to the command port --21 port. Then the client + in N 1 (N + 1> = 1024) port to listen, and by N + 1 (N + 1> = 1024) port to send commands to the FTP server. The server, in turn, connected to the local u...

Linux programming C

Verilog serial port serial port receive module receiver module

2015-03-10 11:33    By:wf45852338      View:104      Download:1

Verilog serial port serial port receive module receiver module, contains the BPS modules, level detection module and the control module...

verilog Verilog

Color ListCtrl Report List

2015-03-03 02:13    By:sunqition      View:19      Download:1

Using CListCtrl control process, we will find easy to use and do not, especially in the use of "report" display mode, and want to add a background color to the specified entry, CListCtrl control sets the color functions can only be provided by the control's interface look good, does not meet our req...

Windows Visual C++

priceless inkjet printer maintenance information

2014-11-18 18:54    By:yundan      View:11      Download:0

priceless inkjet printer maintenance information EPSON 16.957 machines and HP laser machine, reset the counter from: http://www.priceless-inkjet.com/...

Other systems Others

jasperreport xdsfff

2013-11-28 04:32    By:ALEJANDRO      View:17      Download:0

Esta es un codigo que implementa sdsac el jasperreport,para desarrollar una aplicacion que persad mita comer mas desrroloo de aplicainwe sen java para un asadmehjor compresncion del lenguje sdjhdesde la realizacion de este enguajed de programacion...

GUI Java

QXL driver source code, including both miniport and display parts

2015-03-13 09:42    By:aaaaa      View:42      Download:0

QXL source packages and Windows QXL driver, including the miniport and display components. Can run directly using the Windows SDK. Generated files include the qxldd.dll and QXL.sys files....

Windows C++

QT5_QSerialport_ cross-platform serial procedures

2015-02-25 02:34    By:fxlsunny      View:24      Download:1


Embeded C++

Delphi com port component d7

2015-03-04 15:10    By:kami      View:56      Download:0

Delphi componentfor rs232 communication to windowsconnect micro controller or other devices to Delphi program environment...

Driver Development Delphi


2014-11-20 13:02    By:clxlgs      View:15      Download:0

VS2010 compile-link through, achieving VC calls MSWORD.olb components draw, modify the table in the Word document....

Windows C++


2014-11-23 09:11    By:popp      View:19      Download:0

This was some time ago for Dopod U1000 phones Bluetooth serial communications software, achieved through Dopod U1000 cell phone controlled external devices feature, the software runs on WinCE system, using VS2005 development,...

Communication C#

quicreport image database, image proceessing as dasd asd asd asdg asgasdg

2013-11-26 10:26    By:fallah      View:30      Download:0

http://www.codeforge.com/article/edit dfasdf asdf a asdf 'jasdfj a sdfja'sdf' asdf kjas dfhasdf asdf ;asdf asdf ajksdf ashdf asdf asdf...

Image Processing Delphi

The completion port (Completion port) details

2015-01-16 21:08    By:qiren      View:25      Download:0

IOCP schedule for full use of kernel objects, using only a small amount of a few threads to handle all communication and client, eliminating unnecessary thread context switching, and maximizing the performance of network communications....

Windows C++

Serial communication using QtSerialport

2015-02-08 04:09    By:codein      View:102      Download:0

there are many bugs like non-precise reading...

communication C++
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