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Space-r=red>time Codes r=red>and MIMO Systems

14 hours ago    By:1028293781      View:96      Download:0

Space-r=red>time Codes r=red>and MIMO Systems The technical descriptions, procedures, r=red>and computer programs in thr=red>is book have been developed with the greatest of care r=red>and they have been useful to the author in a broad rr=red>ange of applications; however, they are provided as r=red>is, without warrr=red>anty of r=red>any kind...

book Matlab

Space-r=red>time Codes r=red>and MIMO Systems r=red>and source code

2015-11-18 02:28    By:cherish888      View:62      Download:3

Thr=red>is folder contains a PDF version of the book, as well as some of the source code from the book. These source code contained in the book's second chapter, chapter chapters fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth r=red>and Nineth chapter some of the source code. Simulation based on the source co...

Communication Matlab

Use SurfaceView drawing 3 wave formsin one view in real r=red>time in r=red>android

2015-11-17 01:50    By:唐伯龙      View:284      Download:5

Source code, used in the r=red>android SurfaceView draw 3 waveforms in real r=red>time in the same view, Each wave also draw the waveform baseline, the baseline cr=red>an be mr=red>anually adjusted, r=red>and cr=red>an be adjusted without automatic line realize real-r=red>time waveform dr=red>isplay...

Android Java

lpc2 cr=red>an r=red>examples

2015-09-14 00:07    By:czying      View:73      Download:0

The following Philips LPC2k Cr=red>an r=red>examples are provided: LPC2_Cr=red>anAll_V110: receives all Cr=red>an messages in a receive queue. LPC2_Cr=red>anFull_V110: Uses Full-Cr=red>an-like reception filtering. LPC2_Cr=red>anBlinky_V130: Minimal r=red>example of MicroCr=red>anopen, uses Full-Cr=red>an-like  reception filtering r=red>and...

Embeded C

Broadcast receiver - r=red>android r=red>example

2015-01-14 02:02    By:andi_nieves      View:16      Download:0

The r=red>example attached r=red>is made in eclipse programming lr=red>anguage. You cr=red>an receive sms in the r=red>android application attached....

Java Development Java

Information grr=red>anulation method of SVM to prediction of gas concentration

2015-09-11 08:28    By:yangxiaofan6      View:8      Download:0

Provide a forecast of new ideas, thr=red>is method to prediction of gas concentration cr=red>an be dynamically cycle, there are two: one r=red>is not normalized, a method r=red>is normalized...

Matlab Matlab

[r=red>android] phone data to a computer (WiFi)

2015-11-26 12:16    By:jaychnou      View:119      Download:12

How to trr=red>ansfer  data from mobile phone to a computer via WIFI?  We cr=red>an use the ServerSocket (Server side) r=red>and socket (Client side) to implement as r=red>an r=red>example, Selected a photograph sent from the phone to the computer, Here it must be noted, Server r=red>and client needs in the same Ur...

Android Java

VPN r=red>android for VPN connectivity

6 hours ago    By:血精石      View:215      Download:4

Implementation on r=red>android platform called VPN connection to the server's virtual network...

Android Java

r=red>android Wifi hotspot created with connection

2015-11-27 10:52    By:physco-pass      View:260      Download:5

recent projects require the use of knowledge based on WIFI hotspots to trr=red>ansfer files, write a small program, used to quickly create r=red>and connect hotspot....

Android Java

Latest high imitation of Tencent's QQ r=red>android code

2015-11-25 07:22    By:infosis      View:363      Download:5

Through the r=red>example of "latest high imitation of Tencent's QQ r=red>android code", fully understr=red>and the features r=red>and architecture of r=red>android, skilled in building integrated development environments r=red>and emulators, skilled in using the Eclipse integrated development environment to develop run r=red>andr...

Android Java


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