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Target tracking based on Kalman filter (with thesis)

6 hours ago    By:人帅是非多      View:598      Download:21

This program is based on the paper "the application of Kalman filter in target tracking" documents, written in MATLAB simulation program, and comes with a test report, the report describes in detail the whole process from modeling to simulation results, the reader can refer to the program,...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB simulation of power control based on game theory

10 hours ago    By:shamohuyang      View:40      Download:5

Power control for wireless networks using game theory analyze source iterations to achieve equilibrium, iterative process provides a graphical display....

Matlab Matlab

Variable step integration algorithm to provide long

10 hours ago    By:danny      View:8      Download:1

Variable step integration algorithm to provide long-Gill method code, welcomed everyone to explore!...

matlab Matlab

The procedure for the wavelet image denoising matlab source code, content is ver...

11 hours ago    By:qun8      View:29      Download:2

The procedure for the wavelet image denoising matlab source code, content is very rich, we can all share the...

Special Effects Matlab

The MATLAB programming tutorial source code

12 hours ago    By:happyoliver      View:29      Download:1

The MATLAB programming tutorial source code is with the MATLAB programming tutorial this book corresponds to the source code, includes some basic code. Suitable for beginners interested in MATLAB....

Matlab Matlab

here seven of the source code are adaptive noise filtering technologies, includi...

2015-09-03 23:15    By:salavi      View:21      Download:1

here seven of the source code are adaptive noise filtering technologies, including wavelet analysis, LMS, RLS, NLMS adaptive filter, to the neural network, BP neural network adaptive noise...

matlab Matlab

Robot Matlab toolbox

2015-09-03 23:12    By:wangjialiang      View:142      Download:5

Robot Matlab toolbox function that contains a large number of robots, are essential to study Robotics Kit....

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB code for active noise control

2015-09-03 23:05    By:yelhousni23      View:9      Download:1

Application background Active Noise Control (ANC) is a method for reducing undesired noise. ANC is achieved by introducing a canceling “antinoise” wave through secondary sources. These secondary sources are interconnected through an electronic system using a specific signal processing algor...

Matlab Matlab

Quadrotor Attitude Stabilization via PD control

2015-09-03 20:08    By:far javid      View:41      Download:2

Quadrotor Attitude Stabilization via PD controlin this file a simulation attempt to stabilize a quadrotor attitude (3dof rotational position in space) via PD control have been proposed.for running the simulation do the following steps:1- unzip the downloaded file and add the folder to your current d...

Matlab Matlab

Mobile robot path planning

2015-09-03 20:07    By:precious      View:87      Download:6

In this present work, we present an algorithm for path planning to a target for mobile robot in unknown environment. The proposed algorithm allows a mobile robot to navigate through static obstacles, and finding the path in order to reach the target without collision. This algorithm provides...

Matlab Matlab


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