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MATLAB implementation of neural network code

13 minutes ago    By:david king      View:81      Download:2

2012 of neural network in speech recognition, and achieved great success, and subsequently became a research focus, here are some MATLAB source code, easy-learning neural network....

Matlab Matlab

Image segmentation using Clustering (K-mean) classification algorithm

26 minutes ago    By:songwenyang      View:191      Download:4

This source code is to acquire texture features of different regions on an image based on image texture analysis, then perform image segmentation according to these texture features using clustering (K-mean) classification algorithm.Since the effect of the co-occurrence matrix method is not good, th...

Matlab Matlab

facial expressions recognition

31 minutes ago    By:malvika      View:83      Download:1

Nowadays license plate recognition becomes a key technique to many automated transport systems such as road traffic monitoring, automatic payment of tolls on highways or bridges and parking lots access control. License plate location is an essential and important stage in this technique, and it has...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB image processing codes

2 hours ago    By:yueqiaohuayuan      View:1488      Download:59

MATLAB language for image processing, such as image open, heavy, closed, vertical mirror image, horizontal mirror, gray scale, and color histogram equalization, image enhancement, smoothing and sharpening, plus noise, such as salt and pepper noise Gaussian noise, multiplicative noise, Poisson noise...

Matlab Matlab

ZIGBEE wireless network simulation code

1 hours ago    By:一冷清风      View:92      Download:2

Based on 802.15.4, ZIGbee network simulation, including wireless positioning algorithms, along with paper describes, for things of interest to the students can refer to...

Matlab Matlab

Marathi/hindi words recognition using neural network

1 hours ago    By:dddd      View:32      Download:1

Marathi/hindi words recognition using neural network.here neural network is used as a recognizer.Its a multilayer feed forward network....

Matlab Matlab

Weighted image fusion algorithm Matlab source code

2 hours ago    By:a2368699078      View:162      Download:1

加权图像融合算法的Matlab源代码,包括IHS,PCA Fusion,主要运用在GSM中卫星图像处理,里面有例子图片,可以清晰的看见处理效果。...

Image Processing Matlab

ensemble learning

2 hours ago    By:asan90      View:12      Download:1

Integrated bagging algorithm description:Bagging is a different more weak learning training as a learning method for integrated learning Bagging is a parallel training process , by classification tests samples of sampling with replacement , Gets the classification test samples , subsamples through c...

Matlab Matlab

FEM code written by Matlab

3 hours ago    By:Hongying      View:50      Download:2

This is code written in matlab, and mainly deal with the mechanics problem of rectangular subjects to forces, then using the FEM method to solve the stress, strain and displacement of each nodes....

Matlab Matlab

Speaker Recognition Matlab Code

14 hours ago    By:casiopia      View:207      Download:6

Speaker Recognition Documentation contains: 1. Introduction2. Previous works3. Theoretical concepts4. Algorithm5. Experimentation6. Results7. Plots and Graphs8. Accuracy values9. Future Scope10. References 1.Introduction: In the domain of Speaker recognition the selected research paper to...

Matlab Matlab

Watermarking GUI using DWT

3 hours ago    By:swargodse      View:81      Download:2

With this GUI , you can select any of the image from the folder for watermarking,just with the click of the button you can stepwise run the code,It embeds the image to another also extracts it in freguency domain usin DWT and IDWT.calculate PSNR and MSE for image embeding and extraction....

Matlab Matlab

neural network matlab

4 hours ago    By:ma0526      View:175      Download:2

firstly, run mexme_NN.m to compile c program. then run test_NN.m, and you can test the neural network code. ...

Matlab Matlab

Distortionless data hiding based on integer wavelet transform

4 hours ago    By:nidaaabbas      View:33      Download:1

This matlab code contains simulation for the article titling' Distortionless data hiding based on integer wavelet transform '  by : Guorong Xuan   Jiang Zhu   Jidong Chen   Shi, Y.Q.   Zhicheng Ni   Wei Su    Department of Computer Science, Tongj...

Matlab Matlab

PID controller

4 hours ago    By:qieziqiao      View:40      Download:1

Today's automation technology is based on the concept of feedback. Elements of feedback theory consists of three parts: the measurement, comparison and implementation. Measured variables of interest, compared with expectations, with deviation correction control system response. PID controller built...

Matlab Matlab

Cuckoo search for TSP Problem in MATLAB

4 hours ago    By:rajapst      View:54      Download:3

This is the example coding of TSP solved using Cuckoo search, in order to know the effects that happens in the solution of TSP, in order to improve its efficiency and robustness in the individual representation....

Algorithm Matlab

Intelligent algorithm for case program, you can run

4 hours ago    By:zhx78312      View:41      Download:1

A total of 30 includes intelligent algorithms of the file source file, related to: genetic algorithms, neural networks, fish, particle swarm algorithms, Ant Colony algorithms, quantum algorithms, optimization immune algorithm, simulated annealing algorithm. Program notes detail....

Matlab Matlab

cognitive radio system using spectrum duration sensing for power allocation

4 hours ago    By:kumares      View:79      Download:1

Power allocation for cognitive radio network and its measured capacity active primary and secondary user energy conservation and also collision detection....

Communication Matlab

forward and backward and viterbi hmm matlab code

5 hours ago    By:alireza      View:59      Download:2

Four good and test matlab mfile for forward and backward and viterbi algorithm in Hidden markov model% VITERBI Find the most-probable (Viterbi) path through the HMM state trellis.% path = viterbi(prior, transmat, obslik)%% Inputs:% prior(i) = Pr(Q(1) = i)% transmat(i,j) = Pr(Q(t+1)=j | Q(t)=i)% obsl...

Matlab Matlab

Copy move image forgery detection using SIFT

5 hours ago    By:janvi      View:104      Download:2

With the advancement of technology and easy availability of imaging tools, it’s not difficult now a days  to manipulate digital images to hide or create misleading images. Image forgery detection is currently  one of the hot research fields of image processing. Many research...

Matlab Matlab

Matlab code JPEG compression, JPEG compression matlab code...

5 hours ago    By:napavalley      View:69      Download:1

Matlab code JPEG compression, JPEG compression matlab code...

Graph program Matlab
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