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blood bank management

2015-11-24 20:44    By:sam      View:156      Download:0

blood bank management system was specifically designed for the smaller voluntary donor organization, typically attached to and working within a hospital. It allows fast search capabilities for compatible donors in an emergency. It records donations, thus avoiding call up of ineligible donors. ...

Other VB

bank management system

2015-11-17 04:10    By:vijaythesoldier      View:166      Download:0

 project bank management system in C programming bank management system project is design and programmed by Ravi Agrawal, Sagar Sharma and Sawal Maskey student of IOE as a first year mini project in c. This program may not be used as a banking software but programmer tries to i...

Windows C

bank management system in C++

2015-11-20 03:57    By:Jaffar      View:29      Download:0

That is full c++ code for bank management system project.You can Make, Update, Delete account. After Making account you will withdraw, deposit amount.Just copy the  BMS.cpp file in Turbo C directory and run it....

C++ C++

bank management system

2015-09-28 07:25    By:109cs0596      View:27      Download:0

My project is bank management system ..its gives the view of complete bank management system .The Total system is in C language .This project is useful for so many beginner for making banking software...

Algorithm C

Source code on library management system

2015-10-21 05:54    By:sovitagar      View:44      Download:0

Library management system takes in the details of the book,the borrower, and also generates the fine incurred. Allocates a fixed number of books to the borrower. Also deletes ,modifies or updates the book details and borrower of the book Also adds new books,new borrower,and also de...

DataBase C++

bank management system

2015-11-01 10:05    By:zzzzz      View:44      Download:0

Features: opens an account, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, queries, change password, close my account. When opening an account requires savers to enter personal information, including your name, amount to open an account, complete customer information is saved to a depositor information files, an...

Java Development Java

c code for airline reservation system

2015-11-22 08:35    By:mb007      View:74      Download:1

This project on Airlines management system tries to provide some amount of automation in  airlines mangement. The objective of the project is to help airlines system in making their business more efficient. It is also believed that automated system might be an added attraction for the...

management system C

project management system

2015-11-21 08:16    By:lovek      View:80      Download:0

project management system makes you schedule tyour daily tasks within the organization in more specific way, PMS is a web-based, multi-user, multi-language project management application. It is free and open source software, and is maintained by an open community of volunteer programmers.,...

Project Management PHP


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