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ps2 mouse and key board

2015-05-30 19:30    By:saurabhshukla118      View:193      Download:0

The PS/2 controller can be used to communicate both with a PS/2 keyboard and a PS/2 mouse. It provides an interface to the PS/2 protocol, handling the data transmission, error detection and the timing control. The PS/2 controller interface consists of the PS/2 clock and the PS/2 data inputs, and t...

study Verilog

ps2 Keyboard program

2015-10-18 09:35    By:mmxcq      View:1886      Download:6

Contains the keyboard scan, and ps2 Keyboard communication programs, 51 kernel SCM drive ps2 interface implementation programs, can make single-chip patch ps2 interface devices (such as mouse, keyboard), everyone can learn from it!...

Arm C

51 single-chip computer simulation of ps2 Keyboard

2015-11-16 03:58    By:hmilyxia      View:274      Download:1

51 single-chip computer simulation used a ps2 Keyboard, including receiving and sending driver code, but also contain procedures for the ps2 and PC during startup interactive....

Driver Development C

fpga to achieve control of the keyboard ps2

2015-10-11 10:26    By:outlier001      View:482      Download:1

This experiment was to drive using Verilog ps2, read the keyboard letters, and displayed on the lCD. This code is provided only on the keyboard letters were detected, while the other is not detected....

verilog Verilog

ps2 versions handle Arduino

2015-10-15 09:43    By:穿越火线大月      View:26      Download:0

ps2. lib ps2 handle files ... ...ps2 library files, ARDUINO can directly call ... ......

C++ C++

Based on 51 single chip ps2 Keyboard

2015-11-11 08:04    By:gova      View:24      Download:0

ps2 keyboard based on 51 single chip design, as a slave, ps2 interface connected to your computer, the program includes post, sending the key value and the scanning matrix. Tested fully workingNote to boot before the keyboard connected to the computer interface, computer BIOS self test to set the ke...

Other C

Energy efficient ROUTING protocolS FOR WSN

2015-11-16 01:25    By:raja      View:232      Download:4

The typical routing protocol of wireless sensor network is Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) protocol, which uses self organizing and dynamic cluster formation, so it has a problem that more or less cluster headers may have a bad effect on the network. This article...

Matlab Matlab


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