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Serial communications written in qt creator code

2015-01-23 02:07    By:yyachao      View:47      Download:0

qt creator prepared by the serial communication code. Testing serial opens, sends commands. Another use of qt Design designed a Simple dialog....

Communication C++

Based on c++, qt creator documentation

2015-03-13 09:12    By:zdxzdx      View:37      Download:1

This document is based on the qt creatorj QuickStart books, themselves by reading the book, as well as their own learning experiences, were collected. This document is easy to understand, suits without qt programming basics. qt but do not form the basis of programming knowledge, as well as people wh...

Embeded C++

qt to read Excel

2015-03-17 23:36    By:ys_ren      View:140      Download:3

This is the qt source code to read Excel files, can not be used under Linux, but Windows can run normal, code execution is replicated inside a Test.xls form, if you wish to read a cell, the cell value will be inside the for loop was fixed OK...

Qt Excel C++

qt read and write

2015-03-18 06:00    By:bomiaoaide      View:89      Download:1

qt database link and operate like reading and writing for sqlite database...

Qt C++

qt GUI for all kinds of dialog show

2015-03-12 22:09    By:bomiaoaide      View:143      Download:2

qt GUI for all kinds of dialog show。 Part 1 : Basic example of a dialog box...

Qt C++

qt-based student achievement management system

7 hours ago    By:sunooming      View:233      Download:8

Performance management system based on qt, page is good, suitable for beginners to learn to use.                                   &nbs...

Qt代码 C++

qt-music player

2015-03-21 20:57    By:o追求      View:155      Download:2

Simple music player has the detailed annotation works very well, there is a reference. 对于新手学习非常有用...


qt resolution JSON, XML, INI

2015-03-24 07:04    By:a408815041      View:74      Download:1

You can locate, parse JSON data, XML, INI file. qt4.8 source code to write. You can traverse the data ~...

QT C++

qt based on Linux system files editor

2015-03-16 22:13    By:shunfeng107      View:60      Download:0

Achieving a text editor The first step, draw UI New MainWindow project, draw UI to establish common menu In the action editor to set the properties of each menu Drag the Action toolbar Set in the properties of the toolbar, As shown in the figure, the icon and All text displayed...

基于linux系统QT文件编辑器 C++

qt based multimedia player

2015-03-24 08:42    By:sunooming      View:191      Download:5

Collection of pictures, audio and video player in one of the media players, fully functional strength.                                  &nbs...

Qt代码 C++

qt video collection

2015-01-31 01:49    By:zjycxmei      View:86      Download:0

Interfacial completed using qt creator perfect take V4L2 interface standard, video capture, image format conversion starting is RGB, so as to run on the label, so that we see in real time when the video information using the function paintevent updated in real time, in order to quickly be able to se...

Embeded C++

Example of a box based on qt

2015-03-19 02:40    By:djm      View:40      Download:0

A study on the qt examples, including qt general development processes qt creator is a cross-platform qt IDE,qt after the creator was bought by Nokia qt launched a new lightweight The integrated development environment (IDE)。 This IDE can run cross-platform and support systems including...

Embeded C++

qt GUI with image processing using OpenCV

2015-03-13 08:08    By:AlpX      View:65      Download:0

qt_creator-OpenCV A sample qt Gui application using OpenCV I used qt creator for Windows in Windows 7. This is a sample program for the following tutorial.http://alpburakp.info/?p=126 In order to run the program as it is here, you should follow the tutorial first. Happy codi...

Image Processing C++

qt realized File Manager

2015-01-08 03:16    By:451246478@qq.com      View:38      Download:2

Implemented using qt file manager, enabling Simple file browser, catalog and other functions, feature comparison basis on which you can make other changes to make it more perfect, qt creator compiled....

Linux programming C++

qt space resection procedure

2015-01-29 22:59    By:S源远流长      View:23      Download:0

Space qt4.8.5 and qt creator2.8.0 written resection procedures. The main interface screenshots below....

摄影测量程序 C++

Window of qt programming realization of multi-thread serial communication

2015-03-22 08:40    By:winneking      View:375      Download:0

Windows system, qt creator2.4.1 is based on qt4.7.4 (32bit), to use multithreading serial communication, it compiles successfully, note that after downloading, you want to choose your download folder last night's build path under path, or debugging could not be modified. There is this path cannot ha...

Communication C

qt face detection

2015-03-22 05:14    By:buxixi      View:154      Download:2

First based on OpenCV face detect qt needs building OpenCV on Windows environment development environment configured in the qt OpenCV environment available on Linux platforms only need to transplant the past OpenCV based face detection qt realized first of all need to build OpenCV on Windows environ...

Image Processing C++

qt Board procedures

11 hours ago    By:qiuchao121      View:231      Download:0

This code comparison for beginner qt of people as reference, because syntax and features are more Simple, believes everyone also are can see knows, as specific of some operation also please reference other tutorial, I in here only provides I by wrote of code and results (following attached file list...


qt tutorial series

2015-03-09 11:34    By:kevin_sen      View:17      Download:0

This article describes some Simple comparison for qt qt tutorials, beginners, of course also suitable for embedded and C++ beginners! Hope everyone has a certain amount of help! Introduce some Simple procedures and code. Easy to understand. What shortcomings there....

Linux programming C++

Based on qt for Mac-like Dock bar style

2015-01-27 05:32    By:windywater      View:33      Download:1

On the qt development imitates the style of the Mac Dock bar icons, mouse icon on the slide, showing a fish-eye Zoom effect; click on icons, icons to jump. In Visual C++ and qt creator, you can compile and run this code....

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