VS2005 c#+OpenGL draws a cube, cone, sphere, and three-dimensional entity to carry out the translation, rotation, scaling, models can be entered in the control side of the longest radius or change the model's size. rar

2015-03-17 02:57    By:saibeicangying      View:1720      Download:5

VS2005 c#+OpenGL draws a cube, cone, sphere, and three-dimensional entity can translate, rotate, scale, can be entered in the control model of side length or radius change model size. rar...

OpenGL C++

perfomance evaluation of cognitive radius in waires systems for industries and home automation

2015-02-11 11:12    By:wasu      View:24      Download:0

Throughput Throughput is a measure of average behavior of a communication system. A system can have a high throughput and still there are nodes that are not allowed to transmit (the channel access delay extends beyond the deadline of the packet and packets are dropped at receiver before t...

Matlab Matlab

radius server in linux

2010-08-19 13:19    By:napavalley      View:9      Download:0

radius server in linux-source under the powerful, has the corresponding radius client client...

Linux Network C++

radius server...

2015-04-14 22:02    By:jerry      View:34      Download:0

radius server...

Linux Network C++

Free radius code,complete realize AAA,including server and client,widely used in...

2015-03-24 22:57    By:loverr      View:29      Download:0

Free radius code,complete realize AAA,including server and client,widely used in communication industry,billing,authentication....

Communication-Mobile C++

radius server on the server supports standard radius agreement and support equip...

2010-12-05 19:12    By:ryan      View:8      Download:0

radius server on the server supports standard radius agreement and support equipment providers to expand their definition of radius attributes, with high stability, high performance, highly configurable, high-load characteristics, is a broadband network operators an ideal authentication, authorizati...

Other systems C++

radius authentication billing services, and pure C language code....

2015-03-24 22:58    By:xuhuan      View:7      Download:0

radius authentication billing services, and pure C language code....

Other systems C++

Remote Authentication Dial

2014-11-18 13:43    By:jerry      View:4      Download:0

Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, radius agreement, rfc2865, rfc28...

WinSock-NDIS Visual C++

radius AAA source code, based on the radius of the agreement authentication, aut...

2015-01-15 21:03    By:bob1      View:8      Download:0

radius AAA source code, based on the radius of the agreement authentication, authentication components widely used in the telecommunications industry and banking....

VOIP program Visual C++


2014-11-21 04:17    By:danny      View:5      Download:0

Self-developed grasp radius package and save it as a file code...

Other systems Others

Most broadband access systems are using the radius protocol, which has a safe an...

2010-08-27 04:32    By:liange      View:6      Download:0

Most broadband access systems are using the radius protocol, which has a safe and stable, flexible and efficient, scalable and strong features, this book is to describe this agreement...

E-Books Others

Cuckoo Search Algorithm

2015-03-27 16:42    By:Rmy      View:96      Download:1

%% Set problem parameters% select your cost function:costFunction = 'rastrigin';           % F6 +/-5.12npar  = 100;          % number of optimization variablesvarLo = -5;         % Lower  band of parametervarHi =  5...

Linux programming C++

8 puzzle admissible heuristic

2015-04-12 09:04    By:rjlol      View:39      Download:0

Admissible Heuristic  Edit  0  5 … A heuristic function is admissible if it never overestimates the cost of reaching the goal. An admissible heuristic is also known as an optimistic heuristic. Admissible heuristics a...

Algorithm Java

Using Qt image resources

2014-11-28 04:05    By:wjlsmail      View:24      Download:0

Use Qt in image development. QPixmap largepixmap; QPixmap smallpixmap; QPixmap maskpixmap; QPixmap zoompixmap; QPoint offset(0,0); QPoint dragpos(150,150); QPoint set(90,50); //Load the image: largepixmap.load("Images\MainGui.png"); smallpixmap = largepixmap.scaled(la...


Bitcoin integration/staging tree source codes

2015-03-13 01:48    By:Lin      View:32      Download:0

Bitcoin integration/staging tree http://www.bitcoin.org Copyright (c) 2009-2013 Bitcoin Developers What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate...

Algorithm C++

Hola mundo como estas

2014-11-19 06:37    By:admikouta      View:10      Download:0

#include<iostream>   using namespace std;   int main() { cout << "Hola mundo"; return 0; }...

Algorithm C++

Determinant of a square matrix 2x2

2014-12-16 12:22    By:Mikael      View:12      Download:0

Determinant of a square matrix 2x2 Another common feature in working with matrices is the calculation of its determinant. See what it is, and how it is done here. The code below calculates the determinant of a square 2x2 matrix....

Algorithm C++

The Notepad source code

2014-12-16 10:25    By:Croce      View:71      Download:2

This applet is a case based on a small Notepad, when entering Notepad to login before they can enter, if you are not a member you must register before they can enter into the program, you can download the study hopes to bring more help....

Android Java

基于高斯伪谱法的Gpops 5.1优化软件

15 hours ago    By:zhangsl136      View:92      Download:5

gpops 5.1 采用高斯伪谱法优化飞行轨迹软件,主要用于航天器飞行轨迹优化,再入飞行器飞行轨迹优化 以及超超声速飞行器轨迹优化。 %----------------------------------------------------------------------------% %          ...

Matlab Matlab

Micro source code

2015-03-30 04:19    By:zhaoruifeng.good      View:89      Download:1

This applet is a tiny little application, function, and when entering the tiny letters when it enters a tiny letter welcoming interface and interface directly into the micro-platform on top of an interface that tap directly into the login interface, members can login and enter the tiny letters. We c...

Android Java

ICP registration algorithm

2015-03-25 04:50    By:zhuxy007      View:55      Download:1

Famous iteration of the nearest point algorithm (ICP) source code, in the mid 1980 of the 20th century, many scholars are beginning to point set data registration of a large number of studies. In 1987, the Horn, the Quaternion method is Arun, who proposed point set point set registration method. And...

Matlab C++

Fingerprint recognition

2015-04-14 00:23    By:东雨      View:40      Download:0

VC++ source code for fingerprint identification system, a Bachelor's graduate design. Description: due to the uniqueness of fingerprints and invariance, and fingerprint recognition technology has a high degree of feasibility and practicality, fingerprint recognition has become the most popular and...

Graph C

Evolution games (The Game of Life) C++ program code

2015-03-03 21:47    By:supersaiyan      View:57      Download:0

A lot of lattice constant evolution the evolution of life on small game. Its rules are as follows: for one of the grids, neighbors if it is less than two, then it would die of loneliness if more than three, it will be dead because of crowding. Only if its neighbour is equal to two or three days...

Other C++

Classic fun game produced by VC++6.0

2015-02-11 21:34    By:taketoyou11      View:63      Download:0

VC++ version of the battle tank game source code, voiced effect, maps, and you know the tank is a little different, this type of map can be customized, not so much as before on the tanks, you can double and single play, one more than one customs are difficult, friends of learning to write games is n...

游戏 Visual C++

Wechat public accounts framework app platform for the development of the public mode (JAVA) SDK

2 hours ago    By:jaysoncn      View:812      Download:1

Here already contains an implementation of source code, and default. If you want to implement your own character customization, simply add one to your lib to the lib directory of the Web. Added to classPath the following increase a log4j.properties configuration and wechat.properties, MessageProcess...

Java Development Java

GBDT source code

2015-04-16 11:22    By:kaderu      View:24      Download:0

GBDT (Gradient Boosting Decision Tree), also known as MART (Multiple Additive Regression Tree), is an iterative algorithm of decision tree, which consists of decision trees, and all trees conclusions adds up the final answer. It was first presented on and is considered a generalization with SVM (gen...

互联网 C++

MFC multiple document examples

2014-12-15 00:12    By:zhaoweiwei      View:12      Download:0

1 MainFrame project is multiple document frame, if there is no plug-in, open customer areas without any display. The tree control on the left from the network, main purpose is not recommended. 2 PlugInTest is plug in engineering the compiled output as a DLL and place the DLL to exe with MainFrame o...

Windows Visual C++


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