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LTE-FDD Femtocell Downlink simulator

2014-12-17 03:27    By:lypembed      View:52      Download:2

The link path loss includes distance dependent path loss, shadow fading, fast fading and antenna gain. The simulation considers fast channel variation in both frequency and time domain. In each RB, the channel (link between TX and RX antenna) is assumed to be a complex white Gaussian random variable...

Communication Matlab

Sun Moon simulator for the STM32-MINI-V3.0 dev board

2014-12-20 15:10    By:ainain      View:1060      Download:1

Sun Moon simulator for the STM32-MINI-V3.0 dev board. Built for STM32F103RBT6 with ADS7843 touch screen and LCD 2.8" TFT controller ILI9325 Output     PB0 - LED Sun     PB1 - LED Moon     PA2 - LED1 on-board used for RTC seconds tick tock &nbs...

Simulator - microcontroller C

SSDsim flash memory SSD simulator

2014-12-18 15:03    By:joeyshen      View:37      Download:0

SSDsim is an event-driven, modularly structured, and multi-tiered flash memory SSD simulator, which is capable of simulating most SSD hardware platforms, mainstream FTL schemes, allocation schemes, buffer management algorithms, and request scheduling algorithms. SSDsim is written in C, and it h...

simulator C

NOAH routing in ns2 simulator

2014-12-09 05:02    By:amma      View:26      Download:0

NOAH est un agent de routage sans fil (contrairement à DSDV, DSR, ...) ne prend en charge que les communications directes entre les noeuds sans fil ou entre stations de base et les noeuds mobiles. Cela permet de simuler des scénarios où le routage multi-saut est indésirable....

network simulator PDF

jprowler (java probabilistic wireless network simulator)

2014-12-16 22:56    By:rockerscode      View:53      Download:2

this simulator will help to generate wireless sensor network in easy way using java and it uses probability for generating simulation ...

Java Development Java

Prowler: Probabilistic Wireless Network simulator & RMASE framwork

2014-12-06 01:43    By:ma)-(di      View:111      Download:0

Networked Embedded Systems (NEST) are large-scale distributed systems with resource limited processing nodes tightly coupled to physical processes via sensors and actuators. Applications running on this distributed platform are strongly affected by the communication channel. simulators are...

Matlab Matlab

A plc simulator

1 hours ago    By:Spritutu      View:74      Download:2

Here is my first version of PC PLC simulator program. I dreamed about it for almost 15 years and now my dream come true.  I’ll keep it as real as possible, if I have plenty of time. Any contribute is thankful. Programmable Logic Controller was designed for most industrial application...

Windows C++

Atm simulator System

8 hours ago    By:panks      View:155      Download:1

The Automated Teller Machine ATM Banking System is a banking application developed to perform different banking services through the Automated Teller Machines. The all functions include the regular transactions like cash deposits, cash withdrawals, balance enquiry, balance statements, savings accoun...

Java Development Java

IEC 870-5-101 master&slave simulators

2014-12-20 15:27    By:toscha novik      View:201      Download:5

One solution contains two VC++ projects (MS Visual studio 2008): IECMaster - simulator of IEC 870-5-101 communication protocol in MASTER mode,  IECSlave - the same in SLAVE mode.  Modbus - Modbus communication protocol library sources (used low level COM port routines)...

Communication C++

ATM simulator

2014-12-17 09:34    By:Sag      View:18      Download:0

We had developed a mini project on ATM simulator...........Which has functions like balance enquiary,withdrawal,transfer amount etc.......

Windows C++

CloudSim simulator

2014-12-19 08:01    By:kul      View:88      Download:0

CloudSim simulator Working Creation of Virtual machines , data center cloud lets and broker in cloud...

Java Development Java

scheduling simulator

2014-12-20 18:36    By:Anarkali      View:53      Download:0

SimSo is a scheduling simulator for real-time multiprocessor architectures that takes into account some scheduling overheads (scheduling decisions, context switches) and the impact of caches through statistical models....

iOS C#
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