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Is a program written in cocos2d and socket socket, can communicate, cocos2d is more popular recently, you can do a lot of special effects, and it is an open source free engine, very good. Recommended!...

2d walsh Transform

%======================================================= %FUNCTIONS FOR 2-D SEQUENCY(WALSH),DYADIC(PALEY) AND %NATURAL(HADAMARD)ORDERED FAST WALSH-HADAMARD TRANSFORM %======================================================= function xx = fwht2d(xx) % The function implement the 2d fast Walsh-Had...

walksat find a satisfying model of a cnf formula

Walksat specifications Walksat attempts to find a satisfying model of a cnf formula. Format is .cnf format: c Optional comments at start of file. c The "p" line specifies cnf format, number vars, number clauses c Variables are numbered starting at 1 c Each clause ends with 0 p cnf 3 2...

cocos2d-x android helloworld

Simple cocos2d-x Android HelloWorld project, cocos2d-x for learning Android development. If you configured your environment, appropriate changes have been made to develop a new Android cocos2d-x program. Chief among them modify the file to amend the CPP file needs to be compiled. This dem...

Lsr2d method

LSR2d - Build projection matrix L for straight rays in 2d. % Input % Tx: transmitter coordinates, nTx by 2 % 1st column contains X coordinates, 2nd contains Z coordinates % Rx: receiver coordinates, nRx by 2 % 1st column contains X coordinates, 2nd contains Z coordinates % grx: vector of...

2dPSK modem 2

SystemView 2dPSK modulation and demodulation , and that SVU files, useful for understanding SystemView, useful for 2dpsk course design. The 2dpsk system of modulation and demodulation processes....

cocos2dx help

cocos2dx demo 2d source graph opengl opengles fish cocos lua pthread jason http html view photo [cocos2d-x] [1] is a multi-platform framework for building 2d games, interactive books, demos and other graphical applications. It is based on [cocos2d-iphone][2], but instead of using Objective-C,...

Cocos2dx objects box2d case

Cocos2dx box2d best case, learning box2d, and launch, elimination, there are pictures, in vs2010 debugging successful...

zhang2d with demo

zhang2d_with_demo calibration with two cameras , get the inner figures of the cameras for 3d reconstruction, it can exection directly...

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