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reed solomon code

2015-11-29 02:12    By:bles9      View:72      Download:2

In coding theory, reedsolomon (RS) codes are non-binary cyclic error-correcting codes invented by Irving S. reed and Gustave solomon. They described a systematic way of building codes that could detect and correct multiple random symbol error...

Matlab Matlab

reed solomon encoder

2015-05-22 12:12    By:mu41      View:18      Download:1

This library package provides several forward error correction (FEC)decoders and accelerated primitives useful in digital signalprocessing (DSP). Except for the reed-solomon codecs, these functionstake full advantage of the MMX, SSE and SSE2 SIMD instruction sets onIntel/AMD IA-32 processors and the...

vhdl VHDL

Writing on SD memory with fat32 format with ATXMEGA uc, on codevision

2015-11-07 15:39    By:aydin1719      View:1285      Download:0

Hello everyone, This program is designed for atxmega128a4 microcontroller in order to write on a SD memory via fat32 format in codevision IDE. It uses SPI protocol on port D to talk to memory. Also note that in order to use "ff.h" library, you must first go to "Configure Project->C compiler...

Codevision C

Wimax Simulator - reed solomon encoding

2015-10-28 12:48    By:naj      View:21      Download:1

Here, Pilot is inserted into the OFDM signal used in WiMAX, which is generated randomly. Then reed solomon encoding technique is used. Then cyclic prefix is inserted into the symbol, the symbol is transmitted....

Matlab Matlab

PHP QR code

2015-11-21 10:30    By:freeworm      View:125      Download:0

Overview PHP QR code is open source (LGPL) library for generating QR code, 2-dimensional barcode. Based on libqrencode C library, provides API for creating QR code barcode images (PNG, JPEG thanks to GD2). Implemented purely in PHP, with no external dependencies (except GD2 if needed). S...

Algorithm PHP

A-star algorithm and Dijkstra algorithms, greedy algorithm

2015-11-11 17:35    By:applelove911      View:166      Download:1

Contains a-star algorithm, Dijkstra algorithms, greedy algorithms, you can run the same three algorithms graph comparison, may also run. Used to find the shortest path, and with time...

Matlab Matlab

Use codebook algorithm for moving object detection

2015-11-07 15:39    By:勤劳的码农      View:246      Download:6

This code is based on the codebook algorithm of the  paper"Real-time foreground–background segmentation using codebook mode", implemented on C++ platform, use opencv 2.3.1 version, realized the moving object detection. codeBook algorithm of the time series model of the basic idea is...

Graph C++

gg.729 TI code

2015-11-30 12:51    By:Ayesha      View:55      Download:0

g.729a TI encoder and decoder code with good implementation. This code is tested many times on DSP kit and sotware defined radios....

Voice C

QRcode two-dimensional code generator source

2015-11-28 20:31    By:green75      View:331      Download:5

Brief introduction        This is a simple example, to produce a specific text from the use of libqrencode library QRcode BMP files. There are many online reference library but there is no simple example. In this project, there are also problems arise when an alternative is...

print C++

Leetcode the reference source code (C++)

2015-11-29 05:07    By:issaczr      View:81      Download:0

Leetcode topics in C++ implementation, contains all of the 152 questions that need brushes algorithm problems, and prepare written interviews are still useful, especially foreign companies. Brush problem Web site

Algorithm C++


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