system v shared memory based inter-process communication framework

2015-04-06 01:42    By:myzlr      View:386      Download:0

This project is a system v shared memory based inter-process communication framework Compressed package provides source code and the corresponding sample programs, and documentation. Protocol Overview: Use system V Shared memory interprocess communication. Because it provides only the shared mem...

Linux programming C

restaurant billing system

2015-04-10 00:36    By:adiyahuu      View:424      Download:2

This restaurant Billing system Project is developed using C# 4.5 and Sql Server 2012 for my client. Main Features are : 1.Customers Management 2.Sales management 3.Billing 4.Advanced reports Login Information : Username- admin Password- admin For students or anyone else...

CSharp C#

restaurant Management system

2015-04-06 11:02    By:utkarsh      View:105      Download:1

restaurant Management system C++ collage assignment Food zone Write a program to help a local restaurant automate its breakfast billing system. The program should do the following: a. Show the customer the different breakfast items offered by the restaurant b. Allow the customer to selec...

c++ C++

C # version of restaurant management system

2015-04-05 00:02    By:leidee2007      View:84      Download:0

This is the c # version of the restaurant management system source code. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support! Hope that helps!...

CSharp C#

Android ordering system

2015-03-25 22:56    By:pbking      View:151      Download:2

Android ordering system, very easy to use, good for code porting or to self study, very good code for every one. Welcome to download and share. Thanks for supporting....

Android Java

Online restaurant ordering script

2015-04-06 10:16    By:snhlawy      View:86      Download:1

The customer is able to: i. View the various promotions by Pizza-Inn e.g. “Super Tuesday” ii. View other customers’ ratings(customer satisfaction) of the restaurant   iii. Register if a new customer, including their location iv. Login to make table reservations or order pizza delivery...

PHP & Mysql PHP

Online ordering system source code

2015-04-11 15:13    By:shuhui      View:104      Download:3

Today's increasingly fast-paced life of the community, people are increasingly high requirements dining, requires not only the color, flavor and taste, but also for the time and manner of dining also have higher requirements, many customers can not take time out due to busy enjoy a delicious, thus c...

Java Development Java


2015-04-09 09:17    By:f28404201      View:245      Download:0

Attendance Manage system User management module of the human resource management system, attendance management, employee management...

CSharp C#

Space-Time Codes and MIMO systems

2015-04-17 13:50    By:1028293781      View:77      Download:0

Space-Time Codes and MIMO systems The technical descriptions, procedures, and computer programs in this book have been developed with the greatest of care and they have been useful to the author in a broad range of applications; however, they are provided as is, without warranty of any kind...

book Matlab

restaurant order system

2015-04-11 15:14    By:萧蔷      View:70      Download:0

Program description: Main functions of systems management front desk Admin management system manages user login and modify Management table State replacing the tables at the front desk checkout combined billing Admin side dish system kitchen cooking add the inventory management menu menu informa...

DataBase C++

Cake ordering system

2015-01-18 07:49    By:Sanchita      View:7      Download:0

This is a Flowershop Management and Information system that has the capabilities of that a sales and inventory of flower products. This system was programmed through the use of Visual Basic 6.0 and MS SQL Server 2000....

SQL Server VB

stm32f103ve_V3.5_file system_ffs9 source code_mdk

2015-03-17 12:26    By:kyle_sy      View:61      Download:0

A ff9 file system transplant to stm32f103 with V3.5  firmware library source code. THe project is built in MDK....

Embeded C

svd+linearmodel for recommendor system

2015-03-09 07:28    By:mark916214053      View:44      Download:1

SVD+linearmodel for recommendor system to achieve an SVD model recommender systems, plus linearmodel plus feature, linear combination of objective function for SVD with LR...

推荐系统 C#

Source codes of [ARM system Developer's Guide]

2015-04-13 04:19    By:tassard      View:78      Download:0

The [ARM system Developer's Guide] is an arm classic material, however this book Appendix source code download link has expired. Now that I finally found the code....

Embeded ASM

identifical system

2015-01-21 23:32    By:08370322      View:31      Download:0

Within Matlab using the square to the control system parameters identification, changed the document detailed written identification algorithm...

Matlab Matlab

ntfs fssystem

2015-03-11 04:54    By:Ballmillsap      View:42      Download:1

Source code of the Windows NTFS file system. win2k Copyright (c) 1991 Microsoft Corporation Module Name: NtfsInit.c Abstract: This module implements the DRIVER_INITIALIZATION routine for Ntfs...

Driver Development C

dynamic control of power system

2015-04-11 12:10    By:breathhit      View:41      Download:1

The main topic covered is frequency control in power systems. The needed models are derived and the primary and secondary frequency control are studied. A detailed model of the synchronous machine, based on Park's transformation, is also included. The excitation and voltage control of synchronou...

Algorithm PDF

restaurant management system

2015-03-24 02:39    By:panlqcn      View:39      Download:0

This system has three kind of operation permission, which, brokers only can implementation clan, and order, and pay and the query day income operation; foreman can implementation clan, and order, and pay, and purchase, and added new staff, and day income and the months income query, operation; Manag...

Other C++


2015-02-02 21:46    By:aditya9453      View:45      Download:1

The project “Online Courier & Cargo system” delivery status and notification system is being developed for the need of company running simultaneously courier & cargo service this is specially meant for their frontline user service information. This is one of the best efforts by us to...

Windows C#

DYNAMOMETER system TEST STEP (Ergometer system testing)

2015-02-27 21:31    By:zuosi1314      View:21      Download:0

This setup consists of an Electric Dynamometer which applies a load to the Unit Under Test (engine).  The Electric Dyno is controlled using an analog output signal which is amplified by the Dyno Load Controller.  The Load Cell connected to the Electric Dyno is used to read the developed to...

Other LabView

Space-Time Codes and MIMO systems and source code

2015-04-17 13:51    By:cherish888      View:53      Download:2

This folder contains a PDF version of the book, as well as some of the source code from the book. These source code contained in the book's second chapter, chapter chapters fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and Nineth chapter some of the source code. Simulation based on the source co...

Communication Matlab

train system

2014-12-19 01:01    By:天堂的佛      View:19      Download:0

A train reservation system project, general framework can be achieved , refund, tickets, tickets, train timetable inquiries, offers a query, the query line up to buy tickets, and more features, the basic features are already available, but the details have yet to be optimized for code, after all, ju...

Linux programming C

no mark system

2014-12-15 14:41    By:PC_Mint      View:23      Download:0

//3. If the validation succeeds, the calling servlet processes the registration request try{ userForm.setId(userForm.generateID()); UserDaoImpl service=new UserDaoImpl(); service.add(userForm); //4. If the servlet does not succeed, and the reason it doesn't work is that the user already...

Java Development Java

prony analysis in electronic system

2014-11-22 10:19    By:樱花的眼泪      View:17      Download:0

%HILBERT Discrete-time analytic signal via Hilbert transform. % X = HILBERT(Xr) computes the so-called discrete-time analytic signal % X = Xr + i*Xi such that Xi is the Hilbert transform of real vector Xr. % If the input Xr is complex, then only the real part is used: Xr=real(Xr). % If Xr is a m...

Matlab Matlab

Signal systems Project

2015-03-12 19:32    By:317411971      View:79      Download:0

Produce and play a sound signal of 6 seconds f(t)=exp(t-6)sin(2π*Ft) with a sampling rate of 8000dots/s by using MATLAB, with the frequency F being 494, 440, 392, 440, 494 and 494 Hz in order. Each frequency should last for 1 second....

Audio Matlab

PCA Based Face Recognition system Using ORL Database

2015-04-17 22:29    By:wangxiaolong0312      View:259      Download:3

This package implements a well-known PCA-based face recognition method, which is called 'Eigenface'. The program is easy to use. Furthermore, a sample Project file 'ProjectPCA.m' is added that demonstrate how to use, ORL training and test database is also included to show Performance comparison for...

Matlab Matlab

Based on systemView OFDM

2015-02-15 04:34    By:tonrin      View:21      Download:1

systemView is a very useful software, and OFDM is 4G's beacon, this figure is based on systemView OFDM simulation. Can see the simulation performance before and after the change. Can draw better than 2ASK, 2DPSK, OFDM modulation and demodulation. 2PSK。 Is an excellent performance of new modulation...

systemview Others

Expert system VB6

2015-04-13 17:20    By:as5564      View:124      Download:1

Expert system implemented on Visual Basic 6.0. This expert system recognize engine failure based on engine symptom. ...

Expert System VB


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