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2014-12-20 05:23    By:lilia      View:100      Download:0

thicolor=red>s program decolor=red>scribecolor=red>s the control of an&nbcolor=red>sp;inverted pendulum ucolor=red>sing Pid controller in color=red>simulink matlab.&nbcolor=red>sp;...

Matlab Matlab

Modelo de Panel color=red>solar, con convertidor Boocolor=red>st

2014-11-21 01:41    By:adr33      View:12      Download:0

Modeling of photovoltaic color=red>sycolor=red>stem with nonlinear equationcolor=red>s. One boocolor=red>st converter ucolor=red>sed with duty cycle 50%...

Matlab Matlab

code Pid color=red>sTM32ARMF1

2014-12-21 23:56    By:rtiger      View:92      Download:1

I have make Pid coding pocolor=red>sition with color=red>sTM32F103C8T6, it'color=red>s run color=red>smoothly and exactly, i ucolor=red>sed the color=red>separate coding color=red>style, one file .c go with one file .h And then, I have made completely comment , color=red>so you can know code throughly Becolor=red>side that, I have check and update&nbcolor=red>sp;color=red>several time the code....

KeilC C

color=red>sTM32 microcontroller Pid algorithm example

2014-12-20 13:16    By:zhao20zhou      View:124      Download:2

color=red>sTM32 microcontroller Pid algorithm incolor=red>stance, color=red>sTM32 PWM output controlled by Pid algorithmcolor=red>s, feedback icolor=red>s low-pacolor=red>scolor=red>s filtered PWM get AD...

Embeded C

compare Pid, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox and Fuzzy matlab code in water level control

7 hours ago    By:pageplan      View:100      Download:0

We have 3 controller here, they are Pid controller, Fuzzy Toolbox in MATLAB and Fuzzy matlab code.&nbcolor=red>sp; &nbcolor=red>sp;Acolor=red>s a more advanced look at the pocolor=red>scolor=red>sibilitiecolor=red>s of fuzzy logic we will look at the control of a water tank. Thicolor=red>s water tank hacolor=red>s a pipe flowing in and a pipe flowing out. The inpu...

Matlab Matlab

ILBC codec Android implementation

2014-12-19 03:32    By:rex0413      View:36      Download:0

ILBC icolor=red>s developed for color=red>specifically decolor=red>signed to provide robucolor=red>st IP telephony voice codec, to narrowband voice for decolor=red>sign, hacolor=red>s a color=red>sampling rate of 8 kHz. ILBC codec color=red>supportcolor=red>s two bacolor=red>sic frame color=red>size: 13.3 Kbpcolor=red>s bit rate encoding frame length of 30 Mcolor=red>s and 15.2 Kbpcolor=red>s bit rate encoding frame length of 20 Mcolor=red>s....

Java Development Java

Refrecolor=red>sh Licolor=red>stview of Android

2014-12-21 04:22    By:qiuge062      View:116      Download:2

Add pull to refrecolor=red>sh (pull up, pull down, pull left, and pull right) feature in all viewcolor=red>s. Viewcolor=red>s that added pull to refrecolor=red>sh feature in&nbcolor=red>sp;Demo are: licolor=red>st (Licolor=red>stView), gridcolor=red>s (GridView), color=red>slide view (the color=red>scrollView), Web page (WebView), page viewcolor=red>s (ViewPager) and color=red>so on. Tecolor=red>st environment: [code4App]...

Android Java

Writing on color=red>sD memory with fat32 format with ATXMEGA uc, on codevicolor=red>sion

3 hours ago    By:aydin1719      View:1271      Download:0

Hello everyone, Thicolor=red>s program icolor=red>s decolor=red>signed for atxmega128a4 microcontroller in order to write on a color=red>sD memory via fat32 format in codevicolor=red>sion idE. It ucolor=red>secolor=red>s color=red>sPI protocol on port D to talk to memory. Alcolor=red>so note that in order to ucolor=red>se "ff.h" library, you mucolor=red>st fircolor=red>st go to "configure Project->C compiler...

Codevision C

Wordprecolor=red>scolor=red>s for Android

14 hours ago    By:freeworm      View:254      Download:1

WordPrecolor=red>scolor=red>s for Android icolor=red>s an Open color=red>source project, which meancolor=red>s anyone can play a part in itcolor=red>s development. WordPrecolor=red>scolor=red>s for Android icolor=red>s releacolor=red>sed under the GNU General Public Licencolor=red>se. Both our app and our color=red>source code are free to download and ucolor=red>se however you’d like. In return, if you are able, we...

Android Java


14 hours ago    By:astroboylrx      View:62      Download:0

idL Mapping package, very practical from&nbcolor=red>sp;http://www.idlcoyote.com/...


Android4.3 Bluetooth 4.0 demo

2014-12-16 03:04    By:laizhiyong888      View:114      Download:3

Android color=red>sycolor=red>stem mucolor=red>st be 4.3 per cent, mobile phone Bluetooth 4, the project hacolor=red>s been implemented for the Bluetooth device dicolor=red>scovery, pairing, connection, charactericolor=red>stic value in the dicolor=red>scovery color=red>service, dicolor=red>sconnect and other functioncolor=red>s, refer to the official webcolor=red>site addrecolor=red>scolor=red>s at: http://developer.Android.c...

Android Java

Latecolor=red>st high imitation of Tencent'color=red>s QQ Android code

2014-12-21 23:11    By:infosis      View:235      Download:1

Through the example of "latecolor=red>st high imitation of Tencent'color=red>s QQ Android code", fully undercolor=red>stand the featurecolor=red>s and architecture of Android, color=red>skilled in building integrated development environmentcolor=red>s and emulatorcolor=red>s, color=red>skilled in ucolor=red>sing the Eclipcolor=red>se integrated development environment to develop run Andr...

Android Java

VPN Android for VPN connectivity

2014-12-18 12:55    By:血精石      View:107      Download:0

Implementation on Android platform called VPN connection to the color=red>server'color=red>s virtual network...

Android Java

Face recognition (camera) Android color=red>studio project

2014-12-21 02:25    By:ingpingp      View:49      Download:1

Face recognition (camera) Android color=red>studio project, very eacolor=red>sy to ucolor=red>se, we want to help!...

Android Java

Crazy Android handoutcolor=red>s color=red>source

2014-12-21 09:05    By:j_zh      View:204      Download:3

Lecturecolor=red>s on the crazy Android precolor=red>sentcolor=red>s a thorough introduction to Android application development-related knowledge. Offered here icolor=red>s a crazy Android handoutcolor=red>s color=red>source , Android handoutcolor=red>s, color=red>sample code icolor=red>s crazy. Altogether the book includecolor=red>s hundredcolor=red>s of incolor=red>stancecolor=red>s, the model incolor=red>stance can be ucolor=red>sed to help th...

Android Java

Android_Demo multiple animation effectcolor=red>s, drawer effect, a variety of cucolor=red>stom view, there icolor=red>s an input method

13 hours ago    By:White      View:1860      Download:1

Android_Demo, a variety of animation effectcolor=red>s, drawer effect, a variety of cucolor=red>stom view, and input methodcolor=red>s, cucolor=red>stom animation, and color=red>so on. color=red>suitable for beginnercolor=red>s to learn type....

Android Java


4 hours ago    By:fhsh168      View:164      Download:0

ExoPlayer icolor=red>s an application level media player for Android. It providecolor=red>s an alternative to Android'color=red>s MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video both locally and over the internet. ExoPlayer color=red>supportcolor=red>s featurecolor=red>s not currently color=red>supported by Android'color=red>s MediaPlayer API (acolor=red>s of KitKat), including DAcolor=red>sH and color=red>smoo...

video Java


2014-12-15 00:51    By:astroboylrx      View:25      Download:0

idL graphic package, very practical...


The android color=red>source code dialog

2014-12-21 05:45    By:一个人の旅行      View:54      Download:0

android newbie color=red>small example, teach you how to write dialog on your phone. . color=red>simple dialog letcolor=red>s color=red>start from the novice to learn Android, a color=red>step toward color=red>succecolor=red>scolor=red>s. ....

Android Java
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