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Vs2013 SendMessage mouse messages in the background instances

2014-11-29 00:32    By:419777089      View:42      Download:0

Vs2013 SendMessage mouse messages in the background instances Void test () { RECT r1; POINT old_p; HWND Game = ::FindWindow(NULL, "Plants vs. Zombies RELEASE"); //::Messagebox (NULL, GetGmae, "this is a title", MB_OK); ::SetWindowPos(Game, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_NOSIZE | SWP...

Windows api C++

Python nrf24le1/nrf24lu1p programer

2015-02-19 14:50    By:bip      View:54      Download:0

Nrf24le1 and Nrf24lu1P are modules available on ebay at a very low cost to build small sensor nodes. Nrf24le1 programmer named nrfisp like this one  (http://www.ebay.com/itm/NRF24lE1-NRF24LU1-NRF24LU1P-USB-Programmer-Adapter-with-Software-Video-Tutorial-/271164903768) does not have a Linu...

Embeded Python

1768 CAN IAP upgrade

2015-03-20 05:20    By:liuchaonuaa      View:49      Download:1

CAN IAP routine uses two pieces of BMW to develop real Check into "CAN IAP program" and "CAN IAP panels" The programming Board (ID=0x01) Receiver Board (ID=0x02) connects CAN1 (CAN1L CAN1L,CAN1H CAN1H), Baud rate 500K, programming by reading the SD card on the Board in the app.bin...

Embeded C


2015-03-19 22:23    By:2jsoft      View:252      Download:2

The example code for STM32F103RC with ENC28J60 ethernet.You can see the software connection of SPI with ENC28J60.There is used a couple of SPI ports and WEB Server coding and check the physical layers for the chip....

Embeded C

lcp2106 enc28j60driver

2015-03-13 02:02    By:x654876266      View:59      Download:2

It is based on the lpc2106 enc28j60 driver source code, can be tested for the lwip protocol stack, an Ethernet controller enc28j60 SPI interface is based, is widely used in Ethernet communications....

Embeded C

Chikat-9.4.1 Windows 32bit sample code

2015-02-02 02:19    By:zxsoft      View:21      Download:0

Chikat-9.4.1 Windows 32bit sample code Java POP3/SMTP email library. SMTP client for sending email. POP3 client for reading email. Works with Exchange Server (all versions) Works with all POP3 / SMTP servers Supports POP3 and SMTP...

Java Development Java

Turtle Maze SSD1 iCarnegie

2014-12-25 11:06    By:makvortex      View:54      Download:1

Code for turtlemazebehaviors simulation from icarnegie SSD1 course   enjoy...

Java Development Java

Interfacing of ADC0831,7Segment Display and LCD with 8051

2015-03-03 14:52    By:Murad      View:75      Download:0

ADC is an electronic device which converts analog signals into its corresponding digital signal. This project demonstrates the principle, operation and interfacing of 8-bit serial ADC0831,Seven Segment Display and LCD with 8051 micro controller....

Embeded C

Extended Turtle SSD1 iCarnegie

2014-12-17 08:59    By:makvortex      View:33      Download:0

Code for extended turtle from icarnegie ssd1 course from students. The content of this zip includes the java.class of this code and the code for the program runs....

Java Development Java

OpenGL MUST Project 1[Polyline Editor] use linked list of C++

2015-01-28 06:25    By:myteat      View:110      Download:0

#include <D:HomeworkOpenGLProject1GLUT 3.7glut.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include "point.h" /*draw line from the line array*/ void drawPointLine() { Node * temp; for (int i=0;i<Arraysize;i++) { temp=polylineArray[i]; glBeg...

OpenGL C++

OpenGL MUST Project 1[Polyline Editor] use Array of C++

2014-12-31 04:43    By:myteat      View:33      Download:0

// student name: // student ID: // date: /*#include "D:HomeworkOpenGLFinalCGLabGLUT_Toolkitglut.h"*/ #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> GLint ploypoint = 0; GLint ployline=-1; GLint height; GLint choose=0; GLint move_ployline,move_ploypoint;...

OpenGL C++

csc108 Assignment

2014-12-14 14:25    By:ccllcc      View:38      Download:0

Raytracing example implement a basic ray-tracer and render a simple scene using ray casting and local shading. The starter code sets up a scene comprising of an ellipsoid and a plane, being illuminated by a point light source. Your job is to render the scene by implementing code fragments requ...

OpenGL C++

Vs2010 and OpenGL a simple source code

2015-01-15 12:40    By:xianer1205      View:27      Download:0

Vs2010 and OpenGL environment, write code, and eventually draw the shape is a square with a side length is 1, note that prior to the preparation of the code written on the appropriate header files #Include<glut.h>, need to clearly state what kind of projection methods to watch, for exam...

Windows C++

Conversion between Dword value and Float value

2015-01-22 12:45    By:bbfp      View:35      Download:0

Dword value with a Float value to convert, m-10 and m-16 numeric conversions. For help viewing data, Received 16 binary messages, and so on. Easy to operate, functional and practical....

software C++

GPS L1 singal acquisiton

2015-03-24 21:52    By:Tanlearn      View:69      Download:2

This codes is the simulation of GPS L1 signal acquisition. First it generate the CA code and the correlating pn code, and then multiply the code by the carrier. The frequency spectrum of the simulated signal was plotted. Finally,the frequency offset is added to the signal ,and the local us...

GPS Matlab

Vs2010 produced word report generation

2015-03-10 07:08    By:ckn000      View:39      Download:2

Vs2010-based MFC development, data acquisition and data input, including word and Excel reports generated and automatically fill in data and implement histogram in Excel and images added...

Windows C++
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