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Msc1210 SPI  communications...


Annex the or1200 is an open source soft core, basic level is equivalent to an ARM7. Or1200 core open source toolchain improved. Specific introduction introduction you can look on the OpenRISC. Of the relevant information is contained in the annex according to Ren Huailu blog, code integrated finishi...

12864 DSP2812 driver shows

A LCD12864 based on DSP2812 show routine, that I use the beginning due to peripheral circuits that they built themselves, so many programs won't work online, and finally through their access to information, before finally showed success, there is Mark how to connect hardware....

2012 sound positioning system electronic design contest

2012 electronic design competition for sound localization system for source code, can supply your reference, and I hope to be a flip help is based on MSP430f149....

12864 display key values

The program is using a 12864 LCD display 4*4 matrix keyboard keys, keyboard keys value pecked lines scan scan button. Key returns the MCU, and 12864 LCD character display displays...

WS2812B driver

Single full color LED WS2812B driver. WS2812 is a set of control circuits and circuit of intelligent controlled LED light sources. Impressively shaped the same as a 5050LED lamp beads, each component shall be a single pixel. Intelligent digital interface is pixel contains data latch signal s...

12864 LCD SED1565 driver simulation

12864 LCD driver, driver IC SED1565 Proteus simulation, program TWI and SPI bus is used to control LCD display, while learning a 12864 LCD uses, as well as the usage of the two bus, pretty...

Mc9s12xs128 Flash action code

This code applies to 16-bit Freescale Microcontroller MC9S12XS128. Of D-Flash whose role is to carry out basic operations. Contains two DFlash_Write,DFlash_Init,DFlash_Erase,DFlash_read four functions, respectively, write Flash, is the role of initialization, erasing district and Flash....

12864LCD driver code

128x64 LCD Universal CDMA phone software   Including English, 16X16 character display, dialing, phone and other functions...

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