2015-03-27 03:06    By:zhuyuyao      View:51      Download:0

Annex the or1200 is an open source soft core, basic level is equivalent to an ARM7. Or1200 core open source toolchain improved. Specific introduction introduction you can look on the OpenRISC. Of the relevant information is contained in the annex according to Ren Huailu blog, code integrated finishi...

or1200 VHDL

fish developed 12306 ticket helper for Chrome,Firefox

2015-04-11 10:08    By:Lin      View:137      Download:0

fish developed 12306 ticket helper for Chrome,Firefox,etc...

Browser JavaScript

Atmega128 sample code

2015-04-11 16:47    By:kongpd      View:119      Download:1

This source code is implemented as a function of the function key c language atmega128. It includes functions such as timers, IO, interrupt, CHAR LCD, I2C, SPI is.  ...

software C

Arduino 12864 lcd

2014-12-21 12:43    By:cgbzl      View:50      Download:0

After a period of learning, slowly on the TFT has some understanding for those of us starters, write drive that is something impossible, the only thing to do is understand driving what is, or is it a good read driver. If it is, it would be enough! If you are developing, it needs more study and under...

Driver Development C


2014-11-19 10:55    By:candylakers      View:23      Download:0

Msc1210 SPI  communications...

Embeded C

2012 sound positioning system electronic design contest

2015-01-14 20:25    By:楠哥哥03      View:21      Download:0

2012 electronic design competition for sound localization system for source code, can supply your reference, and I hope to be a flip help is based on MSP430f149....

电子竞赛 C

12864 display key values

2014-12-11 04:06    By:1779110335      View:21      Download:0

The program is using a 12864 LCD display 4*4 matrix keyboard keys, keyboard keys value pecked lines scan scan button. Key returns the MCU, and 12864 LCD character display displays...

Assembly Language C

CAN query and interrupt methods, send and receive programs from Freescale mc9s12

2015-01-28 10:44    By:yangyuzhu      View:200      Download:1

This program is used for the communication with CAN channels  and the communication is based on the CAN  interrupt mechanism and polling mode transmit can messages.  the chip type is  mc9s12x series and common used for auto applications...

Embeded C

Msp430 lcd12864 source code

2015-04-16 02:59    By:a7903      View:124      Download:1

This code writes in an electronic competition. Can be applied to other types of chips. Specific MSP430 f149 lcd12864 modified source code can be displayed on a lcd12864 character. Line and so on....

Embeded C

WS2812B driver

3 hours ago    By:alibobozeng      View:110      Download:4

Single full color LED WS2812B driver. WS2812 is a set of control circuits and circuit of intelligent controlled LED light sources. Impressively shaped the same as a 5050LED lamp beads, each component shall be a single pixel. Intelligent digital interface is pixel contains data latch signal s...

Driver Development C

BASCOM RGB Controller for WS2812 LED and Remote Controll

2015-04-16 14:20    By:Killerawft      View:134      Download:1

This is a complete Firmware in Basic for AVR for a RGB Controller controlled by a Remote Controll (Like This: http://www.dx.com/p/24-key-wireless-infrared-ir-remote-controller-for-rgb-led-light-bulb-1-cr2025-47019).  The WS2812 LED's are controlled by Soft SPI. You have to...

RGB Controller Others

Music, music synthesizer, 12-law

2014-11-18 21:30    By:icecho      View:13      Download:0

Music, music synthesizer. 12-law 1. piano chord of g we commonly used chord G7. no chords g. why? 2. in music theory chord G7 5724 composed tone 2-tone only 574 omitted and why? (Five-seven chords can save five tone and acoustic) In 12 equal temperament mid frequency G4=392.00H...

Audio Matlab

12864 LCD display based on STC12C5A60S2

2015-01-26 05:52    By:suxiaoxiao      View:47      Download:0

This program is a 12864 LCD display based on STC12C5A60S2, I have written and debugged through. 12864 display module information can be combined to run, mainly know the function of each pin, then to initialized LCD, text that appears is an array....

Other C

12864 LCD SED1565 driver simulation

2014-12-20 12:59    By:阿辉      View:53      Download:0

12864 LCD driver, driver IC SED1565 Proteus simulation, program TWI and SPI bus is used to control LCD display, while learning a 12864 LCD uses, as well as the usage of the two bus, pretty...

Embeded C

pfx or p12 file resolver

2014-10-21 04:04    By:vinsun      View:4      Download:0

pfx test java code , decrypt a p12 format file (such as .pfx,.p12 file) the pfxtest use a sampled p12 file which is base64 encoded, the pfx password is 123456, and is an three level cert chain, the resolve use the BC lib ——the JCE open implemention...

Algorithm Java

Mc9s12xs128 Flash action code

2015-04-17 12:02    By:keepseekin      View:38      Download:1

This code applies to 16-bit Freescale Microcontroller MC9S12XS128. Of D-Flash whose role is to carry out basic operations. Contains two DFlash_Write,DFlash_Init,DFlash_Erase,DFlash_read four functions, respectively, write Flash, is the role of initialization, erasing district and Flash....

Embeded C

12864LCD driver code

2015-03-06 20:30    By:qiangua      View:91      Download:0

128x64 LCD Universal CDMA phone software   Including English, 16X16 character display, dialing, phone and other functions...

Embeded C

Driver for ISL1208 Real-time clock PIC CCS compiler in C

2015-03-22 10:14    By:mycodey      View:58      Download:0

Functions for driving ISL1208 Real Time Clock Device includes #defines and setup register values. Standalone driver for the ISL1208 clock device can be included into any CCS 'C' PIC project....

Driver Development C

12864 DSP2812 driver shows

2015-04-08 09:46    By:vnxnmd      View:49      Download:2

A LCD12864 based on DSP2812 show routine, that I use the beginning due to peripheral circuits that they built themselves, so many programs won't work online, and finally through their access to information, before finally showed success, there is Mark how to connect hardware....

dsp C

LIBSVM-FarutoUltimate Toolkit and GUI Version introduces and uses

2015-04-14 04:03    By:njwhat      View:138      Download:0

Using libsvm Toolbox for classification and regression, SVM learning in course of the underlying statistical learning theory, then their perfect lifting MATLAB Version of libsvm, Mr Lin Zhiren libsvm-mat based on their own has prepared auxiliary functions (parameter optimization or something), then...

Matlab Matlab

Greater than 128 integer type convert to characters

2014-11-26 08:15    By:xxxxxxxx      View:10      Download:0

Written in c language to convert integer greater than 128 Unicode characters-characters, only 127 ASCII basic table maximum description characters greater than 127 characters for ASCII extensions table, to be invisible on a normal conVersion character, this algorithm can transform of invisible chara...

Algorithm C

MSP430 on LCD da712 in source

2014-12-20 20:14    By:TTTT      View:14      Download:0

Dac7512  is a high performance digital to analog converter, using MSP430 can be driven directly, dac7512 conVersion of high precision, by testing the source power has been applied to the design of such topics ... Can directly call ......

Driver Development C

Wireshark1.12.1 source code

2015-04-12 06:10    By:guwujian6      View:71      Download:2

The latest official source: Wireshark-1.12.1, can be compiled directly in the Linux environment, supports a variety of network packet analysis, such as MMS,goose, etc. Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) is a network packet analyzing software . Network packet analyzing software 's function is to capture...

Linux programming C

DSP2812-spwm program

2015-04-05 03:18    By:shooowtime      View:91      Download:0

Spwm programs based on DSP2812 EVA following universal timer T1 works in continuous increase/decrease the count mode, producing triangular carrier, carrier frequency 3000Hz, MC N=60, frequency modulation waveform sine wave to 50Hz. In this lab, modulation 0.8. Stored list of sine of phase a...

dsp C

LCD128X64 51 single-chip source

2015-01-21 04:00    By:shuijian00      View:68      Download:0

89S52, LCD128X64 source, all using c code, has been tested. T6963C LCD control chip, programs can display lines, draw curves, and so on. And can be After matrix display characters and Chinese characters....

Embeded C


2015-03-30 10:07    By:ryanrain      View:45      Download:0


GUI Visual C++

The 13,123,123,123,153

2015-01-15 01:55    By:ga874927      View:41      Download:0

12322222222222221232222222222222222222555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 1232222222222222222222555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555222222555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555...

13 Word


2014-12-10 11:03    By:啦啦啦      View:18      Download:0

Smart car LCD XS128_OLED,OLED, organic light-emitting diodes (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), also known as Organic laser displays (Organic Electroluminesence Display, OELD). With features such as light, energy saving, so that starting from 2003, the display device in a MP3 Player has been widely,...

CSharp C

1206 description

2014-11-19 17:54    By:小小头人      View:6      Download:0

#include "LCD1602.h" void LCD1602Write(UINT8 type, UINT8 data) { uint8_t i ; uint16_t val, tmp = data; if(type == CMD) GPIO_ResetBits(LCD1602PROT, RS); //RS=0 writing instruction else GPIO_SetBits(LCD1602PROT, RS); //RS=1 writes GPIO_ResetBits(LCD1602PROT, RW); //RW = 0 ;...

Graph C


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