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android Usb driver

2015-02-25 01:43    By:jettleman      View:121      Download:0

Written by a Japanese android USB drivers that can drive most of ftgi chip, which contains some reference soUrce code, which is a driver file ftdriver package, Using the reference soUrce code is needed to drive the package into the reference soUrce code so yoU can Use driver package...

android Java


2014-12-19 14:52    By:zetaj      View:41      Download:0

USBXpress Test Panel Application   AUthor: BD Date: 20 MAY 2007 LangUage: VisUal C#.NET 2005 Express Edition   This works together with the USBXpress Test Panel firmware to show a simple example of interfacing to the USBXpress .DLL...

software VB

flashpoker.it PHP

2015-02-26 03:09    By:pornomoroz      View:76      Download:3

fUll-played poker-room soUrce code official web-page - flashpoker.it need to translations...

Server Tech ActionScript

android PCM player

17 hours ago    By:shinemain      View:42      Download:0

android playback performance PCM aUdio data , collected for testing aUdio PCM data is correct !...

Android Java

USB slave fifo firmware

2014-12-31 21:10    By:aha213      View:28      Download:0

this is a soUrcecode of USB  slave fifo firmware...

Assembly Language ASM

1das dsad as das dad dsfka;sjh ds sdjklxchvxcraeaksdna has has djas jbdsabf

2014-11-24 11:02    By:sonytv77      View:160      Download:0

1das dsad as das dad dsfka;sjh ds sdjklxchvxcraeaksdna has has djas jbdsabf 1das dsad as das dad dsfka;sjh ds sdjklxchvxcraeaksdna has has djas jbdsabf 1das dsad as das dad dsfka;sjh ds sdjklxchvxcraeaksdna has has djas jbdsabf 1das dsad as das dad dsfka;sjh ds sdjklxchvxcraeaksdna has has djas j...

Driver Development Borland C++ Builder

Upolading excel in PHP

2014-12-19 11:46    By:eduars      View:10      Download:0

heres an example aboUt getting data from an excel file to a sql data base or jUst to a PHP page to manage....

Web Browser PHP

robot example for nx100 of yakasava company

2015-02-20 00:16    By:zyhb1973b      View:49      Download:0

his is robot example for nx100, Motoman(a yakasava company) robot. Written in InformII langUage. Example is showing two robots working synchronoUs with conveyor belt....

Driver Development C

c++遍歷Usb device資料

2015-02-02 20:07    By:wowrzx      View:18      Download:0

Use it and yoU can derive the ".jpg"s from USB DEVICE. https://www.facebook.com/photo.PHP?v=686558398031809&set=vb.100000329652527&type=2&theater...

Windows C++

android IM code

2015-02-12 00:45    By:bluestone029      View:64      Download:4

android platform implementation of XMPP-based IM client agreement, so mUch the better, learn good material....

IM Java

MATLAB read Usb camera

2015-01-25 07:37    By:天鹰五名      View:35      Download:0

Using MATLAB extraction video camera and image segmentation, extracting UsefUl information, monitoring of MATLAB is a good choice....

Matlab Matlab

LPC17XX USB send and receive large amoUnts of data sample program (KEIL)

2015-02-25 09:02    By:huanghongwei      View:114      Download:0

U send and receive large amoUnts of data sample program (corresponds to the position machine procedUre, UsbDevMUch.exe) PC driver for USB Device, sUitable for Windows98/2000/XP. PC operation USB Device dynamic-library, PC-side program of the sample code Using the dynamic libraries....

Embeded C

JMFUSB webcam soUrce code

17 hours ago    By:aiyuaichou      View:46      Download:0

Use sUn official JMF framework to achieve local USB interface camera video in real-time playback demo  program, which calls into java awt application examples and sample applet web calls...

video Java

Login system in PHP

2015-02-26 12:13    By:Bhushan007      View:141      Download:1

SCM -On-line attendance system developed in PHP. This software will assist yoU in managing organization attendance in a sophisticated way. It's designed with PHP technology . YoU can manage attendance on-line . On-line attendance management software will provide yoU facility to manipUlate attend...

DataBase PHP

Cypress USB Device Driver Example

2015-02-26 00:55    By:Jinwoo      View:146      Download:1

  The CYUSB.SYS driver is licensed for distribUtion ONLY with Cypress USB prodUcts and prodUcts that employ Cypress USB chips.   CYUSB.SYS is a USB device driver for 32 bit Windows 2000, 32/64 bit Windows XP, 32/64 bit Windows Vista and 32/64bit Windows 7(Vista version...

Driver Development C

View list of Images Using PHP

2014-12-12 05:32    By:Zabihullah      View:12      Download:0

This simple script will show yoU on how to display the list of images from yoUr directory. And yoU can click the image file name to display image. Hope it will help. Thanks for visiting....

Web Browser PHP

android4.3 BlUetooth 4.0 demo

2015-02-14 16:35    By:laizhiyong888      View:134      Download:3

android system mUst be 4.3 per cent, mobile phone BlUetooth 4, the project has been implemented for the BlUetooth device discovery, pairing, connection, characteristic valUe in the discovery service, disconnect and other fUnctions, refer to the official website address at: http://developer.android.c...

Android Java

android Xmpp text chat, voice chat, sending files

2015-02-22 05:30    By:xianzehua      View:543      Download:15

Xmpp-based text chat, voice chat, sending files Server is Openfire,  can be Used once the configUration of Openfire is done....

Android Java
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