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radarlib3 for novelda

2015-02-27 18:07    By:johnjsb      View:76      Download:1

Matlab example code from novelda for there chipset %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Novelda radarlib3 Matlab Example Script % % This script demonstrates how to interface radarlib3 from Matlab using the % radarlib3Wrapper .NET library. ...

Matlab Matlab

radar signals analysis and processing using matlab

2015-03-29 08:35    By:lixiaoyu702      View:362      Download:1

radar signals analysis and processing using matlab. this is the matlab codes for the book of radar signals analysis and processing using matlab...

Matlab Matlab

3D FDTD simulation of a center-fed half-wave dipole antenna

2015-03-26 09:07    By:012006018405      View:169      Download:1

3 D FDTD simulation of a center-fed half-wave dipole antenna. The simulation was done on an FDTD grid with size: nx*ny*nz*nt = 80*80*50 * 210. Absorbing boundaries are present (Berenger's technique) consisting of the outermost 10 layers....

Algorithm Fortran

radar Equation

2015-03-14 11:04    By:golabigolabi1      View:23      Download:0

The function “radar_eq.m” implements Eq. (1.61). The outputs are either SNR in dB or range in Km where a different input setting is used for each case....

Algorithm Matlab

radar equation there is power in receiver and power in transmitter

2015-03-07 04:05    By:norma      View:14      Download:1

radar (acronym for RAdio Detection And Ranging) is an object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain. The radar dish...

Matlab Matlab

PPI Plot of a radar

2015-03-27 02:38    By:Abee      View:50      Download:0

radar is acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging. Today, the technology is so common that the word has become standard English noun. The development of radar accelerated and spread in middle and late 1930s with first successful demonstration in 1936. It uses electromagnetic waves in microwave region...

Matlab Matlab

Locating radar simulation program

2015-03-18 05:18    By:liushuai45      View:144      Download:9

Is written in MATLAB locate a radar simulation program with gui interface is very good, friendly interface, it is suitable for everyone used to learn, especially want to learn programming in MATLAB gui people....

Image Processing Matlab

radar simulation code in matlab

2015-03-27 02:38    By:hehaha      View:43      Download:0

Describe the radar cross section and polarization, the matched filter and radar ambiguity function and recent advances in radar wave propagation and for the PRN codes, multipath and refraction and high resolution, the clutter of MIT-related content....

Matlab Matlab

m files for radar Fundamentals

2015-02-17 00:20    By:golabigolabi1      View:24      Download:0

GUI work space related to the function “lprf_req.m”. Note that this GUI was designed on a Windows 98 Personal Computer (PC) using MATLAB 5 - Release 11 and thus, it may appear different on Apple or Unix based machines, or PC systems using earlier versions of MATLAB. The functio...

Matlab Matlab

Tensor Algebra and Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval in Signal Processing for MIMO radar

2015-03-07 03:42    By:javad      View:62      Download:3

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING, VOL. 58, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2010 1 Tensor Algebra and Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval in Signal Processing for MIMO radar Dimitri Nion and Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Fellow, IEEE...

Matlab Matlab

Message alerts center

2014-11-20 09:41    By:332781484@qq.com      View:11      Download:0

Message alerts are common features, the client receives the message message center the message prompts the user information is required, and that a program can have a notification center Program a message center, using the observer design pattern using the addObserver method Sign up for a notificat...

CSharp C#

Gravity center Calculator

2014-11-20 03:19    By:EngHala      View:11      Download:0

In this paper, we designed a gravity center calculator to speed up the computation of gravity center which can use in an  automatic control system or computer animation. The purpose of this project is to calculate the gravity center for a system  consists of points by importing...

verilog Verilog

Based on bistatic scattering of PM SPM spectrum calculation

2015-01-23 08:18    By:不乐仙      View:18      Download:0

Based on bistatic scattering of PM SPM spectrum calculations, calculations are based on bistatic scattering  coefficients of PM Sea Sea, using perturbation approximation method. Based on SPMPM bistatic scattering  spectrumalculation, calculation based on bistatic scattering coe...

微扰法 C++

Mie scattering C language code

2015-03-07 07:20    By:ldepn      View:20      Download:0

Mie scattering is used to calculate the C language program, Just enter the particle scale, refractive index, the scattering angle Will be able to output the scattering coefficient, extinction coefficient, backscatter coefficient, backward extinction coefficient...

Algorithm C

Simulation and analysis of radar signals

2015-03-24 10:21    By:shrike      View:37      Download:0

radar signal simulation and analysis supporting the MATLAB program, relatively comprehensive coverage of the radar signal processing and simulation. Author: David j. Hall. Classic books on radar....

Matlab Matlab

Codes in The Micro-Doppler Effect in radar

2015-03-12 21:12    By:adiffen      View:22      Download:1

All Matlab Codes in the book of The Micro-Doppler Effect in radar. MATLAB source codes provided include in Chapter 1, 2, 3, and 4.Chapter 1: Demonstrate micro-Doppler signature of a uniformly rotating ALCM (air-lauched cruise missile) using a simulated data. ...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB simulation of synthetic aperture radar imaging algorithm, solve range migration problem

2015-03-13 03:04    By:toxic      View:429      Download:2

Matlab simulation of synthetic aperture radar for radar imaging, solve the problem of range migration, code both in squint SAR imaging, band side-looking synthetic aperture radar. Imaging algorithm based on range Doppler algorithm....

Matlab Matlab

FMCW MIMO radar Based on Frequency Division

2015-03-07 03:44    By:ricky815001      View:33      Download:3

Abstract: The classical radar systems can be based on a phased array antenna technology to achieve an angular  resolution linear. If a high angular resolution requires a large antenna aperture is required. In the case of a single  transmitter (TX) received by the antenna elemen...

Matlab Matlab
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