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android video calls with PC source code

2015-11-25 11:41    By:lishangjie11      View:533      Download:11

This source code implements the video calls effect between android and PC. In the same LAN, after configuring the IP, android can turn on the camera and take pictures, then transmit pictures to PC end. It can also perform simple android video surveillance. ...

Android Java


2015-10-13 07:42    By:fhsh168      View:179      Download:0

ExoPlayer is an application level media player for android. It provides an alternative to android's MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video both locally and over the internet. ExoPlayer supports features not currently supported by android's MediaPlayer API (as of KitKat), including DASH and Smoo...

video Java

project- Wireless Sensor Network - video streaming

2015-11-04 01:52    By:rabi      View:106      Download:0

Sample Project ideas for Wireless Sensor Network related . video streaming /*********************  COMPONENTS *********************/ The main directories are:  1- java 2- sensors 3- dpcm_C 1- java This directory contains the 'src' subdirectory in which all the...

video C

webrtc android

2015-10-26 23:29    By:jiyeyuran      View:131      Download:7

WebRTC , Name airport originate from Web page that times an authenticated inter (English: the Web Real-Time Communication) Abbreviation, Is a supporting Web page browser API for real-time voice chat or video chat. The android webrtc program called native API to communicate...

Android Java

android video communications, Rs232 serial port development, Tablet control sail system, automatic driving.

2015-10-17 01:21    By:阿狸小宝      View:1372      Download:3

A system only for large ships in regional waters, including, android video communications, Rs232 serial port development, Tablet control sail system, automatic driving. Friends need these questions can contact me, welcome to Exchange 852979886. like the letter l....

Android Java

Imitation IQIYI android app,the best android learning materials

2015-11-10 07:39    By:wzhystar      View:189      Download:3

Imitation IQIYI android clients, realize the picture scroll, multi-screen tags, code can increase the list; android's  code is more mature,This is a very good introductory training Examples can be used as a learning and on-the-job  training; if you want to make the officia...

Android Java

Wordpress for android

2015-11-06 09:10    By:freeworm      View:284      Download:1

WordPress for android is an Open Source project, which means anyone can play a part in its development. WordPress for android is released under the GNU General Public License. Both our app and our source code are free to download and use however you’d like. In return, if you are able, we...

Android Java

android Developing Flashlight Application

2015-11-17 01:45    By:jake      View:360      Download:3

Today i am going to demonstrate developing a simple android application. This application is about turning on and off device flashlight / torchlight with simple touch. Please note that this app is targeted to mobile devices only, i am not sure how this app looks in tablet devices. This app co...

Android Java

Crazy android handouts source

2015-11-20 13:58    By:j_zh      View:277      Download:4

Lectures on the crazy android presents a thorough introduction to android application development-related knowledge. Offered here is a crazy android handouts source , android handouts, sample code is crazy. Altogether the book includes hundreds of instances, the model instance can be used to help th...

Android Java


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