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smslib messaging libraries version 3.5

2015-11-05 05:29    By:hellotony      View:183      Download:1

smslib message development libraries v3.5.3 version, added WISMOQCDMA support. Using this open source development kit, we can easily through the serial communication devices (mobile or GSM,CDMA cats) send sms functionality into our software....

SMS Java

Books written in c # to send sms through a GSM moden

2015-10-13 17:01    By:vegahermosilla      View:118      Download:0

Books written in c # to send sms through a GSM moden, allows connection of a GSM modem to your PC and interacts with this AT command through. Provides a complete package of classes that enables sending and receiving sms messages....

Communication C#

Android Apllication sms

2015-10-31 06:13    By:Haifa      View:59      Download:1

An application that send and receive sms messages to another device Using smsManager API which you can use to send an sms from inside your own Application. By using the smsManager API, you can customize your own Activity the way you want and use it in any manner you choose, so it’s much more flexi...

Android C#

Esms JAVA sms procedures, call gateway

2015-11-04 08:40    By:panshaoze1234      View:38      Download:0

Esms JAVA sms procedures, called gateway, first of all you need to know which carrier you want to send the message what do you want to connect, which means you what are the Gateway Protocol packets CMPP China Mobile agreement with 2 two Unicom is SGIP Netcom SNGP You can go online to look for...

Java Development Java

Call smsLIB to send sms

2015-10-05 11:18    By:sharpliwang      View:53      Download:0

Call smsLIB sending text messages. API reference for learning development...

Java Development Java

Stone smsV

2015-09-26 09:04    By:xiao1chen      View:28      Download:1

Stone age 8.0smsV source code, what friends want to take LINUX Server must use, traditional Chinese, some may be garbled, your own transcoding to a friend in need, including some that add NPC  prop   task  , easily modified...

Game Server C++

sms Read and Dispaly

2015-11-22 07:59    By:Jaspinder Singh      View:43      Download:0

It is the C program to Read and Display Text from gsm phone to gsm modem sim300 using 8051 microcontroller....

Embeded C

sending and Receiving sms with sim900

10 hours ago    By:maki1234      View:315      Download:5

This project can send and receive sms, it can also used to control 3 devices. The received message is displayed over the lcd display. Also you can compose a new message and send it to any mobile. For editing a new message a normal ps2 computer keyboard is used here. Features Contro...

Communication C


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