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sigma 8634 detailed documentation of the development of very useful for high

sigma 8634 detailed documentation of the development of very useful for high-definition, 100,000 yuan to provide the original package...




Delta-sigma converters are super-sampling method to convert the analog voltage of a digital converter, which consists of an ADC, 1 Wei DAC with an integrator component, shown in Figure 1. Delta-sigma converter performance advantages of low-cost and high-resolution, suitable for use in the current pr...

这是一个sigma方案的PMP播放器的UCLINUX程序,可播放DVD,VCD,CD MP3...有很好的参考价值....

sigma This is a program of the PMP player OS procedure can play DVD, VCD, CD MP3 ... a good reference value....

sigma-Delta ADC example

Verilog code for sigma-Delta ADC implementation. Testbench in verilog is included.  ndiff.v  ninter.v  readmem.v  combfilter.v  COMBFILTER_tb.v  combfilter_wrap.vhd...

Function for Smi KSZ8863 and Fec MCF52259 solution

Functions  C code  for Smi-KSZ8863 with use a  Fec-MCF52259.The fuction is write and read all regsiter for K2Z8863...

Ksz8863phy--Linux driver

This is an ksz8863 switch drivers under Linux, this is c code, divided into control mode, MDIO,SPI, I2C, can choose either one of them as a chip to control mode....

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