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SVM-KMExample contains many SVM implemented on matlab, enrich example, contains data!...

Delphi achieve access to the local machine name, IP, and the network card MAC address

Delphi achieve access to the local machine name, IP, and the network card MAC address, in great detail, simple little programs, suitable for everybody to study the reference, what is not the perfect place, we can modify it yourself, I hope you share the best...

simulink Model high Speed UAV Turbojet

6 Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) dynamic model of high Speed UAV with Turbojet propulsion under simulink/Matlab Environment....

Delphi COM introduction to programming

Software reuse is the goal of the industry, people have wanted to be like building blocks like "assemble" applications, role of component object acts as a building block. So-called component object is actually good and can complete a certain predefined functionality of services or interfaces....

Shipley method of matrix inversion full pivoting

Shipley law all principal components contain Shipley of matrix inversion method for inverse problems of...

LIBSVM algorithm reads the code and database program

LibSVM source code, can be used for water quality analysis and prediction of wind speed, equipped to read the database program, applications and algorithms exist....

Delphi XE5 debugger to connect the phone via WIFI

Delphi XE5 debugger to connect the phone via WIFI, get the phone's current IP address, WIFI relevant information, no USB cable to connect the phone...

libSVM 3.18 matlab

LibSVM is a simple, easy-to-use, and efficient software for SVMclassification and regression. It solves C-SVM classification, nu-SVMclassification, one-class-SVM, epsilon-SVM regression, and nu-SVMregression. It also provides an automatic model selection tool forC-SVM classification. It is the...

SVM binary demo

SVM Toolbox, which contains MATLAB demo programs and some of the basic functions (Calculation Kernel function, SVM training function and parameter selection cross-validation functions, etc.)....

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