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pwm generation in MATLAB simulink

Hi, this is a pwm generation technique in MATLAB, in which a ramp signal and a constant DC signal is fed into a function generator, which apply a remainder operator to these signals and generate a triangular signal. This triangular signal is then compared with another dc signal to generate pwm...

Using atmega32 SPI comunication for transmitting data

In this project, I use SPI to connect two atmega32 and transfer data between them. Master micro scan and read matrix keypad and send it's data to slave micro. Slave micro receive data and print it on 16*2 alphanumeric LCD....

atmega16 uart

Compilation tools: ICCavr Chip: the atmega16 Features: UART asynchronous communication, AVR receiver and then back to your computer...

pwm sine.c

/*pwmSine.c This program illustrates how to use the pwm on Channel 4 in a single edge mode to output a sinusoid on the pwm channel. PCLK is set to 15MHz and there is no prescaling so that the pwm clock is at 15MHz. The base rate is set to 100H which is 256 base 10 so the base pwm frequency is a...

atmega16 based PID controller (simulation)

This is GE based on PID controller atmega16 Bible plus 讓 pinholes an authenticated inter-Hao of the passage the atmega16 PORTA Modbus, ASCII ADC ETA conversion form GE 閉 road home and the 響 Ying Seattle 讓 everyone view you can easily see...

atmega128 sample code

This source code is implemented as a function of the function key c language atmega128. It includes functions such as timers, IO, interrupt, CHAR LCD, I2C, SPI is.  ...

atmega32 lcd display siemens S65 (all) and C75

Device based on ATMEL atmega32 microcontroller, connect LCD display Siemens S65 (all modification) or display C75 (select in code). Real clock chip - HT1380.  The device is intended to set the voltage level depending on the user-defined time frame in the device menu....

pwm Duty cycle and period can be changed at runtime

• Work as one pwm or one timer. • 16 bits main counter. • pwm/Timer can choose between Wishbone interface clock or external clock as working clock. • pwm can choose between dedicated duty cycle input or internal register as source of duty cycle. • Duty cycle a...


It`s a spwm 3-phase in labview. it`s only one example for the student think how can do a 3 phase inverter with labview and using DAQ....

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