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MIMO zeroforcing Equalizer Bpsk rayleigh fading channel

it is zero forcing mimo equalization over Rayleigh fading channel, the performance is measured by Bit Error Rate(ber) vs additive white gaussian noise...

Simulation of Qpsk in AWGN channel

Digital modulation spectrum is to move the digital baseband signal to a high frequency, forming in the channel for the transmission of bandpass signals. Basic digital modulation with an amplitude shift keying (ASK), frequency shift keying (FSK), the absolute phase shift keying (psk), relative (diffe...

Bpsk ber calculation

this code provides ber of Bpsk against snr. the code has been designed to calculate ber of Bpsk modulated signal. first of all, a transmitter of Bpsk is implemented, then the AWGN channel is implemented and finally at Receiver, the ber of the transmitted signal is calculated ...

ber Simulation for Bpsk and Qpsk

This code deals with the ber simulation for Qpsk and Bpsk for various values of snr. At least 10^6 transmission of bits has been considered. 10 different itaeration for snr has been taken....

vs1003 Web VOIP

vs1003 web VOIP Sound recording and reproduction, you can put MP3 music files in WVA,MIDI format , and DVD-audio in ADPCM format, MP3 music files in WVA,MIDI format...

Qpsk modulation and demodulation

In digital modulation techniques a set of basis functions are chosen for a particular modulation scheme.Generally the basis functions are orthogonal to each other. Basis functions can be derived using 'Gram Schmidt orthogonalization' procedure.Once the basis function are chosen, any vector in the si...

Bpsk modulator Matlab code

Bpsk modulation and demodulation with MATLAB code. Program can run in MATLAB version 6 or higher....

Bpsk ber for ofdm for ofdm modulation

OFDM is a frequency-division multiplexing (FDM) scheme used as a digital multi-carrier modulation method. A large number of closely spaced orthogonal sub-carrier signals are used to carry data on several parallel data streams or channels. Each s...

qpsk mdl file

This is the simulation of qpsk modulation scheme.  Qpsk has been simulated in simulink and ber and snr curves have been drawn. The channel used is AWGN channel....

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